3 Years Later


Peter POV



"Rose, you fuckin' bitch! Get back here with those panties!" Bella shrieked. I chuckled as I watched the cat in question streak past me, my girl's favorite pair of lacy red thongs hangin' from her mouth.

"Here kitty, kittty," she called loudly, glaring at me as she searched. "Come here you little bitch. You can be my midnight snack."

"Now, kitten." I walked up behind her and enclosed her in my arms. "I love you," I murmured softly, placing a kiss on the top of her head.

"I love you, too," she replied, spinning in my arms to give me a proper kiss. "But your panty-thieving cat has got to go. That's the fourth pair this week. I even hid that pair in a different drawer!"

I went to reply when the aforementioned panty-thieving cat came prancing back into the room. I couldn't help but laugh as she all but strutted up to Bella and dropped a small, red piece of lace at her feet. If I didn't know better, I would've swore the cat smirked at me before streaking off again, heading towards our bedroom as Bella shrieked and picked up the small scrap of fabric mournfully.

"I am going to eat you, Rose! I am going to slurp you up like a little kitty juice box! Even Jasper won't be able to protect you from my wrath. I'll tell him you fried your stupid kitty brain and drowned yourself in the pond!" I smiled as she took off after the cat once more¸ still yelling abuse.

The past three years have been nothing short of perfection in my opinion. After staging Bella's death, we spent a couple days with the Cullen's because Bella insisted on practicing her memory manipulation ability before we left. After guilting the mind reader into helping her, it only took her a matter of hours before she figured out what she had been desperately trying to learn. I think I was the only one besides Edward that figured out why she felt it was necessary to learn to shield specific memories from talented vampires before leaving Forks.

The next morning we slipped into the woods and took off running towards Charlie's house. Kitten stopped short when she saw Charlie sitting on the porch, head in his hands as he sobbed. She took a deep breath, and let out a low appreciative sound. My arms around her waist tightened, ready to haul her ass back into the woods if need be. Couldn't let her go munchin' on family, after all.

However, I should have known that my Kitten would surprise me. When has she ever done what was normal? So instead of the raging newborn blood lust that I had expected, I was met with her sighing exasperatedly while she wiggled to get free and go to her father. I was still slightly disbelieving until she turned in my arms and smacked me upside the head while informing me that just because humans smelled good, it didn't mean she wanted to eat them. "I like the smell of flowers, too, Peter, but do you see me munching on the roses? No, me thinks not."

Charlie took the news exceptionally well, happy to overlook the small matter of Bella's vampireness simply because it meant she wasn't dead. She told him everything, and I swear Kitten must've gotten her lack of self-preservation from Charlie, because as soon as he heard that I had been the one to change her as she lay dying from the car crash, he immediately jumped up and gave me a big hug. I honestly don't know who was more surprised at his actions, me or him. His face turned scarlet and he patted my shoulder awkwardly before thanking me again and retreating back to Bella's side.

He now saves up his vacation time every year to take a three week vacation to Canada to go "fly fishing." And while we do occasionally actually go fly fishing, he spends the majority of his time lying around the cabin, catching up with Bella and fucking around with Garrett. I think it was a surprise to all of us just how much he liked the stupid fucker. Of course, it probably had something to do with all the embarrassing shit that Garrett spewed to him about me. Every single time that I walk out the door to go hunt, Charlie now laughingly warns me to "Watch out for the big bad trees, Purty Peter!" Assholes, the lot of them.

Speaking of assholes, it's about time for Jasper's monthly visit. When we left Forks, Jasper actually came and stayed with us for a couple months before going back to work things out with Alice. I love my sire, I truly do, but I swear he makes it his personal mission to cockblock me. He makes a fuckin' game out of it, thinks it's funny. At least with Garrett and Charlotte they have the sense to just leave the cabin for a couple of hours….or days. I suppose I should just be grateful he only comes one weekend a month.

