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Susan woke up to the light shining through the balcony curtains. She smiled; today was Edmund and Lacara's wedding. And today was her birthday. December 18th. She sighed happily but then her smile started to fade. She couldn't fell her husband's arm around her waist. She sat up and looked around. Caspian wasn't anywhere in the room. She frowned slightly, wondering where her husband was. They all stayed at the Telemarine Castle for the night and the guys were going to leave the castle before the girls. Susan stood up and walked around. She searched her wardrobe and found the dress she was going to wear. She smiled and started heading to the bathroom to wash up. But then she heard singing coming in there. She smiled and started walking towards the bathroom door. The singing was clearer now and it sounded melodious. She smiled; it had to be Caspian. She listened to the words he sang and listened to the tune. It made her smile more.

"A room with a view, and you. And no one to worry us, no one to hurry us through this dream we found. We'll gaze at the sky and try to guess what it's all about then we will figure out why the world is round."

He finished shaving and started combing his hair. "We'll be as happy and contented as birds upon a tree. High above the mountains and the seas."He hummed the next part, forgetting the words. "And sorrow will never come oh will it ever come true? A room with a view." He paused as if there were musicians supposed to be playing at that particular time. Susan smiled more, her husband sang great.

"We'll be as happy and contented as birds upon a tree. High above the mountains and the seas. We'll build and we'll coo. Ooh. And sorrow will never come oh will it ever come true? A room with a view."

He paused slightly. "Aaaahhhh. A room with a view." He finished the song with a high note in those last words. He finished combing his hair and stepped out of the bathroom. He saw his wife standing next to the door and he smiled.

"I love it when you sing; you have such a beautiful voice." Susan said as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in for a good embrace.

"I have been told that so many times. But I love hearing it from you." He replied, leaning his forehead on hers.

"So is that what you and Ed are going to do too?" Susan smiled.

"In a way, yes. But you'll see that later." He said, smiling. He leaned down and kissed her gently but filled with love. "Happy Birthday, love."

"Thank you, Caspian. I love you."

"I love you too. Now, I believe I must be getting ready so that I and the others can leave for Cair." Caspian said as he broke away from her. She smiled.

"Are you going to need help?" Susan asked as she watched Caspian take out his clothes from the wardrobe.

"Not at this moment. I will ask when it is needed." Caspian said smiling. She smiled back at him before heading into the bathroom. She started to draw herself a bath, with smelling salts of vanilla and lavender. She smiled and left the water to run slowly while she went back into the bedroom. She saw Caspian all dressed up in his wedding clothes. He had a dark red ensemble that's style was similar to when Susan and the Pevensies were leaving. Susan smiled and walked up to her husband.

"You look good." Susan smiled, looking up at her husband.

"Thank you. It was you that chose this." Caspian smirked and gave her a light kiss.

"I know. But still, it looks great on you." She smiled.

He kissed her gently and smiled as they pulled apart. He looked down at his wife's stomach and saw the roundness of it. He smiled and bent down. He said words of love and Susan laughed at the gesture.

"I think it's time you and the guys leave for Cair." Susan said pulling him back up to his feet.

"I think so too." He said embracing her. He let her go and she pulled out his cloak. She wrapped it around his shoulders and tied it.

"Try to prevent Edmund for bailing." Susan smirked. Caspian let out a chuckle and nodded.

"I'll do my best." Caspian replied. Susan laughed and looked up at him. He kissed her gently and hugged her. He looked around the room one last time, knowing he won't be back in a while. He sighed and looked at his wife. She smiled back at him and he left the room, heading to get the guys.

Susan sighed and went back into the bathroom. She took off her night shirt and stepped into the soothing water. She washed herself clean and washed her hair. She stroked her growing stomach softly and smiled; she couldn't be any happier. Once she finished she stood up and grabbed a towel. She wrapped it around herself and stepped out into her bedroom. She walked over to her wardrobe and pulled out the dress she was going to wear. She sighed happily and stepped behind the screen. She hung the dress over the screen and began dressing. She didn't bother with her corset, due to her delicate state. She wore her strapless chemise and a strapless white dress; she didn't bother to put the final layer just yet. She stepped out from behind the screen and stood in front of the mirror. She smiled as she saw her growing belly. She gingerly rubbed her belly.

"Soon, you'll see the world. Soon, you'll see our beautiful family and your wonderful father." Susan said, talking to her stomach. She took her towel and dried her hair. While it was damp, it wasn't wet enough to leave wet stains on her clothes. She sighed and walked back to the screen. She took the final layer and stepped into it. She pulled it up and slipped her arms through the sleeves. She would have to get the girls to tie her up. And just when she thought of the girls, they came into her room.

"Hi Su! Happy Birthday!" Lucy said, hugging her sister.

"Thanks Lu!" Susan smiled, hugging her back. Once they parted, Maribel was next to hug Susan.

