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Annabeth's POV

I was sitting in my room, waiting for my dad to bring me to the airport. I wasn't very excited to go back this year. I was still unsure of where me and Percy stood. I haven't seen him in a school year and I missed him so much. But I knew we could only be friends. All because of what happened last year:

The gods just asked Percy if he wanted to be a god. I was stunned. I was just standing there, motionless. I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. We had just survived the Titan War and I couldn't bear to lose him now. He looked over at me and I looked away, trying to not meet his eyes.

All of the color was flushed from my face. I didn't look at him but I could tell he was thinking. I wanted to tell him how much he meant to me and for him not to become a god. But he turned to the gods and was about to answer when footsteps broke the silence in the room.

They were small and quiet at first but gradually rose to an echo. The corridor behind me emerged a beautiful woman. She looked around the same age as me, but she gave off the presence of a woman.

She wore a silver gown that stopped at her ankles. She wore gold armlets at her biceps and a necklace made out of silver flower petals. Her hair was wavy and her bangs were perfect. Her gown hugged her curves perfectly and complimented her figure.

We all stared at the stranger that interrupted this important meeting.

"Who is this intruder?" Zeus half said, half yelled.

"This is Calypso," Aphrodite said nonchalantly. "I brought her here from the island she was imprisoned on."

"Without my orders!" Zeus was getting seriously mad now.

"She hasn't done anything wrong, Zeus. She was just supporting her family like our children."

Percy looked at me, then Calypso. Then he declined the gods offer and said announced a speech about the minor gods and forgiving others like Calypso.

He looked back to where I was standing when he was finished, but I was already gone. I ran away from him. The only reason he declined the offer was obvious. He was in love with Calypso. He was about to accept before she came in.

I always suspected he met Calypso after the incident at Mount St. Helens. I just never thought he would choose her instead of me.

We always had this spark between us. We would argue and everything, but it was kind of like our way of flirting. It was always playful and fun. Our special way of communication. In the council room, I was feeling something more. I had the feeling that we could've made something permanent.

Now I know it was all just a fantasy. A sick dream concocted by Aphrodite to play with my heart. I thought she wanted us together not apart.

I ran to the elevator and took a cab back to camp.

I avoided Percy for the rest of the summer, which was extremely hard because it became an extended vacation.

On the day of his birthday, I decided to talk to him about Calypso. I baked a cupcake with Tyson and walked over to the beach. He wasn't there. I checked the docks. Nothing.

I went over to his cabin, with my cake in hand. I opened the door and saw him sitting on his bed with Calypso.

Calypso was leaning in to kiss him, and Percy was leaning too. My heart dropped a thousand feet. My stomach tightened as I saw them inch closer together. It felt worse than when he was about to accept the offer to become a god. I dropped the cupcake on the floor. The plate crashed on the ground that shook my world.

I returned from my daze and ran back to my cabin. I heard Percy scream, "Annabeth, wait!"

But I didn't want to wait. I was tired of waiting. I had to forget about Percy Jackson. But I knew I couldn't. I could never forget his smile, or his laugh, or the way he looked when he knew he had just lost an argument to me.

I could just distance myself away from him.

I convinced my dad to bring me back to SF and he agreed. I worked on Olympus from here and with no Percy around I could focus better and get my work done. I tried not to to talk to Percy throughout the year, but he was a persistent demigod.

He just kept IM-ing me and calling me. I have no idea where he got the drachmas or the minutes. I just stopped talking to him. He stopped halfway through the year, and I became even more depressed. I missed his constant begging for me to talk to him.

Every time he told me to just listen, I covered my ears and said, "lalala," like a baby.

But now I had no choice. I was bound to see him. He was probably with Calypso. I have no idea what would happen if I saw him.

My dad left after I entered the plane. I called him to tell him I was inside safely with no monsters attacking. The plane lifted into the air and I thought:

I wonder what he's doing?

This was a random idea that popped into my head. I don't think I did the best job with the intro though. And now I have four stories to juggle. But I still love this story.