A glance into a passing car.

A smile from a complete stranger.

A brief exchange in an elevator.

This is how it sometimes begins.

A seductive dance on a crowded dance floor.

A walk under the moonlight.

A phone conversation that last all night.

This is how it sometimes begins.

Everyone searches for it at some point in their lives.

The passion that will make them lose their senses.

The kisses that will entice and rejuvenate them.

They seek out the heat.

The only question is:

When they find it, can they handle it?

-Zane 2001


It was almost that time of year. The time that I spent the entire year working for. It was October and the start of NBA season, and seeing as though I was coming off not only a championship season but I also had a rookie of the year and MVP trophy sitting in my office it was safe to say that I was more than hyped for the start of the season.

I jumped out of my car and headed into the Staples Center for our annual check up, with no worries because not to sound cocky but I took very good care of myself, and the results showed in my muscled physique and six pack abs. I quickly went to the locker room and changed out of my street clothes and into my practice gear and headed to get my check out over and done with when I ran into my teammate and fellow sophomore Tyrone. We slapped hands and I asked him what was up with the big ass grin he was sporting.

"What's up man? You're smiling a lot for someone who hates getting check ups and doctors."

"But I've never been to a doctor like that one. Good God Almighty she was beyond sexy."

I just laughed at him because I knew not only did he have the tendency to over exaggerate but our taste is women was no where near being alike, and what he considered fine I usually consider a special breed I affectionately called "Freddie Faces". I'm talking straight Friday the 13th looking women.

"This I have to see"

I walked off and into the on sight medical site, only to have my other wise healthy heart burst out of my chest. Standing in front of me was the sexiest woman I had ever seen in my life. Silky milk chocolate toned skin, long black hair that curled around her beautiful face, and I've never been much of an explorer but if she was Dora I had no problem being Boots because her curves were outrages and just screamed for me to take my hands and do exactly that... EXPLORE...

I tried to focus as she spoke to me but her mouth took me to a place of fantasy and desire and I couldn't help but wonder how her mouth would feel around my...

"Mr. Bolton?"


"I'm Taylor McKessie and I'll be your team doctor this season. It's nice to meet you"

I reached out and shook her hand... If possible I got harder...

"It's nice to meet you also, Miss McKessie."

She smiled at me...

She was all types of sexy...

The heat in the room and in me was on the rise... not just any type of heat either...

This was the type of heat you yearned for...

The type you desired...

This was the type of heat that you seek after...