"Happy Birthday Susan!" Maribel smiled, hugging her sister.

"Thank you Maribel!" she hugged her back.

"Happy Birthday Susan!" said Lacara, who was smiling and hugged her.

"Thank you! Happy Wedding Day!" Susan smiled back and hugged.

"I think we should tie each other up." Lucy smiled.

"I think so too." They all laughed. Susan tied up Maribel while Lucy tied up Lacara. Once Susan and Lucy finished tying Maribel and Lacara, they tied Susan and Lucy. They all had a good look at each other and smiled.

Susan wore a light purple dress. The sleeves fell off her shoulders; they were short and loose. It had a sweetheart neckline and the dress hugged her figure nicely. Her bulging stomach was evident and Susan didn't shy away from it. She wore a dark fuchsia sash just under her bosom, where it separated her stomach from her torso. The sash was the start of a sky blue translucent cover. As the translucent cover reached her knee, it slanted more towards the left. She wore her amethyst necklace proudly, which matched her dress. She let her brown hair fall down onto her shoulders. Her hair was slightly curled. Her smile radiated throughout the entire room. She looked beautiful.

Lucy wore a dark fuchsia dress. It hugged her form beautifully and nicely. The sleeves fell off her shoulders, but they were not loose. She wore a purple sash under her bosom which was the start of a sky blue translucent cover. As the translucent cover reached her knee, it slanted towards the left as well. She wore the necklace Susan and Caspian had given her and wore it proudly. Her auburn hair fell down past her shoulders and down to her stomach. Her hair was curled and had a flower tucked behind her ear. She looked amazing.

Maribel also wore a dark fuchsia dress. It hugged her from nicely and it showed of her curves. The sleeves fell off her shoulder and hung loosely. She had two spaghetti straps, possibly from her chemise. The sleeves were purple and silky. She had a translucent cover that started from under her bosom. Like the others, the cover reached to about her knee and started slanting to the left. Her dark hair endlessly traveled in luscious waves down to her middle back. She wore a pearl bracelet around her left wrist and her smile made her glow. She looked radiant.

And finally, the bride herself, Lacara. Lacara wore a dress whiter than the snow outside itself. The sleeves fell off her shoulders and fell to her elbows. They were loose and flowing. Her torso was split in two, slanting diagonally that it created a V. In the middle of the separation, there was a silky sky blue cover; it was her strapless chemise. The neckline was a sweetheart neckline. She had a violet colored sash under her bosom. There were two translucent coverings that started under the sash. The first covering slanted to the right, ending at where the dress stopped. The second covering started in the middle of where the first covering slanted. The second covering slanted to the left, making it look separated. The translucent coverings were a light dark fuchsia color and the separation between the two created an upside-down V. She wore her silver locket around her neck and it seemed to tie the whole dress together. Her light brown hair graciously flowed down to her middle back. The ends of her hair were curled and she wore a jasmine flower tucked behind her ear. She looked absolutely astounding.

They all smiled at each other and giggled. They all looked so beautiful. Just then, there was a knock on Susan's door.

"Come in." Susan said as they all searched for their cloaks. A maid in a beautiful yet simple dress came in with a cart. On the cart there were bouquets.

"Your majesties, you all look so beautiful. And Happy Birthday Queen Susan." The maid said to them.

"Thank you." Susan said, smiling. The maid bowed and left the room along with the cart.

Susan took her bouquet of white roses, Lucy took hers of red Camellias, Maribel took a bouquet of red carnations and Lacara took her bouquet of white peonies. They all giggled again and put their cloaks on. The cloaks were thick enough to keep them from being cold and they covered up to under their bosoms. Lacara sighed of excitement and nervousness. "How did you get through this Su? How can you take the pressure?" Lacara asked.

"Well, Aslan was there to get me through it. Also, I had the support of my friends and family. You have us, 'Cara. We're here and your brother and parents will be there. We'll all help you." Susan said, using a gentle voice. Lacara smiled and hugged her friend. They all hugged each other and decided it was time to be off.

As they stepped out into the courtyard, there was snow on the floor. It wasn't as chilly as it was the other days, but it was still winter nonetheless. They wouldn't be riding their horses to Cair Paravel; they were already there. The last time they visited Cair Paravel, they left them there and the guys let them onto their horses. The girls got into a carriage and they were off. As they exited the Telemarine Castle, they took one last glance at what was once their home. They entered the town and as they passed people on their horses started to follow. They wouldn't miss the wedding of Edmund and Lacara.

It took an hour before they reached Cair Paravel. As the girls exited the carriage, the townspeople cheered. The girls smiled at the people.

"As you wait for the wedding to start, please wait in the dining hall. We will tell you when we are ready to start." Susan said. The girls entered the castle and went to what is now Susan and Caspian's room. The people did as they were told and entered into the dining hall, where they chatted with each other. The royals and nobles of other countries were in the dancing hall, but from time to time they would enter the dining hall and chat with the people.

