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Chapter 5: Out of Curiosity


"Ah, sempai…"






"FUJI-SEMPAI!" Ryoma called for the umpteenth time since the older lad kept spacing out. When Fuji finally took notice of Ryoma, he then looked at him and smiled which made Ryoma raise an eyebrow. "Ah… Fuji-sempai, you're creeping us out."

"Huh? Ah, gomen. I didn't mean to." Fuji said which made everyone think.

'DIDN'T MEAN TO?' Everyone thought.

"Saa, minna… What's with the look?" Fuji asked, feigning innocence (as always).

"N-Nothing." Everyone answered in unison.

"Never mind…" Fuji said. Now this made Ryoma think as to what the evil sadistic Tensai was up to.


Saa… so who is it? Is it Momo? No, he's just Ryoma's best friend. Is it Tezuka? Not really, it's just admiration and respect. Is it Coach Ryuzaki's granddaughter? Impossible, she's just too shy and annoying for her own good. Is it Sanada? Well, it is only of interest.

Then, something caught my interest. I looked at the scene right before my eyes with amusement.

"Stop doing that."

"What do you mean, ahn?"

"Just stop it."

"Like Ore-sama said before, what do you mean?"

"Stop flipping your hair!"

"Ore-sama will stop if he wants to, Brat."


"BRAT. Oh, maybe you want to touch Ore-sama's soft hair or you just want Ore-sama's attention. Well, Ore-sama's all yours." Atobe teased. He looked at Ryoma with interest as if waiting for Ryoma to answer back but instead looked away from Atobe. Was that a faint blush? Looks like it. So maybe it's Atobe. I can't jump to conclusions, can I? Then I decided to mess with our favourite little kouhai for a bit.

"Ah, Echizen. Do you have a fever?" I asked.

"Why?" Ryoma asked back. I made him look up and point a finger at his face.

"Your face is red." I pointed out and I saw Atobe watch with interest and smirked from the corner of my eyes.

"It's nothing. And it's none of your business, sempai." Ryoma bluntly said. This made me want to tease him more. No matter how mature he is, he is still a little kid. And to me, he is like a little brother that you want to mess with.

"Maa, Echizen. Please respect your sempai." Maybe it was a bad idea to sit beside him. Well, this is an advantage too just to confirm my assumption. "Atobe, can we please trade seats? I'm feeling a little cold here in my place."

"Since Ore-sama is just that kind, Ore-sama will gladly trade seats with you." Everything is going through my plan. All I have to do now is sit and watch.

*Back to Normal POV*

"Hey, brat."

"Monkey King."

"….." That's it. Awkward silence. You could feel the uneasiness between the two but Atobe was the first one to speak.

"About the kiss. Look, Ore- I mean, I didn't mean to do that. I am truly sorry for what happened." Atobe apologized. He looked right at Ryoma. His eyes begging for forgiveness.

"A-AH… Fine. I forgive you." Ryoma said finally looking at Atobe. "AND IT"S NOT A KISS! I JUST ACCIDENTALLY FELL AND FELT YOUR LIPS IN MINE! THAT'S IT!"

"Huh?" Everyone looked at them and thanks to the noise everyone created while Ryoma was shouting, they misheard some of the (important) words. "It's not a cheese? You just accidentally fell and smelled the grapes in wine? What's that even suppose to mean?"

"None of your business."

"Cheeky brat! GRRRRR! Fine!" With that everyone went back to whatever they were doing a while ago.

"Thank goodness they misheard." Ryoma sighed but looked at Atobe again. "What now, monkey king?"

"How about I pay you back by playing a match with you sometime? How about it? Deal?" Atobe offered.

"SURE! IT'S A DEAL, Monkey King!" Ryoma happily agreed. Ryoma looked like a little kid who just received a new toy.

'Cute.' That was the first thing Atobe thought when he saw Ryoma.

"Nya, Ochibi! Let's go disturb, Momo!"

