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Flashbacks in Italics

She Come Over Me

"Can you be more specific, please" Collins said with a loud huff and an eye roll.

"What? Uh, no, that is way too much, Collins, I can't believe that... Annabelle was interrupted by Collins, who was now pinching the bridge of her nose, tilting her head back, trying to stifle a slight chuckle. "My God, no! I wanted you to be more specific about what you said when you proposed not what you were doing! Jeez"!

"Oh" Annabelle said while she lowered her head, covering up a cough finally catching on to what her friend was asking.

Annabelle had taken a deep breath at this point. She still couldn't believe that this was even a conversation. She thought she had resigned to the fact that she would just continue with her music, find some small island to retreat to in between tours, and just live a life of solitude. Annabelle existed surrounded by an exterior that was seemingly indestructible. Especially when said existence was threatened by discontent. She felt that if she couldn't be with the person that held her heart to the fullest capacity, what was the point. What was the point of even thinking there was anything or anyone else out there for her. Her confident air, her mischievous glint, and her quick wit, were what most would characterize the blond-haired, blue-eyed musician, to a 'T'. Even though some of her songs could expose a softer side, poking holes in the charade for just a few lines, she personified what most would typify as a rebel. Someone with a hardened heart, no room for sentimentality, as she went from one city, one stage to another. There were points along the way that Annabelle had begun to believe this persona truly existed within herself. She just didn't want to feel, that feeling. The one that surrounded her and would never relent. The one that let her know that her heart was actually a functioning muscle in her chest. It wasn't just there to keep her alive, firing here and there. The blood that would flow in and out was just a simple task to allow her to exist. She knew, that feeling of utter openness, all encompassing her thoughts, each touch, each glance, each whisper, settling deeper within that muscle, giving it true breath of life, not just functioning for the sake of functioning, but spreading warmth throughout her entire being as well as giving that warmth to someone else. She never thought that feeling would ever return. One look, one touch on that fateful day that brought her home, to her friends and family as her best friend spoke words of love and devotion, solidifying her place with another. She couldn't allow herself to believe it was possible. Until she had no choice.

As soon as the door shut, the silence of the room couldn't have been louder. Eyes locked in a quiet battle of longing and disbelief. Neither really sure of the others presence, hoping that it wasn't just a figment of their imaginations. There had been so little face to face contact in the last few months, that the slight insecurity of the moment shone briefly in each others eyes. Annabelle's heart was palpable to the touch if Simone had dared to reach out and feel what Annabelle was thinking at the moment. Her thoughts were getting the better of her pupils, her palms, and her breathing. She reached out a trembling hand to trace along Simone's cheek and jawline. Simone closed her eyes and leaned in to the feeling of Annabelle's fingers along her skin. Needing more, Simone opened her eyes again, pleading for the distance to close between the hours, days, and months which were thankfully now, in the past as Annabelle responded by securing her other hand around Simone's waist and pulling her in not leaving any trace of space now. Their lips met in a gentle whisper at first, that had both of them leaning in further for even more contact. The gentle pressure soon turned into deeper breathing and muffled moaning as they deepened the kiss quickly ending any insecurity they had been feeling a few moments before. Annabelle put everything she had into that kiss. Every ounce of longing, of love for the person whose skin was now slightly warmer due to Annabelle's movements under the hem of her shirt. Their subconscious movements were leading them back toward the couch. Simone found herself surrounded by Annabelle's soft hair, strong hands and radiating warmth from every inch now subtly hovering above. The couch had dipped lower taking on the weight of the moment. They broke the kiss, the necessity for air paramount, and blue returned to blue, both a little bit darker now.

"Bedroom" Annabelle whispered as she leaned back in to ghost her lips over Simone's ear.

Simone only responded by sitting up a little, and once Annabelle got the hint, they both stood up and Annabelle took Simone's outstretched hand.

"Have you called him back yet" Jason asked a completely distracted Annabelle.

"What"? "Who" Annabelle replied as she took her pen and placed a few more checks down the paper.

"You know, that guy. The one that says he would like to possibly secure your employment" Jason stated as he shook his head wondering how she could have ever passed enough classes to earn her degree.

"Oh, yeah, uh, I will get right on that" Annabelle responded realizing she never listened to the entire message as Simone's call was coming through at the time she was listening to it.

"Please make it sooner than later" Jason stated in a flat tone as he stood up and put his dish in the sink, letting out a small sigh.

"Jas, I am sorry". "I will call him right now" Annabelle replied as she put down the pen and grabbed her phone from the table.

"Thank you" Jason said as he walked past putting a gentle squeeze on her shoulder as he walked by, knowing that her life was about to have more than one big change occurring at the same time.