As they entered the room, Lacara was still panicking. She paced the room back and forth and unshed tears were evident in her eyes. Just then, her mother came into the room.

"Your majesties." Sophia smiled. She shook their hands and gave Susan and Lacara hugs. "Happy Birthday Susan. And I see that the little one is growing." Sophia said, talking about Susan's stomach.

"Thank you Sophia." Susan smiled brightly. Sophia smiled back and looked at her daughter.

"Oh, my dear. You look absolutely gorgeous!" she said, tears of happiness rolling down her face. She hugged her daughter and Lacara smiled.

"Thanks mum." Lacara said.

"Look, it is okay to feel nervous. Every bride feels this way. But once you see him in that aisle waiting for you, you will be at ease." Sophia told Lacara. Lacara smiled and hugged her mother once again. Tears of happiness slowly trailed down Lacara's face.

"Lacara, we're going to check on the guys. Okay?" Maribel said. Lacara looked at her friends and nodded.

"And, when you walk out there, you will be dubbed a queen. So," Lucy went to Susan's desk and pulled out a gold crown. It was simple yet beautiful. It featured a garland of wild roses in diamonds that were either gold or silver. This crown happened to be gold. And it matched Lacara perfectly. "We had this made for you. Edmund will be wearing his crown as well, he knows of you being dubbed." Lacara smiled and hugged her friends.

"Thank you, so much." Lacara said.

"We're always here, 'Cara, always." Susan said. With their cloaks still on they rushed out of the room, including Sophia to see the guys. They were all in Edmund's and Lacara's soon to be room. Susan knocked on the door and waited. The door opened and there revealed a smiling Carter.

"Come on in." Carter smiled. All of the girls entered and the guys looked at them awestruck.

"You all look amazing." Peter said.

"I agree." Edmund said smiling brightly.

"They always do. Every minute of every day." Caspian said wrapping an arm around Susan's waist. He kissed her temple and she smiled.

"You guys look great as well." Lucy said as Carter wrapped an arm around her.

Peter was wearing clothes similar to the one he wore when he was told he won't be coming back. But this one was a navy blue. The ensemble brought out his blazing blue eyes. He looked like the king he was.

Carter wore a gray ensemble that was relatively close to what he wore to Susan and Caspian's wedding. He wore a gold ring on his middle finger. He had his sword by his side and his hand on its hilt. He looked like a man of noble blood.

Edmund wore really nice looking clothes. He wore a white loose shirt with a black button-up vest. He wore black trousers and black boots. His hand rested on the hilt of his sword. His crown lied on the bed and his brown eyes were shining with happiness. But deep down you knew he was nervous.

"Happy birthday Susan!" Peter said. He hugged her tightly, although he loosened his grip due to the baby.

"Happy Birthday Su. How is it being twenty?" Edmund asked as he hugged her and kissed her forehead.

"It feels great." Susan replied smiling brighter.

"Susan, I'm glad I met you and happy birthday." Carter said hugging her.

"Thank you Carter."

"My Queen, happy birthday." Demetri said. He shook hands with Susan with a huge smile on his face.

"Thank you, Demetri. This has to be one of the best days." Susan smiled as Caspian wrapped his arm around her. Peter wrapped his arm around Maribel, Demetri's around Sophia, and Carter's around Lucy.

"I think you guys should go check up on the bride." Lucy said. They all nodded and the guys all except Edmund left. Sophia also left and headed back to the dancing hall.

"You okay, Ed?" Lucy asked.

"I'm fine. I'm just nervous." Edmund said taking deep breaths.

"It's normal to feel that way. Everyone does. Isn't this how Caspian acted when we were getting married?" Susan said, sitting down next to her brother.

"Yes… but his was worse." Edmund chuckled.

"Well, like I told Caspian, there isn't any reason to be afraid. You both love each other very deeply and you're going to spend the rest of your lives together. You're going to wake up next to the person you love and you will have beautiful looking children. Today is the day that you will spend the rest of your life with her and love her like you always have." Lucy told him. He smiled and hugged his sisters. Maribel watched the action and couldn't help but smile. Edmund brought her into the hug and was smiling brightly.

"How's 'Cara taking it?" he asked, worried about his wife to be.

"She's… taking it fine. Especially since her father is there, she should be okay." Susan said.

"I think it's time we set up." Lucy said. They all agreed and got up. Edmund put on his cloak and put his crown on.

"Go into the gardens, the main one. We'll get everybody." Maribel told Edmund.

"I'll go get them. Maribel, accompany Edmund into the gardens while I get the guests. Susan, get the guys and Lacara. We're about to start a wedding!" Lucy exclaimed. They all did what Lucy told them to do and headed different directions. Lucy got all the guests to head into the gardens where they seated surrounded by the beautiful scenery. Maribel got Edmund to calm down and helped him keep his nervousness away. Susan made her way to hers and Caspian's room and opened the door. There, she found Lacara smiling brightly at the guys. She looked at Susan and smiled.

