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The moments between Levy and Gajeel before the Tenrou arc were few, but since it is a shounen manga targeted towards young men, I understand. I loved the potential before they became canon so here are my written scibbles on one of my fav OTP's.

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Gajeel entered Master Makarov's room some time after Laxus left the guild. His bandaged limbs combined with a crutch did little to let him stand properly (much less climb a flight of stairs) but he ignored the ache they gave. It was his thoughts that made him feel really restless and he came here to figure them out.

The master of the very guild he tried to destroy some months before had lied down on his bed again. Surely banishing a family member who he loved so strongly but hurt him so deeply was very exhausting and painful. After the silence between them stretched on and on, Makarov inhaled and then exhaled slowly. The old midget was ever patient.

"You are troubled, my boy."

Gajeel looked away and shifted off his bandaged foot when he unconsciously put weight on it.

"That girl, Levy. Why doesn't she hate me?"

The elderly man opened one eye and looked over at the Dragon Slayer, "I think you did something to convince her to forgive you. Considering what you have done in the past, it is not something just anyone can do. I refuse to forgive you."

Gods knew he was aware of that fact. He saw those silent but almost tangible feelings in Titania's, Salamander's and Master Makarov's eyes. They were angry and unforgiving in her place, yet he expected all of those emotions from someone who wouldn't give it to him.

The dark haired Dragon Slayer turned back to the old man, a confused frown on his face, "I don't get it. All I did was save her from your grandson's stupid lightning."

"For her, I guess that is enough."

Was it? After all Gajeel did to her, to her family and friends, she still put up with his presence at the guild. She didn't shiver in his presence or avoid his gaze. She wasn't mad. She did not hate him or curse him for ever touching Fairy Tail. If anything, she supported and aided him. Like when it came to getting past Freed's rune barrier and at the Cathedral to try and convince Laxus to stop casting Fairy Law. Levy McGarden had willingly helped him.

Now, he wasn't so sure she was the weak and pathetic girl he attacked in the beginning.

There were plenty of strong mages out there, male and female. He wasn't sexist, he wasn't bias and he sure as hell wasn't picky as long as the strong ones delivered in a fight. It was one of the best ways to find out just how powerful they were. If they bare worth his time.

To think the one person, a young slip of a girl, who made him feel guilty of his own actions didn't get into fist fights, bar brawls or duels like Salamander did. In her case, she fought with faith, words and an inner strength that made him feel so painfully guilty for ever even touching her.

Looking up, Gajeel glanced over at Makarov and gave a hesitant grin, "She is pretty amazing. I never should have..."

Swallowing hard, he closed his eyes and bowed his head in shame. Even now, he can't say he was sorry. Although Levy forgave him, he still cannot find the will to forgiven himself for all the sins he commited. It would take him a while but if he watched over her long enough, maybe he can find the courge to apologize.

A/N: This scene takes place right after Laxus was banished from the guild by Makarov.

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