That night, the police burst through the door to Adrian's penthouse apartment. Alex almost jumped out of her skin when she saw the men enter the apartment, led by a smug detective, who waltzed up to her, and immediately began cuffing her. "What the hell are you doing? Who are you?" Alex asked, giving the detective a death glare. He grunted at her, "Alex Nolan, you have the right to remain silent. You are a prime suspect in the attempted assassination of Adrian Veidt."

"Forbes, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Time..." Alex read the magazine names that laid in his Veidt Enterprises office, giving him a knowing look, "You really are popular these days, aren't you Adrian?" He smirked at her, knowing she didn't approve of his new attitude and fame, and sighed, "You could say that."

"Alex, how nice of you to visit me with Laurie." Sally smirked, and Alex hugged her friend's aging mother, "I thought you'd never make it out here." Alex shrugged, "I'm sorry, Sally. I've had been having a rough time back in NYC, and..." But Sally cut her off, "Still dating Adrian Veidt, are we?" Alex whipped around, glaring at Laurie, knowing she'd filled her mother in on all of Alex and Adrian's relationship issues.

"Why would I be a suspect in attempting to kill Adrian? Does he even know that you're investigating me?" Alex questioned, glaring at the detective. He shook his head, "Not yet, but he will. And you're one of the closest to him. We have our reasons. We were tipped off." Tipped off? Alex bit her lip, knowing that there was no way she was getting in trouble for this. She needed to help Dan and Laurie break out Rorschach. Quickly and riskly, tripped the detective, smashed his face with her fist, and slammed him to the ground, handcuffing him with his own handcuffs to the sink's pipe. She glared down at the injured FBI agent, "I've been a prisoner in my life long enough."

"What, in life, does not deserve celebrating?" Adrian smiled calmly, lifting his glass. Alex stood closely beside him. He was the center of attention always. People loved him; his charm and calmness would make anyone love him. Everyone in the room; government agents, friends of Adrian's, everyone in the Watchmen (out of costume), had attended this dinner party. The amount of important people in one room made Alex feel intimidated. They all raised their glasses, then drinking. Adrian smiled at her, reasurring her this is were she belonged. Alex returned the smile, feeling comfort in his inclusion of her. Little did she know, in few years' time, the Keene Act would ruin everything.

Adrian gave her a cold glare, "So, will we be talking, or is this whole dinner going to be awkward?" They were at the restaurant reception after the Comedian's funeral, the rain outside the restaurant pouring down. Alex and him stood a few feet away from the table filled with people, at the restaurant's door. Alex looked at him with cautiousness, "We'll talk."

Alex stood across from Jon, Dan, Adrian and his assistant at the Comedian's funeral. The rain hit her, hiding the tears. She felt Adrian looking at her, and she didn't want to look at him. She'd seen his face all over New York City everyday, but she hadn't been face-to-face with him in years. She was afraid of him, afraid of opening old scars that still had yet to heal.

"I had to make it look like you hired the assassin. I couldn't risk you finding out about my plan, Alex. You understand, don't you?" Adrian asked calmly, but his face looked very serious. Dan, Rorschach and her had all been defeated by him and Karnak, and he was unraveling his plan. Alex gawked at him, "I can't believe you would do this."

"Do it!" Rorschach screamed. Jon indifferently nodded. In a flash, Rorschach was nothing else but a graphically bloody rorschach pattern in the snow. Alex trembled, falling in the snow to her knees, but no voice expelled out of her. She was breathless, speechless. Tears ran down her cheeks, but no sobbing or verbal crying accompanied them. She trembled so hard from the fear, infuriated and devestation, she felt like she would vomit. She bowed her head to the snowy ground of Karnak, and screamed. Rorschach's death was Adrian's fault.

"Alexandria." Rorschach nodded at Alex, using her birthname. She cringed, "I hate that name." Adrian looked at her, puzzled. "Why? Alexandria is a beautiful's the second largest city in Egypt." Alex smirked up at him, "Of course that would be the reason why you like it."

"Who's the girl?" Alex muttered to Dan when the exited the cemetary for the Comedian's funeral. She was referring to the pretty blond who had accompanied Adrian. He looked back, watching Adrian, his assistant, and Jon approaching. "That's Sonya, Adrian's assistant. Don't worry, Alex. I'm pretty positive he hasn't gotten over you yet." Dan sighed, reading Alex's jealous mind. The assistant looked more like a wife, in Alex's opinion, as she glared at the assistant that so closely clung to Adrian.

Adrian's eyes blinked sadly at her as Alex shook him up against the TV screens in Karnak. She said, her voice cracking, "Look what you've done. You've killed The Comedian, Moloch...millions of people. You haven't improved life, you have mutilated it, Adrian. That's what you've done."

Adrian glared at her, "Talk, then." They were in the restaurant, sitting at the table while everyone in their party talked about other things. Alex had planned over the years everything she wanted to say to him. She snapped, "If I see another Veidt Enterprises ad, I'm going to go insane. I see you everywhere. I walk down the street, I see a Nostalgia poster or your face on the cover of every magazine at the newsstand. I hate the Keene Act, I hate that we haven't spoken in years, and I hate that our lives are opposites now."

"This is all bullshit." The Comedian grunted, a cigar in his mouth and a canteen of whiskey in his hand. Adrian glared at the him, "You know, for a guy who calls himself the Comedian, I can never tell when you're joking." Dan and Rorschach jumped into the brewing argument, and Alex sat on the desk beside the Comedian, taking this new lifestyle all in. She looked at them; Rorschach, Dan, Adrian, the Comedian, Laurie, Jon. She was a Watchmen now.

Unforgettable by Nat King Cole blared in the dark apartment, the lights of the city of New York the only faint illumination. Alex's clothes laid in a pile on the floor of Adrian's apartment. She looked up at Adrian, "Will it hurt?" He murmured, "Only the first time."

Alex was on the second floor of the prison; she saw from the balcony that below, Laurie was beating the shit out of a few men, and Dan jumped and drop-kicked a few others. She swirled around to see a few men charging her. Her eyes grew wide, and when the first one attempted to punch her, she kicked him in the abdomen, so hard he was knocked to the floor, slamming his head with a bang on the concrete flooring. The other men charged her; she flipped two over the balcony and slammed another against one of the rusty cell doors. She punched upwards, snapping the man's jaw, and flipping him over to the ground, blood splattering the floor.

Adrian stood there, light snow falling on him from the Antarctic sky above, glass everywhere from Jon breaking the ceiling windows. He looked devestated, lonely, not knowing what to do with himself, staring at Alex. The bruises and his bleeding look made him look defeated. "I'm sorry." He said quietly. Alex sighed, "I know you are."