So, I was watching some X-Files season 6 today and was just thinking about how many epic little sarcastic/joke/smartass conversations they have with one another, that make me smile in their hilarious/cuteness. :) So I wanted to create one of my own and thus I addapted a joke between my sister and I to Mulder and Scully. Hope you like it!

It's been a slow day. Hell, it's been a slow week in the world of supernatural phenomenon.

Accordingly, Mulder sits on one side of the desk, feet resting on the corner as he reclines back in his chair, flicking crumpled paper into a waste paper bin, as Scully sits on the other filing her nails absently and wondering how her promising future turned into this reality.

They've been siting in a comfortable silence for a while when Mulder speaks.

"You know Scully, I've been thinking, we should have a team name…something like Scudler or perhaps Mully."

She stares at him in disbelief for a while, contemplating whether this ranks as his most ridiculous suggestion ever. Quite a feat actually, to topple all the other stupid things he's said and done over the years.

"You want us to refer to ourselves as 'Mully', seriously Mulder?" Scully says incredulously.

"Well, I-"

"No seriously? We're not the biggest nut jobs in the FBI as it is and you want us to have an amalgamated name?"

Scully wonders once again how her life came to this as she shows a strained, skeptical grin, forcing Mulder to a nervous justification of his idea.

"Well Scully, I just thought cos we're a team and we do everything together and you're special to me and I want people to know that."

Scully snorts, and Mulder grins at such an un-Scully-ish thing.

"Perhaps we should just get married and then I can change my name to Mulder."

"Well that could work too," he says in a dead serious tone, staring at Scully intensely through several seconds of silence.

"Mully," she chokes out suddenly, breaking the silence with snorts of laughter.