Kitten still won't let any of the other Cullen's come to our home. She will talk to them on the phone occasionally but as for the actual forgiving them process—yeah, that's extremely slow going. At least Alice finally got her toe back….after nine months. Bella honestly decided to send it back to her after a few weeks of watching it twitch around, but Rose obviously had other ideas. Sometimes I think that cat is smarter than us all. As soon as Bella told me she was going to send it back to her, the cat snatched it and jetted outside. We found it months later buried in the dirt under a tree that Rose frequently used as her litter box. Alice swears up and down that it still smells like cat shit even after all this time.

Incoming! One of the voices in my head yelled, pulling me from my thoughts. I shifted through the voices easily, trying to detect anything that would help me figure out what was coming.

Danger! A female voice screamed.

Be cautious! An older male voice warned.

And that was that, the voices fell silent once more and I debated asking Kitten if her voices had any input on the matter. After all, she did have two now. My grumpy voice (who Bella had now dubbed Hefner) somehow managed to 'jump ship' during one of our marathon sex sessions. To say it freaked Bella the fuck out would be an understatement. She later told me that it was creepy to have a grumpy old man's voice suddenly appear in her head keeping a running commentary on her sexual noises. I think she's grown to like him now, though. Last week she told me him and Bunny had finally taken the plunge and started having marathons of their own. She said she even managed to section off a corner of her mindscape so they could have their own private 'bedroom' of sorts and she wouldn't have to listen to them anymore. I took off out of the room faster than a cat can lick it's ass because, yeah, I really didn't need to hear that shit.

A knock at the door pulled me from my thoughts once again. As I pulled open the door, I was really fuckin' hoping that it was Jasper but the sickening feeling in the pit of my gut told me otherwise. And of course, because fate is a spiteful fucking bitch that hates me, it wasn't Jasper.

I drew in a quick hiss between my teeth as I recognized the blonde vampire standing on our doorstep. I had met her once before when she came to deliver a warning to Maria. Facts that Jasper had once drilled into my head decades ago returned. Anne. Volturi. Cauis' pet. Unknown gift. Powerful. Dangerous.

"Peter," she murmured. "And so we meet again."

That voice….oh, that voice. I should have recognized it sooner! I straightened my posture and gazed warily at her.

"Anne. Thank you for everything you have done for us." My voice was formal, cautious. I knew from Jasper just how much energy certain gifts took from their hosts. I wondered just how many years of storing up power it took to reset time as far as she had for us. I also wondered just what the price of it would now be.

Not that it mattered, I thought, as I glanced inside the house at my Kitten as she threatened to make a snack out of Rose for the forty-third time that day, seemingly oblivious to the fact that there was an unknown vampire standing on our porch. I was probably the only one to notice that her head was cocked slightly towards us, listening; her beautiful body strung tight, ready to pounce in our direction if need be; her cell phone hidden behind her back as she sends out a text message for help, even as she continues to berate her cat. I couldn't help but smile with love and pride. To quote Hefner, my woman was a hellcat.

"I thought you might have recognized my voice, Peter dear. Good, that will make this all so much easier." She turned around as we both heard Charlotte and Garrett come running up, Char with her phone still in hand. It was her that Kitten had texted, then.

Anne shifted, uncomfortable with the odds now, but continued on in her cool voice.

"As I'm sure you've concluded, my gift is not one to be used on a whim. You couldn't imagine the amount of energy it takes to do what I did for you, and while I will admit that I did have ulterior motives for helping you and your mate, there is still the matter of repayment. I am here to collect."






Well, that's the end of this story arc. Sorry it took so long to finish this chapter, I ended up having to re-read the whole story. Will there be a sequel? Probably, but not for a while. I will be working on completing the stories that I have already started before I start any more. Hope you enjoyed my first fanfiction. I definitely learned a lot writing it, and met some wonderful people. Thank you all for your continued support!