"It's time 'Cara." Susan smiled. Lacara nodded and took a deep breath. It was already three in the afternoon, and the wedding was starting. The guys left the room, all except Demetri. Susan placed the floral looking crown on top of a red velvet pillow. Susan hugged her friend, giving Lacara her luck. They smiled at each other and Susan shuffled out of the room.

"Are you alright, father?" Lacara asked. Demetri nodded and looked at his beautiful daughter. He took her hands in his, his eyes glistening.

"I knew that one day that I'd have to walk you down that aisle. I knew that one day; I would see you off with your husband. I knew that one day; you'd be having wonderful children. But I never knew how much it would pain me to see my daughter leave us behind. I never knew that watching you walk into King Edmund's arms would hurt me so. But I always knew that with him, you would be happy. I love you Lacara." Demetri told his daughter as he brought her in for an embrace. Tears of happiness trailed down their faces slowly.

"I love you too father." she said back. He let her go and they walked the corridors to the garden.

They reached the double doors that led to the main gardens and Lacara took a deep breath. She closed her eyes, her body slightly trembling. But then, she felt a presence behind her, a calming presence. She and her father looked behind them and saw none other than Aslan himself.

"Princess Lacara of Archenland, there is no need to be nervous. For today is a joyous day for you. But it is expected. But know this, from this day forth; you will be married to the one you love. You will spend each day waking beside him, and you're undying love will always be known." Aslan told her. She smiled, and finally all her worries were ceased. She bowed to Aslan and he smiled upon her. Aslan walked in front of them and Lacara took off her cloak. The double doors opened and the music began to play. Aslan walked in front of Lacara and her father, leading a new Queen of Narnia to her groom's side.

As the people attending the wedding, they bowed in his honor and smiled brightly as they saw the bride. Many whispered of how beautiful she looked and Edmund was absolutely blown away. She was able to bear the slight chilliness of the weather, but she looked so beautiful. In Edmund's eyes, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen; besides his sisters. She walked down the aisle with such grace and her smile was just absolutely radiant. Aslan took his place at the altar, standing before Edmund as they all watched Demetri give Lacara away to Edmund. He kissed her cheek and gave her a hug. She smiled and looked into Edmund's eyes. She was excited, and her eyes showed love. She took her place next to Edmund and smiled at him. He smiled back and took her hand in his.

"We are gathered here today for the union of a beautiful love that has grown between these two. From this day forth, they start a life that shall be filled with love and happiness. They begin their lives together today, where their love will stay true and last forever." Aslan spoke in his wise voice.

"If there is anyone who opposes the bonding of these two people, speak now or forever hold your peace." Aslan spoke again. No one spoke; they all wanted them to be together.

"Do you, King Edmund the Just, take Princess Lacara as your lawfully wedded wife?" Aslan asked Edmund.

"I do." Edmund smiled.

"Do you, Princess Lacara of Archenland, take King Edmund as your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." Lacara said smiling. She seemed to glow with happiness.

"The rings please." Lucy gave Lacara Edmund's ring and Carter gave Edmund Lacara's ring. Lacara slid Edmund's ring on his left ring finger. Edmund's was a gold band that was also a light blue color. It was two colors. Edmund smiled as he slid Lacara's ring on her finger. Hers was two colors as well, but hers had a small diamond as its centerpiece.

"Please, say your vows." Aslan said smiling at the young couple.

"Lacara, when I met you, I hadn't expected to fall in love with you. But with each day that we bonded, I had that feeling. I had that feeling in my heart. Every time I saw you, I couldn't help but feel my heart race. I couldn't help but feel myself get nervous around you. I couldn't stop myself from my stumbling words. But that day, that first day we kissed, I knew it was you. I knew from that moment that I had fallen in love with you. As we wrote our letters to each other, I couldn't help but feel surprisingly giddy as I received a letter from you. And when we heard that you had been captured, I literally kept going on to find you. Ask my siblings, I was saying that we should continue. When we found you, I couldn't help but feel relief. And from that night, I promised myself that I would always protect. And I have kept to that promise. And I still make that my promise. I promise to love you forever and to protect you from harm." Edmund said. Lacara was smiling at him brightly and tears of happiness began to stroll down their face.

"When I heard the stories of your legacy, I had always wanted to meet you. But when I did, I admit, I didn't expect you to be this handsome." She lightly laughed. The crowd lightly laughed as well and let her continue. "I too, didn't expect to fall in love with you. And I'm glad for every day we bonded. When we talked and took walks, I told you things that I never admitted to anyone. You were probably the only person who knew my darkest secrets. And with each day that passed, I couldn't help but feel nervous. I always did what I could to impress you. But, when I see you, I just can't help but feel like you're the missing part to my heart. You always have my heart, always have and always will. And I promise that I will make you happy and I will love you with all my heart." Lacara smiled. Tears of happiness really did fall down her face.

