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Jessica sighed as she entered her dressing room. She felt disgusted by all those men out there, mindlessly drooling over her. Her maid Betty hurried in behind her, closing the door after the maids who had delivered the countless numbers of flower bouquets from her admirers.

"You were fabulous tonight Ms. Rabbit, the best yet." Betty cooed at her as she bustled around, packing away her clothes into her wardrobe, and selecting her next outfit to wear.

Jessica sat at her dresser mirror, studying her reflection with a slight frown on her cartooned face. She sighed and peeled off her purple gloves, throwing them to the floor for Betty to take care of.

She had grown tired of performing for those men; they only wanted her for her body and sex appeal. She longed for the old days where she was on stage to have fun and be herself, those days when she was with...

She huffed and turned away from her vanity, banishing those memories. She kicked off her heels and signalled Betty to leave, "thank you Betty, you can go."

Betty nodded and after packing away the last of her clothes, left Jessica's room without a word.

Jessica sighed, happy to have a moment to herself. She collected her emerald green, silk dressing down that Betty had set out for her and moved behind her partition to change. Her signature crimson, sparkly dress was discarded on the floor along with the rest of her clothes. She pulled the dressing gown over her naked body, enjoying the feel of the soft silk against her flawless skin.

She sighed and walked out from behind the partition, and gasped in surprise as her eyes found the figure on her couch.

Holli smirked at Jessica's reaction. "Hello Jess" she purred.

Jessica's eyes took in the toon sitting on the couch. She looked the same as she remembered; tousled blond hair swept up in a messy bun, large, blue eyes, pink lips that were held in an endless pout. She wore a big, red coat that fell loose around her shoulders revealing her flawless, pale skin. She sat with her long legs crossed, her feet encased in dangerously high heels (but who was Jessica to judge about that?).

"What are you do...I mean, how did you...where...?" she stuttered, looking at Holli in complete confusion.

Holli giggled at her, "nice to see you too, Jessica."

Jessica collected herself, "What are you doing here, Holli?"

Holli pouted, uncrossing her legs and sitting up straighter on the couch, "What? Do I need a reason to visit my old friend?" she asked, her voice taunting the red head.

Jessica looked at her, "I haven't seen you for nearly 7 years now, and you expect me to just accept that you are here? I want an explanation. Now." She commanded, resuming her usual in control posture.

Holli's eyes slid all over Jessica, she bit softly at her bottom lip as she did.

Jessica couldn't deny she was happy to see her again, after all they had been through who wouldn't? But she was angry, angry that she had left her. She had just disappeared with no explanation.

"What happened to you?" she demanded, her temper rising.

A shadow of darkness crossed Holli's eyes; it was gone just as soon as it appeared. But she smirked and stood, letting her red coat fall to the floor. Jessica took in the white dress that had been her signature style, just as her own red, sparkly dress was marked as her's.

Holli slowly stalked over to Jessica, her hips swaying seductively, her eyes hungrily sliding over her body, taking in every detail that she had already stored to memory.

Jessica didn't move as Holli slowly moved closer to her. She was still confused and shocked that she was here, after all this time. But her desire for her, her memories of what they had shared, any other feelings inside her. Her eyes took all of her in; from her sandy blonde hair piled messily on top of her head, her piercing blue eyes, her generous cleavage accented by her dress, her slim form, her hips swaying temptingly to her long, milky legs. She licked her lips, trying to bring moisture to her suddenly dry mouth. Holli's eyes darted to those plum lips and a smirk traced her own.

She came close to Jessica, so close that there was scarcely a breath of air between the two.

"We'll talk later, baby" Holli purred, her hands rising to the opening of Jessica's dressing gown. Jessica was about the same height as her now that she was missing her heels and Holli had hers. Their eyes were level and she gazed into those beautiful green ones she had missed for so long. Her gaze was hot on her, building the tension between the two. Holli pulled the dressing gown's openings apart, slipping it down past her shoulders. It landed on the floor with a soft rustle. Holli gazed at the perfect body before her, her knees weakening. Her memories hadn't done her justice. She smirked at the red-head and captured her lips in a passionate kiss.

All thoughts of explanations and anger left Jessica's mind as she felt those perfect lips against her's once more. She wrapped her arms around the smaller girl and they fell to the floor.

Every touch, every sound, the heat, the passion, the feeling of completion; it was all the same as before and yet completely knew. Both Toons felt their worlds complete as they kissed and moved together as one.

When it was done, they lay together in each other's arms. They fell asleep under the silvery moon's gaze as its delicate rays filtered in though the curtains over the windows of the dressing room.

Words would come later, for now, they stayed as one, slipping into dreamless sleep.