It's will be three shot. I'm sorry I took so long because my muse keep run away everytime I get on the computer. I got one more chapter, hopefully I get it done before New Year's.

Disclaimer: I don't own CM and the Character. I own Elle, not Elle Greenaway. Her name is Elle Johnson.

Pairing: Hotch/Prentiss, Rossi/JJ, Morgan/Elle, Reid/Austin and Garcia/Kevin.

Rating: PG

Category: Family/Romance/Friendship

Summary: Hotch take his pregnant wife and sons to the mall on Christmas eve to buy a gifts for everyone. The teams want to find out about Hotch's secret and who his wife is.

Chapter: 2 - Explain.

The teams can't believe their eyes that the woman is Emily. They also notice they have two beautiful little boys with them. Hotch and Emily wondering what they doing here.

"Hi guys. What are you doing here?" Hotch asked, in nervous.

"We just got done Christmas shopping," Garcia answered. "Now, we are going gorcery store to buy foods for the party tomorrow."

"What are you guys doing out here?" Rossi asked.

"We just got done our Christmas shopping and we fit to get ready to go grocery store," Emily said. "Honey, we got to get going and we don't want to be late. We will explained it to you, I promise."

"How about we go to your apartment?" JJ asked.

"Sure." Emily looked at her watch. "How about 6:00 P.M.?"

"We will be there." Garcia said, in excited.

They all went in their vehicles and take off to the grocery store. They went inside the store and got the stuff for the party. They went home and put the stuff up. By 6:00 P.M., they got everything ready for their friends to come over. Hotch put Jack down for a nap and he got trouble put Lucas down for a nap. Everytime he tried to put Lucas down, he cried and he won't let go of his father's neck. Emily walked in Lucas's bedroom and saw her husband walking around the room with Lucas and tried to put him to sleep.

"What's wrong?" Emily asked.

"I tried to put him down, but he won't let go of me," Hotch asnwered. "I don't know if he is cranky or he got another tooth coming in."

"I think he is cranky," Emily said.

"I hope you're right," Hotch replied.

"I am right. Lucas, do you want to go laid down?" Emily asked as she put her hand on her son's back.

"No!" Lucas sobbing.

Before she said anything more, she heard someone knocked on the door. She can't answer the door because she's not ready.

"Can you get that for me, honey?" Emily asked her husband. "I'm not ready. I got to get clean up."

"Why you need to get clean up? You're beautiful the way you are." Hotch was confused.

"I don't need a shower. I'm just going to change my clothes, a very comfortable clothes." Emily explained it to him.

"Oh, okay." He walked downstairs to answers the door. He opened the door and saw all his friends standing outside the hallway.

"Can we come in or do we have to stay out here all day?" Rossi asked.

"Sure. Come in," Hotch answered.

The teams walked in the apartment. Hotch closed the door and he need somone to watch Lucas while he goes to the bathroom, so he asked one of his friends.

"Can anyone watch Lucas for a minute?" Hotch asked.

"I will." Garica answered.

Hotch hands Lucas to Garcia, but he wails to his daddy. Garcia walked around the room to calm Lucas down and whispers to him, "Don't cry, my sweet angel. Daddy will be back."

Emily finally come out the bedroom after she change her clothes, walked downstairs to see Garcia walking around with Lucas and she wondering where her husband is at. JJ walked up to her.

"Looked for Hotch?" JJ asked.

"Yes." Emily answered.

"He is in the bathroom."

"Okay. Thanks."

Hotch walked back to the living room after he got done in the bathroom. Lucas saw his daddy came back to the living room. He stick his hands out, Hotch take his son back from Garica and take a seat by the couch.

Rossi asked his best friend, how old is the boys and their names? How long you guys being together? And don't leave out everything.

Hotch said to his friends, their names are Jack and Lucas. Jack is three and Lucas is going to be one next month. Emily and I being together for almost four years, we dates for four month, we being together for six month when we have Jack then we got marry then we got Lucas Last January.

Well the men talk in the living room. The women went to the kitchen to talk.

"Wow, you kept the secret that long," JJ said.

"Yep. We've been together for a long time." Emily answered. "I have always love him."

"Now I got to do the last Christmas shopping for the boys." Garcia squealed.

"You don't have to." Emily said.

"I know, but I want too. What kind of presents do you got for your family?" Garcia asked.

"Garcia! That's personal." JJ said.

"That's okay. You are going have to wait 'till tomorrow at Rossi's house," Emily replied.

"Not a hint." Garcia begged.

"Nope." They walked back to the living to see what the men up to and talking about the party tomorrow.