Freaks of Nature


"Dean? What-?"


Hearing the fear in his brother's voice, Sam fought down his panic and began bounding up the staircase. "Hold on, Dean. I'm coming!"

It had been a routine haunting. Spirit to put to rest, bones to burn and then they could get out of there. Sam enjoyed these jobs. They were simple, easily completed and left them both with a grim satisfaction that there was one less evil in the world.

But now it seemed something had gone wrong. And as Sam reached the top of the staircase...


... gun shots rang out, echoing horridly throughout the house. Pushing back feelings of fear and dread, Sam continue on.

"DEAN!" he pelted down the corridor, his own gun levelled in front of him. "Dean, talk to me!"

"In here, Sammy," Dean replied and Sam spun around the corner of a room to come face to face with his brother.

"Dean, you ok?" He said, panting and raking the room with his eyes. "Where is it?"

"Yeah," Dean let out a shuddered breath and lowered his gun. Not the salt gun, Sam noticed. "Yeah, I think I got it."

"The spirit? What happened? You got it with those bullets? I heard shots."

"Spirit?" Dean frowned.

"Yeah, dude. The spirit. Where is it?"

"How should I know," Dean said with a shrug.

"Dean! What the hell were you shooting at?"

"Fricken spiders! Have you seen the size of some of them here? It's unnatural!"

Sam sighed exasperatedly. He looked over at the scattered remains of what he presumed was once a spider and the large bullet hole in the floorboards. "Oh, come on man, could you be any more childish? We have a job to do here!"

"Childish?" Dean quirked an eyebrow and grinned. "Would you let a child have a gun like this?"

"The number of times I've tried to hide it..." Sam muttered.


"Nothing," Sam said with a shake of his head. "Come on then, Spider-man. You can give me a hand with these bones."


"Yes, I've seen the movie. Now come on. And no more shooting at small insects."

"Small, my ass."

"Come on," Sam nodded towards the door. He'd nearly made it, too, before another gun shot rang out from behind him.

"Dean!" Seam spun back around, glaring furiously at his brother.

"It's alright, Sammy. I got it," Dean grinned, kicking a stray spider leg with the toe of his boot.

"I didn't need you to get it. It's a spider."

"A fricken huge, spider!"

Sam looked as though he was about to groan again, but then his face lit up. "Wait a second," he grinned wickedly and pointed a finger at Dean. "You're scared of spiders!"

"Shut up, Sam."

"Spiders! Seriously, man? After everything we've seen, and you pick spiders?"

"Hey! At least I'm not scared of clowns."

"Shut up," Sam shot back. They glared at each other for a few seconds before Sam blinked. "Come on, let's finish this job."

"Fine. But if I see any more spiders I'm shooting them."

"Dean," Sam said warningly.

"Sam, they scuttle. On eight legs! They're a freak of nature!"

Sam shot him an amused look. "Dude, get a grip. It's just a spider. Now, come on."

The two of them left the upstairs room, Sam first, followed by Dean who was darkly muttering under his breath. "Fricken eight-legged freaks of scary nature..."

Sam stifled a laugh and made a mental note to buy some fake spiders for future pranks.