"Now, before I proclaim you husband and wife, Princess Lacara must be dubbed a queen of Narnia." Aslan said.

"I proclaim you Queen Lacara the Loyal." Aslan said. Susan stepped up and placed the crown on top of Lacara's head. Lacara smiled at Susan and Susan smiled brightly back. Susan took her place and watched the ending of the ceremony.

"Now, continuing with the wedding, I proclaim husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!" Aslan said. Edmund wrapped his arms around Lacara's waist and kissed her passionately. She kissed back with as much passion and wrapped her arms around his neck. The crowd broke into cheers and Aslan roared loudly. Caspian, Peter and Carter were whooping as the rest cheered. Snow gently fell from the sky and rose petals fell from the high towers. Edmund and Lacara finally pulled apart and let their foreheads rest against each other. They were both smiling brightly; they were finally married. Edmund took off his cloak and placed it around Lacara's shoulder and they led them inside.

It was already five in the afternoon. They had all started eating and were having a spectacular time. Edmund liked looking at Lacara that time; she was absolutely stunning. And he liked her crown. It was beautiful; she was beautiful. They all had a grand time and the buffet-like idea turned out great. Soon, they were all finished eating, which ended about two hours later. Though some stayed in the dining hall, staying there to mingle, many went to the large dancing room. The musicians were playing many of dancing tunes, where they enjoyed playing. They danced for a long time, and Caspian and Susan decided to do their performance.

Susan and Caspian stepped up onto the small stage and everyone let their attention rest on the King and Queen.

"Well, I hope you are all having a wonderful time. I just want to say congratulations to my brother and his new wife. I hope you both live a happy life together and that you will have beautiful children." Caspian said. The last part was to make Edmund and Lacara blush, which was accomplished.

"But I would love to wish my wife another Happy Birthday. I love you Susan." Caspian said, his arm wrapped around her waist. She smiled up at him and said thank you before giving him a gentle yet loving kiss. The crowd started cheering, courtesy of Edmund. They broke apart and were slightly left breathless.

"But, the reason we are up here is because we want to do a performance for the groom and bride." Susan said. The crowd cheered as Caspian took a place by the piano, getting ready to play. Susan sat next to him and waited.

He played a light and beautiful tune; something you would smile to. It played for a few more beats before Susan began to sing. "Lying here with you so close to me, it's hard to fight these feelings when it feels so hard to breathe. Caught up in this moment, caught up in your smile." Susan sang it beautiful, making it sound so angelic and heartfelt. Then there were drums that lightly played in.

"I've never opened up to anyone. So hard to hold back when I'm holding you in my arms. We don't need to rush this. Let's just take this slow." Caspian sang. Susan sang the last two sentences with him, and their voices together were perfect. Lacara and Edmund took the middle of the dance floor and danced to the music. The crowd formed a circle around them, watching them dance with love and passion.

Guitars started to play along with the piano and the drums. The guitars played gently and continued their tune. "Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight. Just a touch in the fire burning so bright. No I don't want to mess this thing up. I don't want to push too far. Just a shot in the dark that you just might be the one I've been waiting for my whole life. So baby, I'm alright. With just a kiss goodnight." Susan and Caspian harmonized. Peter and Maribel were on the dance floor as well now, followed by Carter and Lucy.

They let the piano play for a while before the guitar powerfully strummed and they let the piano play again. "I know that if we give this a little time it will only bring us closer to the love we wanna find. It's never felt so real, no it's never felt so right." They sang together. The drums played during the little break and the chorus was brought in. Everybody was now on the dance floor slow dancing to the wonderful song.

The guitars were brought back in. "Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight. Just a touch in the fire burning so bright. No I don't want to mess this thing up. I don't want to push too far. Just a shot in the dark that you just might be the one I've been waiting for my whole life. So baby I'm alright. With just a kiss goodnight." The guitars played a little harder and the piano played a slightly low pitch. Violins entered and played into the tune.

"No I don't want to say goodnight." They sang.

"I know it's time to leave," Caspian sang. "But you'll be in my dreams tonight, tonight, tonight." They sang together. The piano played softly before starting up again. "Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight. Just a touch in the fire burning so bright. No I don't wanna mess this thing up. I don't wanna push too far. Just a shot in the dark that you just might be the one I've been waiting for my whole life. So baby, I'm alright, oh, let's do this right, with just a kiss goodnight." The piano continued to play, the other instruments dropping out.

"With a kiss goodnight." Susan sang. "Kiss goodnight." sang Caspian. The song ended and Susan and Caspian smiled. The crowd was cheering aloud, amazed by the couples' talent. Susan kissed Caspian again and they stepped off of the stage. The musicians continued to play the songs they were once playing. The room was dancing again to the musicians' music as Susan and Caspian made their way to their family.

