"What the hell is this?" Jake asked, stepping forward to stare at Carlisle. The group of new vampires cringed at his smell, taking steps back and holding their breaths.

"Jacob, I know this is a bit of a shock…" Carlisle said, taking small steps forward.

"You can't hide this from us," Jake said, shocked.

Carlisle's eyes widened. "We would never break our treaty." He gestured to the vampires in the middle of the room. "They just arrived today."

The man with long hair took a tentative step forward, clearing his throat. "Excuse the interruption, but it seems like we should introduce ourselves to you all." His voice was heavily accented, like he'd just arrived from England. I felt sick at the sight of his eyes.

Jake stepped back, taking his place in front of Renesmee, who peeked eagerly around his shoulder. Everyone started at the sound of his smooth voice, and Edward protectively draped an arm around me.

"I am Heath, and this is my brother Harris." The dark woman stepped up to him, glancing at us nervously and taking his hand. Heath patted her arm and continued. "This is my mate, Julia. Melissa is Harris's mate." The pale woman nodded curtly.

"We've come a long way to find you," Harris said, speaking up.

"Us?" I repeated.

"Yes, we've heard a lot about you," the Julia added. Her voice was thick and heavy, as if she was trying to seduce us with every word.

"From what we understand, you're the largest coven besides the Volturi," Heath added. "And you're… vegetarian?"

"Which you are obviously not," I said, my voice even.

Heath raised his hands. "Please, we are not here to cause trouble."

"I'm afraid that by even being in the area, that is exactly what will happen," Carlisle replied.

"You're also breaking a law by being here," Jake said, taking a step forward. He jerked his head at Carlisle. "The Cullens are the only vampires permitted in this town."

"Excuse me, but who do you think you are?" Harris asked arrogantly, sticking his chin up. Melissa shot him a warning glare.

Jake growled, tremors rocking up and down his spine. "Your worst nightmare."

Harris's tough front faltered, but he quickly composed himself.

"You don't understand," Edward interjected. "We're not alone in this town." He tried to lay the meaning behind his words on thick.

Melissa gasped, staring at Jake. She waved her hands frantically in the air. Harris stared at her intently, nodding and frowning.

"Melissa's mute," Heath explained, looking at us apologetically. "What's she saying, Harris?"

Harris took a deep breath, patting Melissa's shoulder. "I think she understands." He looked straight at Jake, who was still struggling to keep it together. "You're not human, are you?"

"I suppose you're not either, right?" Jake shot back.

Harris's eyes widened, and he stared at Jake curiously. "Then it's true. The legends have been revived."

Heath clapped a hand on his brother's shoulder. "What do you mean, Harris?"

"He's not human. He's… he's a werewolf."

The silence in the room was heavy. It weighed down on all of us, leaving room for no one to speak.

Heath took the initiative, stepping closer to Carlisle. "It seems we have much to discuss."