Happy Birthday Challenge! ~HughLaurieIsMyHomeboy12~

Alright, it's me, I'm back with another one! It's CarlisleCullenIsMyHomeboy12, only my name has been changed in honor of me being on here for a year! My birthday for here is December the 31st! So, I changed my name and now I'm presenting this challenge!

I'm doing yet another challenge for my favorite fandom, DSS, and here it is! In honor of my one year here, I'm doing a Birthday challenge! Here's the guidelines/rules:


1: It has to be either rated T or M, preferably M. And it has to deserve that rating for whatever reason, not just the obvious one's, although I like those too. Haha

2: It can be any Genre, but no slash.

3. You can do couples, my favorite is LartenxArra, but I'm cool with others too.

4. It can be a songfic.

5. It either has to be someone's birthday, or there celebrating the birth or start of something.

6. It can be a multi-chapter fic or a one-shot, whatever you think is best. Remember, length doesn't exactly equal quality.

7. No crossovers, but if you PM me nicely, I might let you bring in a character form somwewhere else.

8. You have to put it's for the contest in your summary, but please don't name it challenge, or something crappy like that. Creative titles make it interesting.

9. There can be up to three entries per person.


Alright, at the conclusion of this contest, I will pay back all the dues I owe to people for winning contests that I've done before. You know who you are, and sorry it's taken this long. But, here's how it will go.

1: First, you will get to create a character and they will either be featured in High School Never Ends, or The Vampire Academy.

2: Then you will get to pick a theme for a one-shot for my new series of one shots, "Shots of Life".

3: Finally, I will make your name a permanent part of my profile page and my Facebook page by creating a badge on the second one.

I hope you enter! Review if you are!


The deadline is exactly three weeks from today! Its January 10th!