"Thank you so much Susan! Thank you Caspian! That was absolutely beautiful!" Lacara smiled, tears of happiness running down her face.

"It was beautiful, you guys have such great voices." Edmund said as he hugged his sister and his brother.

"Well, there are two more performances expected. So those should be expected sooner or later." Susan smiled.

"Yeah, but it will be a while until that happens." Lucy said.

"But we're looking forward to it nonetheless!" Carter and Peter said enthusiastically. Everyone laughed and they continued their night.

They all danced the night away and before they knew it, it was eleven at night. The guys decided to go up and do their performance. Peter and Maribel went up as well, wanting to tell their news. Maribel and Peter went up first; Peter held Maribel's hand and smiled at her encouragingly.

"Well, we'd like to congratulate Edmund and Lacara once again for their beautiful wedding. And we'd like to say Happy Birthday to my sister Susan." Peter said, smiling to his family. They all smiled back at him and raised their glasses.

"But, Maribel and I have some news." Peter continued, getting a little nervous.

"It turns out… I am pregnant with King Peter's children. There will be twins." Maribel said, a little afraid of what the crowd would think. But many of them cheered and shouted with excitement. Maribel sighed and Peter smiled brightly. Peter kissed her forehead and continued to talk.

"Well, that's all we have to say, but I believe that my brothers Edmund and Caspian have a performance to do." Peter said, smiling at them. Peter and Maribel stepped off the stage as Edmund pulled out to high stools for him and Caspian. Caspian smiled at the crowd and then looked back at Edmund who was smiling back at him. Edmund held a guitar in his hand and wrapped the strap around him.

"Thank you Peter for bringing us up here." Caspian smiled at his golden haired brother. Peter smiled back cheekily which caused both Edmund and Caspian to chuckle.

"Anyway, Caspian and I plan to perform a song that we dedicate to our lovely wives. They mean the world to us and… if it weren't for them, we wouldn't really be living. Because they live, we are able to be ourselves. I'm pretty sure all the men here would dedicate this to their women, I'm sure of it. But anyway, this goes to our wives. We love you." Edmund said to the crowd, both he and Caspian smiling at Susan and Lacara.

Both Edmund and Caspian took a seat on the stools and got themselves ready. Edmund began strumming a catchy tune, yet so beautiful. He strummed the same rhythm, but it slightly changed notes. He played it for ten seconds before Caspian started singing. "Staring out at the rain with an empty heart. It's the end of the world in my mind. Then your voice pulls me back like a wake-up call." Edmund played the notes a little higher, but with the same rhythm. "I've been looking for an answer, somewhere, I couldn't see that it was right there. And now I know what I didn't know."

Edmund played a little more powerful, entering the chorus. Caspian continued the song, singing with a good pitch. "Because you live and breathe. Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help. Because you live, girl, my world has twice as many stars in the sky."

Edmund played back to his regular tune and Caspian continued to sing. "It's alright, I survived, I'm alive again. 'Cuz of you, made it through every storm. What is life? What's the use if you're killing time?" Edmund played the same rhythm with slightly lower notes. "I'm so glad I found an angel, someone, who was there when all my hopes fell. I wanna fly looking in your eyes."

Edmund began to strum a little harder and by now, everyone was dancing with their loved ones while Susan and Lacara smiled at their husbands, tears coming to their eyes. "Because you live and breathe. Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help. Because you live, girl, my world has twice as many stars in the sky. Because you live, I live."

Edmund started strumming beats, but kept its tone. "Because you live there's a reason why, I carry on when I lose the fight. I want to give what you've given me always." Caspian sang.

Edmund repeated his original tune by strumming with slight power. Caspian also sang with power. "Because you live and breathe. Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help. Because you live, girl, my world has twice as many stars in the sky. Because you live and breathe. Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help. Because you live, girl, my world has everything I need to survive."

Edmund started to strum lightly with its same rhythm. "Because you live, I live." Caspian let Edmund strum. "I live." Caspian finished singing and Edmund continued to strum. He ended with a strum across all the chords. The crowd was smiling and they all cheered. Caspian and Edmund smiled at the crowd and high-fived each other. They stepped off of the stage as the crowd still cheered. Susan and Lacara ran into their husbands arms and kissed them passionately. The crowd continued to cheer as loud as they could, and they could hear Peter and Carter howling. They ended their kiss a while later, both of them breathless.

"I love you." Susan told Caspian. He smiled and gently kissed her again.

"I love you too." He replied.

"Oh, Edmund I loved it! I loved it and I love you!" Lacara said as she embraced Edmund.

"I'm glad you did. And I love you more!" Edmund said, kissing her shoulder.

"That's not possible." Lacara smirked as she pulled away from him.

"Well you better believe it." Edmund grinned back at her and kissed her gently.