The deep seeded heaviness of the moment was somehow balanced out by the light touches coming from Annabelle's fingertips. She had Simone quietly groaning as shivers ran from her neck, to her stomach to the inside of her thigh. Annabelle's eyes were closed for a mere moment, just feeling, knowing each patch of skin by heart, not needing to see, allowing her touch and the sounds emanating from Simone's lips to guide her. The fan whirring above them did nothing to cool Simone's skin that was now on fire from the gentle pressure being applied just above her navel upward to just underneath her bra line. Annabelle leaned down closer and pressed her lips to Simone's to quiet her haggard breathing at the moment. The kiss started out like a greeting hello, but soon turned heated as Annabelle pressed herself further into Simone's form, soon feeling a hand caress her lower back encouraging her to continue. Annabelle leaned back to break the kiss only for the amount of time it took to remove her shirt. Before she could continue, Simone sat up to follow suit, when Annabelle lightly grabbed her wrist and said "let me". Eyes never breaking contact, their silent pleas for contact were granted as skin fell on skin encouraging both of their breathing to escalate to a more rapid pace. Hands trailed down arms, sides and stomachs. Annabelle felt Simone's hands trail up her back and remove the last remaining barrier on her torso. As two hands found purchase on Annabelle's breasts, she leaned down for more contact, letting out a low growl at Simone's touch as she explored each inch and found that sensitive spot that left Annabelle writhing and silently begging for more. Blue shades turned darker, as Simone nudged Annabelle up and switched places. Simone made quick work of their rest of their clothing, just needing that connection, sliding effortlessly over each other in an even rhythm letting their bodies speak for them, that they were ready for each other, ready for this moment. It wasn't a battle of wills anymore. It wasn't a battle of trust. It wasn't a battle that one had to be victorious over the other. It was a mutual desire to bring each other to the brink and topple over that last step, before exhaustion set in. The room had seemed to change to a brighter white more than a few times as the expressions of love echoed throughout the room, the strength from their emotions allowing them to continue into the night. Hands and mouths continued to allow the temperature in the room to rise, when the last peak had been climbed, both collapsing within each other. After a few ragged breaths, a sudden dip in the mattress, and a gentle caress to the side of Simone's still flushed face, caused her eyes to stir open, quickly hearing, "Simone, I , I need to ask you something".

"Mom, please don't worry, I have checked on everything, now I just need you to make sure you are available" Annabelle stated as she rolled her eyes but soon feeling a slight wave of nausea hit her stomach.

"Honey, I will make sure that I am available. Nothing will keep me from being there. I wouldn't miss it for the world" Senator Tillman replied in a soft tone, wanting her daughter to know how proud of her she was, how happy she was for her.

"I can't believe this is actually happening" Annabelle said quietly, more to herself than her mother.

"Annabelle, honestly, I can't either. You have been through so much. You both have. I am just happy that you found your way back to each other. I don't think I have ever seen two people look at each other the way you do. I hope that you know what you have in Simone. Don't let her go honey" Victoria responded, trying to convey her heartfelt emotions than the more business-like tone her conversations usually carry.

"Jeez mom, what am I, chopped liver" Annabelle shot back, feigning a bruised ego.

"Sweetheart, I love you, I.. The Senator was cut off by Annabelle saying, "Mom, I know what you meant, and yes, I know what I have in Simone, and I don't ever plan to let her go".

Simone took a small breath and held it for what seemed like an eternity. The last few hours had been beautiful and exhausting. She didn't know if she had anything left to give at the moment, even something simple and non-taxing as a 'yes' or a 'no'. She didn't fully turn to look at Annabelle, she just kept her position, staring at the ceiling with heavy eyelids. She finally released the breath she was holding, reached up and grabbed Annabelle's hand and pulled it down in between them, with a light squeeze and said, "What is it"?

Annabelle sensing Simone's anxiety, brought her hand up and placed a soft kiss in her palm. She began to rub small circles in her hand trying to calm the tension that was now appearing above a knitted brow. Simone shifted subtly, now glancing a little more in Annabelle's direction. Annabelle, let out a small breath of her own, and was soon subconsciously allowing a smirk to form on her face that was now reaching her eyes.

"I was just wondering if you knew what your schedule was going to be like in a few months" Annabelle stated, as the smirk went into a full smile seeing the confusion wash over Simone's features.

"Annabelle, I don't really know that far ahead. If you have something specific in mind, I am sure I can arrange my schedule accordingly" Simone replied as she now switched places with Annabelle, her now on her back and Simone resting on her elbow, staring down at Annabelle's pools of blue, trying to read her expression.

"Okay, I just wanted to make sure that you would be willing to take some time, to, um, well, just take some time off in the near future. I know your schedule is hectic. But what I am thinking, might take a little planning" Annabelle responded cryptically as her eyes shifted toward Simone.

"Well, if you didn't remember, your schedule is hectic also. However, you do have a little more control over yours than I do mine. You know any time we spend together more than a day here and a day there is something I think I would be agreeable to" Simone encouraged as she trailed fingertips down Annabelle's arm.

"I think I will be having a little more free time in the near future, more than I am used to, more than you are used to" Annabelle hummed out as she was slowly being distracted by Simone's touch.

"Why is that" Simone questioned as her movements up and down Annabelle's armed stopped and soon blue was meeting blue fully, between a slight chuckle, and a discerning gaze, Annabelle moved in front of Simone, pushed her back onto her pillow, ghosted her lips over Simone's pout, gently let their lips meet, then pulled back and said, "I hope you are ready to have me around a bit more, if not, speak now or forever hold your peace". Annabelle didn't give Simone the chance to speak. She captured her lips in a slow, languid kiss, feeling Simone's ability to protest or inquire further fall away as their kiss turned more heated all of a sudden. Annabelle shifted fully onto Simone, removed her lips for a brief moment and continued by saying, "Thank you for talking with me, but we can continue this conversation over breakfast, I have something more important to do right now". With that, Annabelle was soon hearing Simone gasp at the contact, her body finally having cooled down, heated back up immediately as a soft tongue quieted any further protests from Simone, as Annabelle mapped Simone's skin, following a familiar trail to each of her most sensitive spots until that one final wave crashed through her, leaving her only with the ability to murmur, 'I love you' and allow Annabelle to wrap her form into hers as her breathing quickly evened out for the remainder of the night.

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She Come Over me is by Candlebox