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It had been two days since Gajeel and Pantherlily had returned from their long mission, and no one had seen them at the guild hall since Gajeel had been dragged out by his collar. Everyone just assumed they were resting up after the mission (they had looked a little broken up after all), but Levy was worried. She hoped that her explaining 'Moe' or calling him scary hadn't embarrassed or upset them to the point they wouldn't show their faces again. She decided she should go check on them, and maybe bring a peace offering with her.

"Mira," she said, approaching the bar. "Do you know where Gajeel lives? I think I might have upset him the other day."

Mira smiled sweetly, though on the inside a devious plan was already formulating, and told the script mage the directions to Gajeel's.

Levy thanked her and left the guild hall, walking slowly towards her destination. She needed time to think about what she should say, how she should apologize. She may not be completely afraid of him anymore, but she knew he had a real temper when he wanted to, and if he was already mad at her… For a moment, she considered skipping the visit altogether. She didn't want to start trouble. But she steeled herself and found her courage, deciding that if he was that mad about something he himself had laughed at, he could just go kiss a pig.

Levy arrived at Gajeel's small house before she realized it. She stood in front of his door, shivering with anticipation. She had in her hands a small block of iron made of the letters that spelled it, having decided during her journey that it would be an appropriate peace offering. Slowly, she raised her hand, preparing the knock on the door, but before she could knock, the door flew open, and in the doorway stood Gajeel, shirtless, with bandages flying loosely all around his waist and chest and arms.

"Short stuff, what's up?" He looked down at her hands, eyeing the iron. Unconsciously, he licked his lips.

"I, uh…"

"Well, come inside then. I'm hungry."

Had Levy not been carrying the iron, that comment might have been misconstrued. She smiled nervously and entered the house, waiting for Gajeel to shut the door before she ventured in too far.

Outside the house, four ears belonging to two watchdogs heard "I'm hungry" and did misconstrue its meaning. They had begun following her after she had performed the magic to create the iron, and had been too worried to realize her hands were clasped in front of her with something in them. They looked at each other in horror and scrambled out of the bushes and up to the window for a better view of what was happening inside.

Levy followed Gajeel into his living room. It was sparsely filled and not decorated at all. In the center of the room was an old couch, which he had obviously gotten second- or third-hand somewhere, and a small metal table, which she assumed he had just made himself. He had a single shelf, which was built into the wall as part of the house, but she was happy to see that it had at least a few books on it. She skipped over to it to see which they were.

"Of course that's what you notice first. What a bookworm."

"Be nice Gajeel," warned Pantherlily. Gajeel plopped on the couch and held still while Lily continued his sloppy job of patching up Gajeel's wounds.

"So why are you here?" asked Gajeel, looking over at the tiny mage. She turned to him, and the nervousness on her face struck nerve. He thought she had gotten over this. He hadn't smelled fear on her in at least a month, but here it was again, however faint.

"I, uh…I wanted to make sure I didn't offend you the other day," she said, all in one breath.

"Offend me? How?"

"I called you scary, and I…"

"I am scary," he said bluntly. "Don't know what I'd do if I wasn't. Now, are you going to share that food with me, or are you trying to strengthen your skinny little arms?"

Levy looked down at her hands; she had totally forgotten that she had brought him a gift.

"Oh, of course, sorry!" she chirped, handing it to him. "I brought it as a peace offering, but I guess you weren't mad after all."

Without another word, Gajeel chomped down hard on her gift. It was delicious. He had never eaten iron she had created through her solid script magic before, but now he realized he was going to have to ask her to make it for him again sometime. It was free of impurity and perfectly smooth.

Just like her he thought, before quickly shaking that idea out of his head. Why was he thinking things like that? Must be the blood loss. He still wasn't one hundred percent recovered.

A stinging pain suddenly broke his line of thought.

"Ow, Lily, that was your claw. Watch out."

"This is hard to do with these tiny hands, you moron. Deal with it."

"Um," began Levy. "I can help if you want. I've had to patch up Jet and Droy a bunch of times."

Gajeel chuckled. "I bet you have."

"Now be nice," she warned, "or I won't help you at all."

Gajeel wasn't sure whether he'd rather be nice and get properly bandaged, or continue to be himself and have to deal with all his injuries getting worse. He finally decided to give in to the tiny mage, and shrugged his shoulders in response.

"Good, now hold still."

Levy took the rolled bandage from Pantherlily and unwound what was already in place on his body, since it was done so badly. She cut it so she had fresh linen to work with, and she reached around him and began to work the new bandage around his stomach, moving her way up to his chest. She was only vaguely aware of just how close she was to him, concentrating on her work, but Gajeel noticed immediately. This was the first time he was able to notice some of the small details of her.

First, she smelled amazing, like flowers and pine. Second, she was really tiny. Even as both of them sat, her head still only came to his shoulder. And third, she was actually kind of beautiful. She wasn't like the other girls in the girl or in the town. She wasn't as busty, though her hips and backside certainly made up for that, which he found quite agreeable. And she had a lightness to her frame that made her seem fragile, though he knew from experience that she certainly was not. She had survived being nailed to a tree after all. He shivered at the thought of what he had done to her.

"Sorry," said Levy suddenly, having felt the shiver. "Did I hurt you?"

He shook his head and she continued her work, moving from his chest to the many wounds on his arms. How ironic, he thought. That she should ask if she hurt me just as I was remembering how I hurt her.

Levy finished bandaging him up soon after and she excused herself, saying as a farewell she was glad he wasn't angry at her. He muttered his thanks and she ran off towards her dormitory in a much better mood than she had expected.

Pantherlily, perched on the back of the couch, had watched the pair of them in silence. He had watched his socially awkward friend glance frequently at the script mage, and he had watched as Levy in turn had glanced at Gajeel when she was sure his head was turned. He couldn't be sure if there was a mutual attraction yet, or if the two of them were just trying to figure out what to say to each other.

Either way, he knew where this was going. He needed to consult the master of the romantic setup. He needed to talk to Mirajane.

Let the plotting commence! Lily has a bit of an evil streak in him, I think, and we all know Mirajane does.

Till next time!