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Chapter 1: The Runaways

Silence. Right now, all you can hear from the Seigaku regulars is deafening silence. No easy-going laughs from Momoshiro, no "Ochibis" from Kikumaru, no "BURNING!" from Kawamura and not even Echizen's "Mada mada dane". Who wouldn't be if there's a very pissed off buchou, and a pissed off buchou is not what you would want to see.


"Oi, Echizen!"

"Momo-sempai, what are you doing here?" Ryoma asked. He can't really think of any reason as to why would the certain sempai visit his classroom. Really, his own fan girls were annoying enough, now him. He was just about to leave for practice just to see his sempai outside his classroom.

"Can't I just visit my best friend!" Momo grinned (and Ryoma noted it stupid). Now Ryoma was sure that his sempai is up to no good.

"Che..." Ryoma just shrugged, not trusting Momo. "What brings you here, Momo-sempai? It's almost time for tennis practice.

No answer. Just a stupid grin that is suggesting something.

Ryoma knowing what the stupid grin was suggesting quickly thanked his gut for telling him that his sempai is really up for some big trouble.

"NO. Just because Inui-sempai is gone for a week doesn't mean we should skip. Inui-sempai may not be here but there's buchou." Upon remembering the Seigaku's dearest buchou, a chill went down his spine. A chill from excitement of challenging Tezuka and a chill of horror from that handsome devil.

"Come on, Echizen!" Momo said.

"No, when I said no that mean-Whoa!" Before Ryoma could complain, he was dragged out of the classroom by Momo. Let's just pray that they'll be saved from the evil buchou.

*With Eiji and Oishi*

"Oi, Oishi. Ochibi is not here today, nya. I saw him in his classroom a while ago." Eiji stated. He started crying animatedly but quickly brightened up as he suddenly came up with an idea. "I know! Maybe Ochibi skipped practice! You know, no mean, evil, disgusting poison-making, ugly, data-freak sempai! Maybe we should skip too like Ochibi, nya!"

"Eh, Eiji! Wait! What about Tezuka?" Oishi was being dragged by Eiji and Eiji obviously did not hear the last sentence.

Now, all in all, four members had now skipped practice and Kaidoh, not seeing his teammates, thought there's no practice and just did what he usually does every day, he jogged and trained by himself near the river. Now that's five members.

*In the school again, with Tezuka and Fuji*

Tezuka just finished with some meeting of all the school's club leaders and met Fuji on his way to the tennis courts just to find it's empty. The only person who was decent enough to not skip practice and ask permission first at the scary buchou was Kawamura(Good Boy!).

"Where are the others?" Tezuka asked with his deep voice, venom obviously dripping out of his voice which holds promise. Promise of a one hell of a punishment.

"Uh... I don't know... I just came here and saw they're not here." The ever humble regular Kawamura answered.

Now you can guess, what they are doing right now. Tezuka and Fuji are now finding the rest of the team. Kawamura asked permission to leave early so that he could help his father in the sushi restaurant. Kaidoh was the first one that they found(obviously). 4 more to go.

*Echizen and Momo*

"You risked me save my life from Tezuka-buchou just to eat burgers! And you couldn't wait until after the practice! Stupid sempai!" Ryoma's totally out of it. Minutes later, his complaints were still heard but after several minutes he is now ordering non-stop(since the older one will be the one paying for all of it). They finished eating and decided to check on the other team members. They were walking like they used to, Ryoma still with his cool and cocky attitude and Momo with his stupid grin on his face. It would have been a normal and peaceful day if it weren't for-

"Saa, Echizen, Momo. So there you are."

A chill went down to their spines and was fighting with theirselves deciding if they should look back or not. Obviously, it's a little late for deciding right. Ryoma gave Momo his famous glare and had that this-is-all-you-fault look.

When they turned around and look to see their sempais: Eiji, crying and complaining animatedly(or shall I say in a cute way), Oishi, apologizing for Eiji's (and his) sake, Kaidoh, just standing there. They decided not to look at the other two but, hehe, too late.

"When we return I would like to speak with all of you, AND..." Tezuka stopped, adjusting his glasses(which Ryoma noted, added some evil effects on Tezuka). Everyone gulped, it can't be possible. But there's no- "The penalty juice." Oh boy. But how? There should be no Inui juice, right?

(End of Flashback/Back to the Current Situation)

"So, care to explain, minna?" Fuji smiled with his very bright which also means evil smile that sent chills to their spine. Really, what the sadist can do to them.

While Tezuka and Fuji were just waiting for someone to explain, Ryoma and Momo were arguing just by looking at each other's eyes(I think it's telepathy).

'It's all your fault sempai!'

'Shhhh! Don't tell them, Echizen! I didn't mean to!'

'You dragged me into this mess! Baka sempai!'

'Hey! Don't tell Buchou or else...'

'Or else what?'

'I'll drag you down with me!'

'Just try!'

"But, Buchou! I thought it was okay since Ochibi skipped! I thought it was safe!" Eiji quickly covered his mouth and crying animatedly for bringing his Ochibi up.

"So it was you, Echizen" Tezuka turned to Echizen. The room was covered with an awkward at the same time, eerie silence. Then, Ryoma tried to reason to Tezuka.

"Momo-sempai dragged me out of the classroom when I was on my way to practice." Ryoma coolly said. Momo's jaw dropped. He can't believe his best friend betrayed him!

"Saa, Momo. Why would you do that?" Fuji said creepily. The sadist eyes maybe closed but if they were to see it, they know what lies in their future: DEATH.


'The sooner we start the sooner we'll finish!' Everyone thought.

*While running around the court*

"I can't believe you sold me out! You traitor"

"I was just saying the truth!"


"Baka Momo-sempai!"

"Everyone, keep running!" Tezuka ordered. The two were bickering while running . People nowadays are really insane.

*After the Punishment*

After the punishment, everyone said their goodbyes and walked home. Momo walked with Ryoma, the two just stopped bickering. They were talking about their usual topics: Tennis and Momo's silly topics.

"Oi, Echizen."

"What?" Ryoma asked with his cocky tone.

"Why is there a limousine parked in front of your house?"


The two rushed to see who's in the right mind to visit in the Echizen's house with a limousine. Momo forgot the fact that he has to go home and went in to see who it is. Both parties were equally shocked to see each other.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

*To Be Continued*

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