This story was the most problematic for me, mainly due to how short it was coming out. With the additions of John, Jenny, and Rose... the story became compressed with different people doing similar things from the original story. I don't like how short it is, but that is how it came out. I tried inserting more into it, what with mental thinkings of the various characters, but it honestly dried the story out. I truly apologize for it being so short. However, Rose getting her leg broke was a shock to me as well when it typed out of my fingers. Muses are strange, but that worked brilliantly.

Next up is something from a completely different series altogether: Children of Earth, from Torchwood. While it's from a different series, it's the same universe. And... I simply cannot see Jack NOT CALLING THE DOCTOR! What The Flipping Hell? Seriously? God, that made me crazy. Still though, this gives me the opportunity to work more story into the entire alternate universe. And yes, I'm consciously aware of what River told Jenny about when they were going to run across her for the 'first time'. That's been factored in. Whether or not River makes an appearance in "Four Five Six" is up to the muses at this point. No telling really. And no... I have no idea at this point if Ianto will survive. While I don't have a gay bone in my body, seeing him die simply stunned me. That was so unfair to Jack... but then he didn't call in backup... so ... who knows.

Annnnnyway, even though this one was rather abrupt, I hope you enjoyed it.


PS: Oh By The Way! "My Beautiful Ending" Nailed it as far as the tuba goes.
I had no idea where that phrase came from, but that little reminder had me in stitches!
Thank you my fellow band geek! =)