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Juta sighed as he slumped into his chair. For once in his life, his thoughts didn't involve a lot of girls. He was stressing about how his manga "Love Chicks" was going so slow. If only his models, Asuka and Ryo, were progressing as they SHOULD, then his manga wouldn't be going so slowly.

He had been trying to get them together for about three months now. Frankly, he was tired and knew that it was hopeless. His manga was doomed if his models continued as they were. That's when he got an idea.

"No way…" Juta said to himself, "They will probably be able to do it, but they are so EXPENSIVE."

"What is expensive, Tachibana-Kun?" the teacher asked.

Everyone gave him weird looks, but Juta just laughed and said, "Nothing is, Sensei."

The teacher huffed, "Than might I suggest you pay attention." He went back to teaching the lesson.

Juta went back to writing his manuscript, still thinking, 'I'll leave a note for them to meet me in the other building.'

Juta knew that he shouldn't of been snooping around. If he was caught in the Girl's Locker Room, he would be dead. However, he was determined to get help from THEM. THEY were the only ones who could help Asuka and Ryo get together. Juta was going to ask help from The Matchmakers or otherwise known as the L sisters.

Juta quickly put a note in the elder L's locker and then ran out quickly.

Juta looked at his watch. He REALLY hoped that the elder L got his letter. If anyone else got it, it could be a disaster.

"Juta-Kun?" came a cute and small voice.

Juta turned around and saw them. The Matchmakers. The cute voice came from the younger L: Gaby Landeros.

"What do you want us for, Juta?" the elder L, Kasi Lindsey, asked.

Juta only heard rumors about them, but he never actually SEEN the L sisters. Kasi had shoulder length wavy blonde hair with a large red bow behind her head. She had pale skin and deep blue eyes.

Gaby had the same hair style, but her hair was brown and had a large blue bow. She had tan skin and vivid brown eyes.

The two both had the same uniform on, the sweater instead of the traditional jacket.

"So, you two are The Matchmakers?" Juta asked.

"Yes, we are." Gaby did her 'cutesy pose'.

"So, what do you need?" Kasi asked.

Juta took a deep breath as he explained the situation.

"I see." Kasi said, "So, in order for your manga to progress, you need them to move faster."

"Exactly." Juta had no choice. He had to tell them about his manga and everything. If he hid ANYTHING from the L sisters, they would find out and hurt him later. At least, that's what he heard.

"We'll do it!" Gaby cheered, "It sounds like fun!"

Juta felt relieved that they wanted to take this mission without money.

"Hold on, Gaby." Kasi said, "We must discuss the payment first."

Juta spoke to soon, "Oh, I see…"

"Usually, it is $100 a day." Kasi said, "BUT, since you are THIS desperate, we can take $50 a day."

"$50!" Juta amost fainted, "That's a lot!"

"Hey! It WAS $100." Kasi growled, "But we lowered it to $50! That is $50 a day that you DON'T have to pay."

"Yeah, but…" Juta gasped when he saw Kasi take his shirt in her fist.

"Do you WANT our help, or not?" Kasi glared, "WE are professionals. We GUARANTEE to get them together. So $50 should be no problem."

"We could always have it higher." Gaby did her cutesy pose again.

Juta did NOT want the price to be higher, "Alright, $50 it is."

Kasi smirked and held out her hand, "Once you shake my hand, then the deal is set. There is NO turning back on our deal. Got it?"

Juta had a bad feeling in his gut. He knew that if he took her hand that he would HAVE to pay them everyday until Asuka and Ryo got together. He wondered how many days that would take. He gave up and took Kasi's hand, "Deal."

"Great!" Kasi said, "Gaby! Get the contract!"

Gaby took the straight piece of paper and bounced over to Juta, "Sign here, here, and here."

Juta signed all the parts needed to be signed, "So, how do I pay you?"

"We get paid weekly." Kasi explained, "Weekends count as days. So you will be paying $350 for us each week, that's $175 a piece."

"Not NEARLY as much if we made you pay $100." Gaby smiled, "It would be $700 a week, $350 for each."

"Man!" Kasi seethed, "That is a lot of money that we won't have."

"Thank you for doing this." Juta said.

"Whatever." Kasi began to walk off, "By the way, today counts as a day."

Juta's jaw dropped, "But you don't start today."

"Too bad." Kasi walked back into the school building with Gaby bouncing after her.

"What have I done?" Juta asked himself.

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