"Eh- Sempai! Wait!" That was all Ryoma could say as he was being dragged by Eiji across the room.

'And then he was gone.' Atobe thought. He then closed his eyes then smirked. 'Just as Ore-sama planned. The brat will be mine…' Everyone looked at Atobe as he subconsciously laughed maniacally.

'He has gone nuts!' Everyone was crept out as Atobe kept laughing.

"Hn, what are you looking at?" Atobe asked.

"N-Nothing…" Everyone answered. 'How unfortunate can we get? First, Fuji and now, Atobe?'

"Maa, Atobe. Calm down. You're creeping everyone out." Fuji smiled oh so innocently. "Right, minna?"

'You're one, too!' The craziness continued for minutes. They decided to calm down after a few minutes and Fuji decided to play a game.

"Saa, let's play a game." Fuji suggested.

"What kind of game?" Yukimura asked.

"How about, 'What if'…" Fuji said.

"This better not be a part of your scheme." Tezuka strictly said to Fuji.

"Maa, maa… Do you really think I'd plan something evil? Seriously, Tezuka, what's wrong with you?" Fuji asked.

'More like, what's wrong with you?' Everyone will probably scream it at his face but has no guts to do so.

"Fine… We'll go with that game. Any objection, minna?" Tezuka asked everyone.

'Just go along with it and we'll be fine!' Everyone nodded furiously. (Cause Fuji is just that awesome!)

"Okay, I'll start. What if… Kaidoh is an animal?" Fuji started.

"He'd be a cat, nya? He loves cat." Eiji said.

"Eiji-sempai! Obviously, he'd be a snake! Because Mamushi acts like one!" Momo looked at Kaidoh.

"YOU! Peach head, I'll…" And then Kaidoh was already headlock with Momo.

"Well, how about we proceed… How about you, Kaidoh?" Fuji smiled and gave them the if-you-don't-shut-up-I'll-kill-you look.

"Fine. What if…" Kaidoh looked around until he found a very serious Tezuka. "Tezuka-buchou was the type to smile a lot…"



"…" The silence quickly filled the room. Everyone tried to make their imagination work until…

"HAHAHAHA!" Everyone was now rolling on the floor, laughing their heads off. (rofltho? J/K)

"T-T-Tezuka b-buchou? S-Sm- Psssssh! HAHAHA!" Momo can barely even form a sentence since his stomach hurts from laughing.

"Good for you, Tezuka. Ore-sama might finally get a different view than your always serious face. I mean, Ore-sama might see T-Tezuka s-sm- hehe" Atobe tried to control his laughter.

"B-b-buchou? S-smile?" Even Ryoma can't make a sentence. He hid his face behind his hat to prevent from laughing but the idea seems to make him put aside his pride and laugh it all out. "HAHAHAHAHA!"

Sanada was in the corner, trembling. He was trying to surpress his laughter but he can't so he just went to the corner. "Pssssshh!" He was laughing really hard in that corner.

They were laughing for about half an hour until Tezuka finally reached his boiling point and spoke.

"MINNA! Are we going to continue this or not?" Tezuka said with his usual tone but a little louder.

"HAI!" Everyone answered in unison.

"Tezuka's right. Let's continue…" Fuj's eyes explored the room. "AH! How about you, Yukimura?"

"I'll go with the same statement but with a different person…" Yukimura looked at Sanada then said: "What if… Sanada smiled?"

Everyone thought for a moment and with the same result from a while ago.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That would mean it's already end of the world!" Kirihara said. He's banging his head at the wall just to make his imagination stop. (just imagine Sanada and Tezuka smile with flowers on the background and the sparkly thingies!) The room was filled with laughter once again.

"Kirihara." Sanada said, looking at Kirihara with an evil glint. With that said, the laughter died down.

"Sumimasen…" Kirihara apologized.

"Saa, this is fun… So, Eiji? You're turn." Fuji turned to Eiji.

