Levy would never look back on this moment and not laugh up a lung or two. Really, who can blame her for snorting up a storm, chucking until she is hoarse or (her all time favorite) rolling so hard on the grass, she tumbles down the hillside whenever the memory of how she got engaged is brought up? The intensity of said hilarity can be found in the form of one rather red faced, stuttering fiancée standing in the doorway of their bedroom of a newly acquired apartment.

In her arms is a shiny black box wrapped in chains and ironically, leather straps and hazard stickers topped with a lacy black bow. Levy had a very good guess as to what this box contained. Her smile grew into such an evil smirk, her older brother Jellal would have crowed with pride.

"Where the fuck did you find that?" Gajeel demanded, jabbing a finger angrily at the black box.

"Is this what I think it is?" she asked back, feeling giddy and a touch turned on.

Her fiancée of six months grabbed for the box but she danced backward out of his reach and into the hallway. "I thought I burned that thing. Dammit Levy, give it back."

"I found it on our door step after someone rang the bell and ran off. No one was there but this box when I opened the door."

He growled and grabbed a handful of her short blue skirt, tugging her forward until their chests slammed together, the box sandwiched between them. He reached for the straps but she weaved her arms through the straps to keep herself attached. He scowl grew darker but Levy felt no fear from the man she loves. It just felt so good to tease him for once, especially for the event that brought them together after many months of pining and missed opportunities.

Levy batted her eyelashes coyly, leaning up to blow on his neck. "Wear it? Please?"

Gajeel bared is teeth, trying to peel her fingers away from the box. "Not a chance in hell."

She licked along his jaw. "I can buy us tickets to Canada. Have yet to see the Northern Lights with you."

"Not what I meant," he groaned from her seductive tongue while trying to grope in his back pocket for his Leatherman knife. He gasped when she bit down on a vein in his neck, knowing full well that was one of his hot spots. "Levy, you are asking for it."

"I can beg too if you'd like. Wear it, please Gajeeeeel."

"NO. I am never doing that again."

Levy pulled her mouth away from the skin at his collar bone where a hickey was forming. She pouted up at him, and then jerked backwards...with half the box. Gajeel's had snapped down to realize before his knife had finished sneakily cut through the first leather strap, the minx had angled the bottom half of the box to separate from the lid. Turns out the straps and chains are for decoration, not security.

He jerked his gaze up to the contents of the box and what lay atop a cushion of white tissue paper and a sign saying "Have fun!" and the telling initial of the letter N. Lying in the middle of the tissue is a very male fitted leather thong. In the far right corner is a pizza guy delivery hat and in the other corner, folded up nicely but with the telling velcro peeking though is a pair of large male stripper pants.

Cheeks burning red from the intense blush overtaking his face, Gajeel felt his vision turn red.

"Natsu." he snarled the name of his rival, best friend and brother in all but blood. With the thong staring at him from the innocent bed of tissue paper, Gajeel remembered the most embarrassing and daring moment of his entire life.

Glancing at the clock on his phone, Gajeel knew he had about another two hours before he could go home to a nice comfy bed. Already his hips and back hurt from the other two 'shows' he put on tonight. Despite the urge to mingle with clients, all Gajeel really wanted was to knock out his quota of three stripper showings and call it a weekend. The extra money helped in his metalsmith ventures and trying to get a business off the ground.

"Alright, just one more." he murmured as he lifted the pizza box up and rechecked the velcro on his stripper pants that hid the leather thong of his well endowed show stopper package. Just a few more shows and he could stop with this stripper nonsense. Honestly, why did he ever listen to Natsu? Or Gray, the business owner?

Cracking his neck, Gajeel knocked his thick knuckles against the apartment door and waited. Soon enough, he heard high heels clipping towards him. A pink haired woman with bright blue eyes answered the door and smiled in a way that gave him shivers of fear.

"I see you have what I ordered," she purred, pushing the door farther open, "Come in."