The musicians again began to play dancing music, smiling more and more with the performances that have went along. They couldn't wait until the performance with the royal ladies of Narnia. Caspian and Susan were sitting down, watching all the guests have fun. Caspian's hand lied on Susan's growing stomach. He smiled as her head rested on his shoulder. He kissed her temple and gently rubbed her stomach. Peter and Maribel were on the dance floor. Even though it was a medium paced song, they just danced slowly. Peter would make her laugh from time-to-time and she would lay her head on his shoulder. He kissed the crown of her head, and smiled; he closed his eyes, never wanting to let her go. Edmund and Lacara were also on the dance floor, dancing to many songs. Edmund made her laugh so many times when he would pick her up and twirl her around. She was so happy with him, and he with her. Everything was just perfect for them.

As for Lucy and Carter, they were out in the hallways, undetected. They kissed feverishly, hands trailing all over. Somehow, they entered a random room, which by accident turned out to be Lucy's room. As Carter closed the door, she pushed him into a wall and kissed him passionately. He kissed back with as much passion and love as his hands began tugging on the laces of her dress. He did so slowly, as if he weren't sure. Her hands went through his brown hair, tugging slightly. She got a moan out of him, to which she smiled. His mouth left hers and started trailing their way down her jaw and down her neck. She was left breathless and just couldn't help but slip her hands under Carter's shirt. But then, Carter broke away, looking down. He backed away from her, looking around the room. Lucy opened her eyes and looked at him.

"You okay?" she asked, stepping up to him and placing a hand on his cheek.

"I'm fine. I just, don't think we should head this far." Carter said, looking at her cerulean blue eyes. She slightly smiled.

"That's fine with me." she smiled at him. She went on her tip toes and gave him a gentle kiss before he started tying up her dress again. They both walked out of Lucy's room and headed back to the dancing hall. They entered the room; no one knew that they had left. She held onto Carter's hand, and he smiled. He kissed it and led her to the dance floor, where they danced to the beat of the music. By the time it was one in the morning, they all decided that it was time to retire; but not without the girls performing.

Although everyone is still awake enough to continue, the royals wanted people to get their sleep so that they may return to their homes in the morning. But, they were going to have one last dance while listening to the girls perform. The girls gathered onto the stage and Susan began speaking as Lucy, Lacara were wrapping the guitar straps around themselves and Maribel placed four tall stools for them to sit on.

"Well, this is going to be the last song that we are performing tonight, and probably the last dance that you will have for the evening. But, this song goes out to the men we love." Susan said talking about the guys. The guys all looked at them, wonder filling Caspian and Edmund's minds as Peter and Carter were smiling brightly. "If Aslan hadn't led us to them, we wouldn't be where we are. So this song goes out to you guys. We love you."

The girls all took a seat on their stools and got ready to play. Lucy and Lacara started playing some high notes, using a light and pretty melody. "I set out on a narrow way, many years ago. Hoping I would find true love, along the broken road." Susan sang.

"I got lost a time or two." Maribel sang.

"Wiped my brow and kept pushing through." Lucy sang a little high due to the pitching but it worked perfectly.

"I couldn't see how every sign, pointed straight to you." Lacara sang. Lucy and Lacara strummed a little harder, but kept it light and soft.

"Every long lost dream, led me to where you are. Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars. Pointing me on my way, into your loving arms. This much I know is true, that God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you." All the girls sang. Their beautiful voices mixed together were beyond fantastic. Even as the stars heard them sing, they couldn't help but shine brighter. The crowd was beyond amazed and many were smiling. Many of them had begun to dance to the melodious tune, dancing with their loved ones and spending their moments together. The guys were by far the most amazed at their performance. They were just so happy and couldn't help but smiling.

"Yes he did." Lacara sang as she strummed. She and Lucy returned to their light strumming and played the rhythm easily.

"I think about the years I spent, just passing through." Lucy sang smiling.

"I'd like to have the time I've lost and give it back to you." Lacara sang with a lot of emotion. Edmund smiled at his wife, loving her even more.

"Oh but you just smile and take my hand. You've been there, you understand." Sang Maribel.

"It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true." Susan sang.

Lucy and Lacara strummed with a little power, but still keeping it light.

"Every long lost dream, led me to where you are." Susan sang. "Others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars." Lucy sang. "Pointing me on my way, into your loving arms." Sang Lacara. "This much I know is true…" Maribel sang. "That God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you." They all sang. Lucy and Lacara played the guitar with a nice tune to it, still leaving it beautiful. By now, all the guests were dancing with their loved ones; they were so moved by the song and the girls singing.

"Yeah!" Lucy sang, singing it loud. The girls smiled at her as she kept strumming.

"But now I'm just rolling home, into my lovers' arms. This much I know is true. That God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you." They all sang. Lucy and Lacara strummed lightly.

"That God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you." Susan sang as Lucy and Lacara were strumming lightly the same rhythm they've been doing.

