Prompt: #25, Lessons
Summary: Charlie overcomes his nervousness and asks a favour of Ian.
Notes:This is pre-slash, really. It could possibly even be be read as a simple friendship story, but my slasher goggles are practically always on, so I'm not entirely certain.


Charlie took a sharp breath. "Hi. It's Dr. Charlie Eppes."

"Professor, hey." Edgerton's voice was softer now, or at least less challenging. More like friendly teasing. It was surprisingly reassuring.

"I wanted to ask you something. A favour." Charlie said awkwardly.

"Who do you want shot?" Edgerton asked.

Charlie did not sputter, though it was a close thing.

He was almost entirely certain that Edgerton was joking. "I wondered if you could- I mean, would you, give me shooting lessons?"

"What about your brother?" Edgerton asked, though he didn't seem offended or annoyed by the request.

"Are you kidding?" Charlie shot back, before he could control the impulse. "Um, sorry."

Edgerton laughed. "No, I get it. Tell me why you want to learn, maybe I can teach you a bit while I'm in town. You know I'm headed that way, I assume."

Charlie bit his lip. "Yeah. I saw your name on Don's desk, and got your number from the paperwork. If you have time, I mean-"

Edgerton cleared his throat. It sounded like a stifled laugh.

Charlie jumped to his reasons. "I'm always around the FBI - I've been helping with cases more often - and I've been caught in a couple of crime scenes, and-"

Edgerton hummed. "All right, Professor."

Charlie did sputter, this time. "I mean, if you don't have time, or . . . you don't want to-"

Edgerton chuckled. "I can make time." he said. "And Professor? I wouldn't have agreed, if I didn't want to do it. Even the FBI doesn't send me to do anything I don't want to."

"Oh." Charlie said. "Thank you."

"My pleasure, Professor. Now... Care to tell me about the case?" Edgerton asked.

Charlie seized the change of topic. As they spoke, though, he felt something odd, but pleasant, unfolding in his chest.