Steeling himself for another show when all he wanted to to do is curl up at home with his cat Lily, Gajeel stepped through the door and past the woman.

"Where is the show happening?" he asked over his shoulder, not knowing what direction to take in the small hallway. The apartment looked tiny but well kept. Books of all kinds covered several shelves and a side table, not to mention a trail of telling spines peeking out from a bedroom door. Was that where he was suppose to go? Better to ask.

The pink haired woman chucked low as she closed the front door. "The name is Meredy and the show is to happen in the living room."

He followed her blue painted finger towards a corner on the right. Pulling his shirt over his head, Gajeel shed the first layer as he stepped into the living room. The music from the movie playing on the flat screen just happened to have a beat he could work with. Tapping his hip to the beat, he jerked his pizza guy hat off and tossed it across the room. His long layered hair fell across his shoulders as he angled his body towards Meredy, his eyes lowered as he got into the mood.

Sliding his hands down to his hips to hook one finger under the velcro, he jerked the pants off so hard, they flew past Meredy's face (which is usually a swoon moment) when another set of heels echoed from the kitchen behind him.

"Hey Mer, where's the Queso-"

Gajeel thought fast, spinning on his heel to spread his legs to face the newcomer when his red eyes met dark brown oval ones that belonged to the little sprite of a woman he had been crushing on for three months.

Levy McFuckingGarden stood in the kitchen doorway like a deer caught in headlights, a bowl of chips in one hand and one chip caught between her lips. Fleshly lips he had dreamed about over and over again since her met her at the FT Bar and Grill three months ago. Her wide eyes jerked down to the thong then up to his and back again before the bowl of chips fell to the floor from her hand going limp.


His world stopped on its axis, his flesh heating up to an unnatural degree and his chest felt tight. Gajeel tried to talk, only to feel the world suddenly start moving again and his gaze went up, then his body fell down and black oblivion welcome him with open arms.

He woke up later to an aching head and even more sore back. Reaching to rub at his temple, Gajeel blearily took in his surroundings. His long legs stretched over the tiny couch he was currently lying in, a fluffy blue blanket with little books and quills inked into the fabric covered his barely clad body. His mind quickly put two and two together, making him cover his face as his cheeks started to heat up again.

"Aw shit me."

"I would rather not. You seem like a big guy." came an amused voice from over his shoulder. He peeked up through his fingers to see Levy McGarden leaning against the back of the couch, staring down at him with a wide smile on her face and a faint blush to her cheeks. So she was not wholly unaffected by the whole thing. Kind of nice to know.

"Wait, what?" he asked, befuddled and embarrassed to be in the presence of his crush of all crushes. The little indie author who graced the FT Bar and Grill was super cute and spunky, keeping toe to toe with Natsu and Laxus when the beer started flowing. He always liked watching her from his corner near the back, content to just admire her from afar.

Now he wasn't so sure he wanted to ever face her again after this.

Levy's eyes twinkled as she checked her phone that had pinged. "Sorry, I'm used to being a smart ass after a glass or two of wine. Last I knew me and Meredy finished a bottle before you showed up."

Could his face heat up any more from embarrassment? "I am so sorry. I can leave once I find my clothes."

She put her phone away and frowned down at him. "Once and done, huh? Didn't realize you ran off after one of your gigs."

He felt like pulling the tiny blanket up to cover his face, but then he would flash his bits at her again since he can feel the pull and the chafing of the leather. "This isn't...I mean what I do is...awww fuck, how do I...my bits are..."

The cutest giggled tinkled from her lovely mouth as she slapped at the back of the couch. "Really! I am trying to be nice and not laugh in your face because I don't know which face I loved more, the one of horror when I came out of the kitchen or the embarrassed one right now with you blushing up a storm?"

He just stared in awe at this sprite of a woman, this fairy from fairy tales of old. Was she...teasing him? They never really talked to each other except in passing at the bar or on the street between his shop and her bookstore.