"Nya! Okay! Ummmm… What if…" Eiji thought for a while. "Fujiko wore a dress?"

Immediate answer: "Fuji-sempai will be easily mistaken as a girl for sure!"

"Fujiko will look like a girl!

"Fuji-sempai already looks like a girl." Everyone looked at Ryoma and then looked at each other.

"He has a point."

"Maa, minna… I didn't quite hear you well. What did you say again?" Fuji smiled and looked like he's gonna let anyone off easily if they say another word about it. "That was unnecessary, Eiji."

"But, Fujiko, when I first saw you, I thought you were a girl!"

"Eiji~~~" Fuji smiled at Eiji. (What I meant was, Fuji warned Eiji. Nyiha!) Eiji immediately shut up. "Well, who's next? Ummm… Ryoma?"

"Hmmm… What if I don't join this game?" Ryoma said.

"Come on, Echizen. You're already joining. Besides, I thought I heard you say something a while ago. Perhaps, about me?" Fuji had that evil aura background around him with that evil smile matching the picture.

"E-Eh. Ano. Fine. What if… Monkey King is not rich?" Atobe glared at Ryoma while Ryoma glared back.

"What the heck was that about, ahn?"

"Atobe would look like trash without his expensive clothes." Gakuto said.

"Well, to me… Atobe would look like a real man because his expensive clothes make him look like a total gay or sometimes a total douche." Shishido stated.


"Hey, just saying…"

"Actually I agree with Shishido."

"Me too."

"Me three!"

"I am in favour of the motion!"

"What is this? A meeting?"

"I don't know?"

"Well, anyways, I think Atobe will learn how to be a decent one and try to control his budgets." Oshitari said.

"…" And once again, silence filled the room.

"Yeah, right… As if…" Shishido sarcastically said.

"He has a point there."

"I agree." Fuji said.

"Monkey king will never…." Ryoma cockily said.

"I think Ore-sama had enough…" Atobe tried to stop them but just gave them another thought.

"Oh, and he will not call himself Ore-sama anymore!" Kirihara said. "I mean, what's an Ore-sama if he's not rich and powerful?"

"Good point!" Gakuto agreed.

"Saa, I think Atobe reached his boiling point." Fuji stated as he looked at a fuming Atobe. He looked at his watch and realized it's already late. "Well, it's already late so… We have to say our goodbyes here. I hope everyone thought that this was a fun day and enjoyed themselves. Did you all enjoy it as much as I do?" Fuji asked.

"Hai!" Everyone answered in unison. "We didn't have that much fun as a whole but the last game made it interesting."

"Well, goodbye, minna. Hope we can do this again sometime." Fuji said, now outside the restaurant. "This place was more like a game place to me." He took one last look at the place and then thanked the staff. Few minutes later at Fuji's room, Fuji was now thinking deeply. (Remember the purpose of the event just a while ago?)

"Stop doing that."

"What do you mean, ahn?"

"Just stop it."

"Like Ore-sama said before, what do you mean?"

"Stop flipping your hair!"

"Ore-sama will stop if he wants to, Brat."


"BRAT. Oh, maybe you want to touch Ore-sama's soft hair or you just want Ore-sama's attention. Well, Ore-sama's all yours."

"E-Eh. Ano. Fine. What if… Monkey King is not rich?"

"Monkey king will never…."

"Saa, now it makes me wonder. Why is he always talking about Atobe? Maybe I was right. Then, let's call it a night for me." Fuji turned off the light and made his way to the bed, just staring and studying the sparkling night sky until he finally fell into a deep slumber. 'I get the feeling that something will happen to the Echizen household.'




"What in the…"

"Seishounen, I can't hear you, you know?"

"Wh… WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES THIS MEAN, BAKA OYAJI!" Ryoma shouted while the whole neighbourhood just slept in peace as the stars were looking down at them, witnessing their every move.


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