She's british/english.

A english rose.

She lost her true love because of that bitch Katherine.

And now she is falling in love with Damon Salvatore.

Only his heart belongs to Elena, a carbon copy of Katherine.

It looks like the Petrovas' don't really like Rose.

She loves Damon but knows that she can never have him.

But she can't help but hope that he shares the same feelings.

She kidnapped Elena and was about to hand her over to Klaus.

But he still forgave her.

After the werwolf bite he tried to find a cure.

She has hep that he wants her to live because he shares the same feelings.

It's not until she attacks Elena on accident or perhaps on purpose.

Because she knows that if Elena is out of the way

Damon can be hers.

But she knows thats over when he stakes her.

And right before he drives it through her heart

He says

"This is for attacking Elena."

Right then she knows that she can't compete with Elena.

Maybe she should have stayed with Stefan.

Then maybe she would still be alive.

Well at least she is with Trevor.

Wherever that may be.

Hopefully the english rose is in a happy place.