Her flushed face grew softer as she reached down to press a comforting had against his shoulder. His very bare shoulder. "Gajeel, I'm sorry. Look I...like your bits. Its all very...impressive? No need to feel embarrassed, okay?"

Between her touch and the whole entire situation, Gajeel honestly didn't think he would have another chance or the feeling to even try. Shoving himself up, he hooked a hand around the back of her neck to pull her towards him. Covering her mouth with his, he licked and played with her tongue to convey all the lust and wanting he had been feeling these last couple months.

Pulling away for air to find her lips wet and a drop of saliva connecting their mouths, Gajeel smirked. "These bits are all yours. If you want them."

Her eyes darkened to near black, the faint blush igniting to a full on crimson down her swan like neck. "Is that...a stripper line you say to all the girls?"

Gajeel heard the hesitancy, and the hurt. "No. That line is all yours." He pointed down to his thong covered crotch. "So is this. Always has been."

She jerked her head down to nip at his cheeks and lips, her sweet breath panting across his mouth. "Meredy went to get us real pizza. I don't know how long she'll be."

He hauled her over the back of the couch and onto his lap to press her weight against him. After a long make out session, he jerked them up from the cushions and the blankets to hold her up in his arms.

"Then I better get the real show started," he murmured against her neck, groaning at the chance of a lifetime, "Levy, you have to know. I've always wanted you."

She chewed on his earlobe, making him pant harder. "Why do you think I went to that bar so often? Been trying to ask you out for months. Whatever happens, I want you too."

He blindly made his way to her bedroom, his arms full of hot and gorgeous woman. "Do we put a sock on the door?"

"I think Mer will figure it out."

After that night, Gajeel had stormed into Gray's office with his outfit in a cardboard box, threatening to light it on fire in the building if he was ever asked to strip again. If he was asked a second time, he would start lighting Gray's outfits on fire. Should anyone try to blackmail Gajeel, he would turn into a lunatic arsonist over night. Needless to say, Gajeel thought he disposed of the outfit and started dating Levy had been the happiest price to pay.

He glared at the box in his woman's arms, hoping it would burst into flames. Looks like one of his bros thought sending the exact same outfit he used to wear was the joke of a lifetime. It was the only explanation.

"Levy, throw that box away or so help me, I will start lighting things on fire. Starting with that pink thing you like so much."

She gasped in horror. "That pink thing is the first stuffed unicorn my brother ever won for me. You will not touch Mr. Fluffles!"

"The box goes or the unicorn gets it. Where the hell is my lighter?" He turned back towards the living room where some of her stuffed animals lived on the shelves. Faintly he could see a shiny unicorn surrounded by pink fluff on the wall.

"Target sighted. Going in for the kill." he growled, stomping for the living room.

Levy cried out, throwing the thong filled box down to try and push him back into the hallway. "Not. Mr. Fluffles!"

"Aha!" he cried in triumph, diving for the dumped outfit when he noticed two pieces of leather instead of one had fallen from the paper. He stood back up, holding one strip of leather in each hand and looked over at his fiancee who was holding a hardcover book up with one hand and her unicorn protectively in the other. He held up both thongs with a giant grin as her gaze zeroed onto the smaller of the pair.

"We might have to keep this new set for the honeymoon babe," he said in sultry tone as he prowled towards her and the unicorn. "But I think we should christen them to make sure they fit. What do you say, Levy? Wear yours, I'll wear mine or Mr. Fluffles the eyesore will burn."

Her brown eyes he will never get tired of watching flicked between the pair of thongs and the lighter in his hand that he snatched from the coffee table. Lunging forward, she snatched the smaller thong from his fingers, flung her unicorn on the couch and then bolted past him for the bedroom. He cackled as he stomped after her, flinging his light over his shoulder and beat boxing a hard beat on his way down the hallway, shedding pieces of clothing as he went.

Some stripping habits die hard.

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