Author's Note - In my opinion, the Watchmen film was amazing. Adrian Veidt is most likely my favorite character, along with Rorschach or the Comedian. So I decided to make an OC, another female Watchmen member, and have it be Adrian/OC. It's not a complete story, just bits and pieces of little moments between Adrian and the OC, with the beginning of it being a random word from a Word Generator. Reviews would be very appreciated, as would kind critism.


Alex glared at Adrian through irritated green eyes from the back of the Veidt Enterprises office, him giving her a knowing glance, photographers and interviewers questioning Adrian while he stood there egotistically with that assistant of his by his side. Alex eyed his assistant up and down, feeling a bit of jealousy. Her statuesque stance, heavy makeup and the way she smirked at him made Alex want Adrian to look at her the way he looked at this girl.


"Shut up, Comedian." Alex huffed, blowing a strand of blond hair out of her eyes, narrowing her eyes at Edward Blake, who was smugly smiling in triumphant of irritating her, yet again. He winked at her and said teasingly, a cigar hanging out of the right side of his mouth, "Bitch about what you like, but ya know I'm right, Alex." She huffed and almost leaped into combat with the Comedian, when Adrian caught her by her torso. "Control yourself, Alex." She rolled her eyes. Adrian could be sucha fucking pacifist.


Dan nervously smirked, and laughed a little as he glanced between Alex and Adrian, who were contemptly glaring at each other. Alex arched an eyebrow, "You know, sometimes I just get the feeling to just beat the shit out of you." Adrian smirked that smug smile of his and said, "Now, now, Alex. Mind your hormones."


Slam! With a harsh push of his hand, Alex slid frighteningly fast to the other side of the steel-glass, ultra modern room as the assassin shot up almost everyone in sight. Adrian was quick, sending the assassin crashing into the fountain, screaming and cursing at him with a guard holding his gun at the assassin. Alex hit her head, a bit of blood trickling from a cut, but nevertheless she was fine. He had saved her, and for that...for that, she was fucking thankful.


Alex slightly frowned at him as he leaned up against his desk across the room, which braggingly displayed his sucesses, such as him on the cover of Forbes, Time and Newsweekmagazine. He was being interviewed by Doug Roth, and she and Dan Dreiberg sat waiting for him. Dan noticed her impatience and sighed, "Please, don't fight with him. Why can't you guys ever get along?" Alex stayed quieted for a moment and replied, "Cause he's a stuck-up asshole, that's why."


Alex felt her cheeks flush when she saw him flirting with that slut of an assistant again, the young woman curling a piece of dirty blond hair, darker than Alex's, around her index finger and batting her dark eyelashes at Adrian. "Whore," Alex murmured under her breath.


Alex smiled as the photographer snapped their picture, the flash blinding her for a moment. Laurie was next to her on her right, Dan on her left, then Dr. Manhattan, the Comedian next to Dan and Adrian next to Laurie, then Rorschach. As they broke up from their picture stances, Adrian caught her glance. Alex never really noticed how attractive that man looked as Ozymandias.


"Damnit," he muttered, his slight German accent thick on the word as he looked at the cut on her forehead, blood trickling down it in a quick flow. Alex shooed him away as he began to inspect it, "Seriously, I'm fine. It's a cut, not a bullet. I think you know that I've had worse." Adrian rolled his eyes, ignoring her.


Alex knew he looked out for her-even if he acted like a snotty rich asshole and their lives were opposites now. She wouldn't ever admit it out loud, not even to Laurie, one of her closest friends - but even if she fought with him almost every single time they were together, she loved Adrian Veidt more than she could ever say.