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"Let Us Talk Over a Cup of Coffee"

"Go home," Elliot said.

"Yes, yes, in a minute," Olivia answered, scribbling furiously on a paper. Elliot put on his coat, and leaned on one side of Olivia's desk. Her eyes narrowed in concentration, biting her lip, Olivia was finishing her last report for the day. Elliot stifled a laugh. Her face looked so funny…

"What?" Olivia asked, annoyed. Elliot quickly put on a serious face. "Nothing," he said, barely stifling another laugh. Olivia threw at him a wad of paper. "Grow up," she said as she continued writing. Elliot caught the paper and sat at the corner of Olivia's desk. "Who's the one that needs to grow up? Am I the one throwing papers like a second grader?" He asked, smiling playfully. Olivia was not in the mood. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and stared daggers at her partner. "Isn't your shift over?" she retorted. Elliot smiled. "Oh yes, it is. Doesn't that means yours is over, too?" he shot back, smacking his hand on Olivia's report. She sighed in frustration. "Go and bother someone else? Please?" she pleaded.

Elliot looked around, seeming to take seriously Olivia's suggestion. "Hey!" he exclaimed in mock surprise, "where is everyone?" Olivia looked up and noticed the only light on was the little lamp on her desk. Even the captain had called it a day. "That makes you," he said, pointing at Olivia, "Detective Olivia Benson, the only person available to annoy." Olivia tried to ignore Elliot, and wrote as if her life depended on it. She paused, checking the report over. It wasn't even half done! She rubbed her neck and sighed.

Elliot picked up her empty mug and drew it near Olivia's ear. "Liiiiiivy," he said on a high-pitched voice, rocking the mug side to side, "go hoooooome…" Olivia rolled her eyes, but smiled. "You're too tired," Elliot continued, pretending to be the mug, "tomorrow is a new day, and we can start it with that vile thing you guys at the precinct call coffeeeeeee," Olivia had to laugh at that one. "You know what?" she asked the mug, "I think you're right." She stood up and put her coat on. Elliot placed the cup down on the desk and smiled in satisfaction. "That's why," Olivia said looking straight on Elliot's eyes, "you are my favorite mug." She switched off her lamp and made her way to the door.

Out on the street, Elliot nodded his head towards his car. "I should get going," he commented. Olivia nodded. "Yeah, me too. Good night, Ell," she said, jumping in her car. "Good night," he answered, closing her car's door, and waving. She drove away, getting lost on New York's dark streets. Detective elliot Stabler smiled a little and walked briskly to his car. He hoped Kathy wouldn't be very mad…