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"Levy! Levy, where are the kids?" called Gajeel. They had recently moved into a new house, one that fit their growing family, and now their three children were always out of sight.

"In their rooms, Gajeel. Help me out here, would you?"

Gajeel walked into the living room, where Levy, a very pregnant Levy, was struggling to pick herself up off the couch. Gajeel laughed, garnering a vicious glare from his wife, and he quickly shut up.

"Come on, up," he said, pulling her off the couch. The momentum carried her into his chest, bumping her nose hard on his sternum.

"Ow," she said cutely, rubbing at her nose.

"All right, it's time for some rest," said Gajeel. He scooped her up into his arms, and she giggled as he carried her up the steps to their bedroom.

"You're just afraid of my hormones, aren't you?" asked Levy, poking him in the chest.

"You're damn right I am. I remember the last three times," said Gajeel. His face showed pure fright.

Gajeel pushed open their bedroom door with his hip and laid Levy down on the bed. He covered her up and kissed her forehead.

"Papa," came a small voice from the doorway. "Papa, is mama all right?"

Gajeel turned to see his children standing there, huddled together, barely visible as they peered into their parents' room.

"Mama's fine," said Levy. She motioned for her children to come to her. The oldest, Rickon, was a tall boy of seven with his father's black hair and strong build, but his mother's kind eyes. Their middle child, Abigail, was five and small like her mother, though she too had her father's hair. And their youngest, Dru, who was four, was built like her father and even had his attitude, but she looked exactly like her mother. All three of them piled onto the bed next to Levy.

"What's wrong mama?" asked Abigail.

"Mama's just tired because of your new baby brother or sister."

"The one in your stomach, mama?" asked Dru.

"Yes Dru, the one that's in my stomach." Levy smiled at Gajeel pleadingly.

"All right you little punks, let's let your mama sleep for a while." Gajeel flexed his muscles and the two youngest grabbed onto his biceps, knowing a fun ride down the steps was in store for them. Rickon climbed off the bed and kissed his mother on her cheek.

"Feel better mama," he said and followed his father and sisters out.

"All my dear family," said Levy to herself, smiling as she nestled underneath the covers. She quickly fell asleep.

In the night, Levy dreamed. Every time she was pregnant, she dreamed this dream, but as soon as she gave birth, the dream went away. It was the dream she had had in Jose's dungeon. There was a hole in her stomach and blood. So much blood.

Levy woke in a sweat, a whimper on her lips.

"Shh, shh," whispered Gajeel behind her. She felt his reassuring hands slide across her swollen belly, and his soft kisses on the back of her neck. "That dream again?"

"Yeah," said Levy. Tears spilled over onto her cheeks. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you."

"No, it's fine. Just try to sleep again. I'm here, all right? I'm here."

Levy smiled amidst her tears, and settled her hand over Gajeel's. Finally, she went back to sleep.

The morning brought labor pains and breaking water and a frantic scramble around the house. Gajeel called down for Pantherlily, who lived with them still, to watch the kids while he took Levy to the hospital. Lily wished them luck as Gajeel ran off with Levy in his arms.

Seventeen excruciating hours later, Levy was spent and Gajeel was holding a tiny, baby girl with a tuft of bright blue hair on the top of her head.

"What're we gonna call her?" asked Gajeel. They had discussed it, of course, but they hadn't yet decided.

"I want to call her Nadia," said Levy suddenly.

"That's pretty," said Gajeel. "But why that name?"

"It was the first name that came to mind when I was pregnant for the first time. The time that didn't end well. I had just walked out of the hospital, and it just popped into my head. I looked it up later in one of my books. It means 'hope'. And I think that maybe it means I can move on from what happened if we use that name."

Gajeel smiled, proud of his tiny wife. "Do you wanna hold her?"

"Oh, give her here," said Levy happily. Gajeel handed over their newborn. "Little Nadia."

Everyone from the guild came eventually to visit Levy in the hospital and to meet baby Nadia. Jet and Droy were first on the scene, toting their wives along with them. Lucy and Natsu brought their two little ones along, and Bisca and Alzack brought all six of theirs. Gray and Juvia showed up too, though their twins were almost still newborns, and they thought it best to leave them home with a sitter. Evergreen wouldn't be caught dead having children, but she cooed all the same at Levy's when she and Elfman showed up. Mirajane and Fried came too, informing everyone that they would be having a baby too in about seven months' time.

Erza and Makarov came later, having just finished up some guild business. Wendy came after school with Romeo, Macao's son and current boyfriend. Gajeel poked fun at her and she blushed (they and Natsu had become close over time due to their shared dragon slayer nature, and Gajeel saw Wendy like a little sister).

Everyone else showed up too and everyone heaped congratulations and presents upon the happy family. At the end of the day, Lily brought the rest of the Redfoxes to the hospital to see their new baby sister. Everyone was so excited, though Rickon had been hoping for a brother. Gajeel sympathized, though just because his daughters were girls didn't mean he wasn't going to teach them to be super badasses like himself and their mother.

Three days later Levy came home and everyone started up their lives again. And they were happy. Levy loved her family so much it hurt sometimes, and she loved her friends and guild mates and their new house.

And while there were hard times and sad memories, she never forgot them, because they made the happy times and the happy memories all the more potent.

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