"Hey, yeah." Maribel sang as Lucy and Lacara finished with the final strum. When the ladies were finished the entire room just blew up into cheers. The entire room was clapping and cheering as loud as they could. Edmund, Peter, Caspian and Carter were shouting and cheering the loudest. The girls smiled and bowed to the crowd. The girls hugged each other and stepped off the stage, heading over to the guys.

And as expected, the guys enveloped them in a tight embrace.

"That was completely amazing!" Carter said to all of them. They all smiled at him, slightly blushing.

"It really was; you all sounded so beautiful." Peter said as he wrapped an arm around Maribel's waist.

"You are beautiful and talented, is there something more we should know?" Edmund asked as he kissed Lacara's temple.

"This has to be the best birthday for you." Caspian whispered to Susan. She looked up at him and smiled.

"It is." She replied. He kissed her gently and wrapped his arms around, giving her a side embrace.

"Well, I think it's time we retire." Lucy said, yawning.

"It is, most of the people have gone to their rooms, and most have already left to go back to the town." Lacara said. People were piling out of the room as they spoke, heading to their assigned rooms and some heading back to the town.

"Alright, well, see you all in the morning." Peter said.

"Goodnight!" Susan said. She hugged Lacara, giving her congratulations and she and Caspian headed to their room. Peter and Maribel went to their room as well.

"Goodnight you two. Hope you two have fun!" Lucy smirked as she and Carter went to their rooms. Lacara and Edmund went pink in the face, but it died down as they were soon the only people in the room. They smiled at each other as they both headed to their new room.

When they entered the room, they started kissing feverishly.

"I love you." Lacara said to Edmund.

"I love you too." Edmund replied.

And they finished their night with love and passion. This wedding, like Caspian and Susan's was a success. Forever started for them the moment they kissed each other. They were finally married.

Peter and Maribel settled into bed nicely, his arm wrapped around her waist protectively and lovingly. He kissed her gently goodnight, before they both fell asleep.

Carter kissed Lucy goodnight after dropping her off by her room. It was a very passionate kiss, that would've led to something more, but he broke it off just in time. She smiled as he left for his bedroom and fell asleep smiling. Carter was smiling as well, but he drew himself a very cold bath to relieve the desire and lust he wanted from Lucy.

Susan and Caspian spent the rest of the night talking, neither one tired to fall asleep. They talked mostly about the baby, where Caspian would put his hand on her stomach and feel the baby kick again. Their baby was growing, and in about four more months, he or she would be coming to see the world. They continued to talk, but from time to time they heard noises. Caspian buried his head in his pillow, trying to prevent the noise from entering his ears. Susan groaned and did the same as Caspian; they both knew what the cause of the noise was and now, the image was burned in their heads. But soon, the noise stopped and they were able to talk again without having scarring images. And that's how they fell asleep; Susan's head resting on his chest and Caspian's arm wrapped around her waist, keeping her close. Both of their hands rested on her stomach, feeling the baby kick softly. Their first night at Cair Paravel was the best night that each had.

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-Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts (Susan, Maribel, Lacara and Lucy)

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Edmund: You know what surprises me?

Lucy: What?

Edmund: The fact that Susan and Maribel are pregnant yet they have had no food cravings yet.

Lacara: Why does that bother you?

Edmund: Because I'm NOT pregnant yet I have a craving for chocolate cake!

*we all look at him*

Edmund: Well! Who doesn't want cake!

*everyone agreed*

Susan: So... are we going to bake a cake?

Me: I guess...

Maribel: Well then let's go.

*we all walk to the kitchen*

Peter: What do we need again?

Lucy: Water, flour, cake mix...

Carter: Anything else?

Susan: Eggs...

Me: Milk...

Maribel: We'll need frosting for the end.

Caspian: Well, I'll wait until it is done.

Edmund: So will I!

Me: Oh no you won't!

*i throw an egg at Edmund*

*it hits the back of his head*

*he turns around, smirking*

Edmund: You just started a war, Obsessed.

*he picks up a bowl of water and attempts to dump it on me*

*water spills on Peter*

*Peter picks up the frosting and squirts it*

*frosting hits Caspian*

*a food war has started!*

*Maribel dumps flour on Carter's head*

*Lucy throws eggs at Peter*

*Caspian protects Susan*

*Susan dumps water on Caspian*

*Caspian drops a handful of flour on her head*

*she smirks*

*i hide away from them*

Me: Hi! I'm just sitting enjoying the show... it's good to see a good food fight.

Edmund: Obsessed!

*a pie hits my face*

*i wipe the pie off, slightly tasting it*

Me: hm... apple pie. Edmund Pevensie, you're going to get it!

*i throw a pie at him, but it hits Peter*

Me: Please review while I make an attempt to win this battle!

*the food fight continues for hours*

*next thing i know i'm scrubbing cake batter out of my hair*

*Edmund scrubs all sorts of pies in his hair and face*

*food fight was fun*