Prompt: #1, Conversation
Summary: Don learns the perils of eavesdropping.
Notes: I took the 1-100 Prompt Table, and started way at the beginning. My table is on my LJ if you're interested.

"So how's it coming, Professor?" Ian said, smirk obvious in his voice.

Charlie made the huffy noise that said you were interrupting important work he was doing, but actually meant he was paying attention.

"That good, eh?" Ian remarked, walking around the table, looking towards the chalkboards.

Don's brows furrowed. How does Ian know that? he thought, inching closer as quietly as possible, wondering if he could go unnoticed. Ian was legendary at Quantico for his awareness.

Ian smirked, moving closer to the chalkboards, once more out of Don's sightline.

Don stilled, trying to plan his approach.

"Ian!" Charlie snapped, laughter hidden in his voice.

Don stared at the wall as if he could see through it what Ian had done to prompt that tone.

"Voodoo." Ian said quietly. At least, Don thought that was it, Ian's murmur nearly inaudible.

Don listened carefully, edging closer to the door.

Nothing was immediately forthcoming, but when he was close enough, he swore he heard-

Don pushed into the garage, suddenly bold. "What's-" he broke off.

Charlie flushed, pressed against Ian's chest, and waved awkwardly to his brother. Don immediately noted, uncomfortably, that Charlie's mouth was slightly bruised.

"Eppes." Ian greeted, nodding casually.


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