Hi, sorry I'm not working on my other fanfictions right now... I kinda jump all over the friggan place so... yeah. Well, I got this idea from a Vocaloid song sang by the Kagamie (that's how you spell it... right?) twins and thought, 'Oh. My. F***ing. GOD! THAT'S INCEST! And here I am writing about it. Well... 'Twincest' quoth botgal. Enjoy! I'll provide translations for everything said so don't worry.



It was wrong, they both knew it, but neither of them wanted to stop. It started with a kiss, an accident, then it went from there. They were related, but that didn't matter. All that mattered was feel and pleasure.

The kiss started it. Accidental. An impulse, Len's mistake, an attempt to soothe Rin gone wrong. He tried to flee but Rin held him, making his escape impossible. Her lip quivered as she stared into his eyes for eternity. Slowly she brought her face to his, her lips an inch from his. He stared at Rin, her golden eyes filled with want and confusion. He could feel her heart beating against his, matching the steciatto beat perfectly. He brought his lips closer to hers, wanting to kiss her but his mind could not will his body to comply.

Rin angled her chin, just enough her lips barely brushed his. He jerked his head back with a gasp. Seeing the hurt in Rin's eyes, he lowered his head again, allowing her to gently press her lips against his. Len let this happen for just a moment before pulling away.(1) "Īe, imōto-tachi ga kore o okonau koto wa dekimasen." Rin gripped his shoulder's and began to beg, (2)"Ani wa, kore ga okoranai yō shite kudasai..." Rin's begging reached Len's ears, shattering his reason. He truly didn't care what was right and wrong, just what he needed in his heart.

Kissing Rin, Len forgot all around him. Only knowing the feel of her lips, the taste of her when her tongue met his in a gentle dance. All they cared about were ghosts, whispers of hands across cheeks, legs, curves...

All they heard were quiet sighs, and hitched breaths as clothes were no longer barriers.

More quiet sighs and pleasured moans filled the room, already heavy with lust and want. Touches, caresses, kisses and licks... each new thing brought an intoxicated bliss to the twins. Neither had ever dreamed of such things, yet they lay, their bodies tangled together without restraint. After a time, neither of them had the energy to continue and Len lay shakily beside Rin, whose breath came in quick, shaky gasps. (3)"Naze kisoku wa, kono ai wa machigatte iru to iu hitsuyō ga arimasu ka?" Rin said, exaustion heavy in her voice. Len placed a final kiss upon his sisters neck before saying quietly, "Rūru wa jūyōde wa arimasen."

1: No, sister we can't do this.

2: Brother, please let this happen...

3: Why must rules say this love is so wrong?

4: Rules don't matter.

Short, I know. Sorry if it's really choppy. I've never written anything even slightly pornagraphic or incest-ish. Read, review, and if you must flame, wait till I get my flame resistant underwear at least. Oh, I used google translator, and I realize it's not 100% accurate, but I did my best with the translation.