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Author's Note: This is the sequel to Aftermath of Minimal Loss. It would probably be in the reader's best interest to read that story first. Also, thanks to all the original readers. I hope the sequel doesn't let you down. I love reviews, and if you left ideas in the reviews of the Aftermath of Minimal Loss, I'll get them included in this story. Ideas are great too!

The sounds of four year olds screaming rang through the bullpen and Emily shot up from her desk, hearing the sound of her children running rampant through the building. Just as soon as she stood up, she was caught in a tangle of arms and limbs as Abby and Nate threw themselves at their mom. Lifting one child on each hip, she placed kisses on each of their heads.

"That's why she has all those muscles. Forget being an FBI agent, she's got muscles because she lifts the twins all the time," Nathan Jareau said to his wife, who trailed slightly behind him holding a small blonde boy with dark brown eyes.

"And there's my little boy," Emily cooed walking over to Annie. She placed a kiss on Henry's forehead.

"Momma," he said excitedly. Abby and Nate squirmed to get out of Emily's grasp as JJ popped her head out of her office to see what all the excitement was about. After setting the twins on the ground before they full-blown sprint to JJ, Emily reached out for Henry and he gladly snuggled into her chest.

"Mommy, Mommy, we're here like you said. We're here for Momma's birthday," Abby said excitedly.

"Shhh. Remember it's a secret. Don't tell Momma where we're going. Why don't you go distract your uncles from their files?" JJ walked over to where Emily was holding Henry and talking to her parents. "Hi baby," JJ whispered, placing a kiss to the little blonde head buried in Emily's neck.

"Hey there squirt!" Morgan said, picking Abby up and putting him on his desk.

"UNCLE DEREK," she squealed as he started tickling her. "Stop it or I'm going to tell Aunty Pen on you."

"Give the child some credit. She knows your weaknesses," Garcia said tauntingly, having appeared from her lair. Abby climbed onto Derek's lap and up his shoulders to hug Garcia, who easily picked the small girl up from her human jungle gym.

"Well don't you look pretty today, Miss Abby? Give me a spin." Abby spun in circles showing off her outfit to her eccentric godmother. Dressed in yellow rain boots, rainbow tights, a pink sparkly tutu, and a long sleeve purple shirt, she beamed at Garcia.

"I have on more colors than you today. See?"

"Yes you do, princess. You look very pretty if I do say so myself."

Abby shot the blonde another smile before sprinting up to Rossi's office. Without knocking, the little girl disappeared into the office.

"Hey there squishy," Garcia said walking over to Reid's desk, where Nate sat on Reid's lap while the boy genius did magic tricks.

"Shhhhh Aunty Pen, Uncle Spencer is doing a trick."

"Oh my bad; sorry sweetie. I'll come back," Garcia said, ruffling the boy's hair before moving to the clump of adults.

"So not that I don't love the interruption, but what are you all doing here?" Emily asked.

"Well if I recall correctly, your birthday is tomorrow, so we're going to lunch today as a family," Garcia replied.

"You lost a munchkin in my office," Rossi said, his voice reverberating through the bullpen. They all turned to see Rossi holding Abby over his shoulder like she was a sack of potatoes, the ruffles from her tutu settling around Rossi's face. As he passed Hotch's door, he knocked obnoxiously as Abby shouted for her Uncle Aaron.

"Looks like the brood is all ready to go," Nathan said ushering the motley crew towards the elevators.

Hours later the team sat buried in stacks of paperwork. Emily slumped over a stack that was rivaling the height of her computer when she felt a vibration in her jacket pocket. Pulling out her phone she grinned when she saw JJ's name glow brightly across the screen.

I've got a gift for you to unwrap, Birthday Girl ;)

Emily blushed as she read JJ's message. Usually she was able to hide her emotions behind her compartmentalized face, but this time Morgan looked up at just the right moment.

"Ooh la la. Princess is getting some tonight."

"Shut up Morgan," Emily hastily responded before dramatically opening a file.

"Getting what tonight? I thought we were giving her presents tomorrow! I don't have mine wrapped yet," Reid whined from his desk.

Emily and Morgan rolled their eyes at his naïve nature, as Morgan replied, "No, Reid She's getting a special gift from JJ tonight." Morgan finished with a wink in Emily's direction.

"I'm sure JJ's gift is really special. She knows Emily really well, so I can only imagine that her gift would be one that Emily would truly enjoy."

"Okay boy genius let me spell it out for you. Tonight, JJ and Emily will be celebrating Emily's birthday in their large king bed without clothing."

"OH! Ewwwww!" Reid screeched. "On a continuing note, we're still giving Emily presents tomorrow, right?"

"Why do I try?" Morgan thought aloud. Emily laughed, pleased that the topic of conversation had veered from her night to come.

"Momma! Did you like your birthday surprise lunch?"

"Mommy! Look what we made Momma for her birthday! Look over here, Mommy!"

"Momma! Mommy! You're not looking!"

Emily and JJ were bombarded with questions and comments as Abby and Nate excitedly rushed to show them all that had been accomplished today.

"Hey Mom, Daddy," JJ said, stepping over a giant pile of Legos to hug her parents. The elderly Jareau couple moved to a large house right outside Quantico after the twins were born to help JJ and Emily juggle a family and work. The size of the house proved to come in handy after Henry was born and the Prentiss-Jareau clan hit three. Before JJ could continue a conversation she heard Emily's voice from the kitchen.

"How on earth did the two of you get icing on the ceiling? Nathan, Annie, I apologize for our children's destruction of your kitchen…"

"They did what?" JJ asked, scared to step towards the kitchen, which after the tornado of destruction left in the twins' path was sure to be in shambles. "Oh good god."

"It's my birthday. You get to deal with that. I'm going to go get Henry," Emily said, excusing herself to the playroom to get their youngest and shyest child. After apologies and goodbyes had been said, all three kids were tucked safely in their car seats as the couple drove home.

"What's your birthday wish, Em?" JJ asked in a hushed whisper, her hand intertwined with Emily's over the middle console.

"I've got my wish. I have you, our kids, and our insane, crazy family. That's all I need."

"That's sweet, but bull. What did you want for your birthday?"

"You know, I want a weekend with you and our kids without a case, without our cell phones constantly going off. I want a weekend to just lay around the house as a family."

"You never know. We may get lucky. I'll get Henry; you get the twins. We'll do baths and stuff in the morning."

"Sounds like a plan. My god, these kids are getting heavy. Can you grab Abby's teddy and Nate's blanket?"

Emily carried the twins up to their room. After tucking them both in, she went to leave, but was stopped by a small sleepy voice.

"Happy birthday, Momma," Nate said quietly, rubbing his eyes with a clenched fist. His other little hand gripped his blanket tightly.

"Thank you, buddy. Good night. Te amo con todo mi corazon."

"I love you too, Momma." Emily kissed his forehead before double-checking the Toy Story night-light was on.

She smiled as she left the twins' bedroom. It will be a good birthday, she thought to herself before opening the door revealing a very scantily clad blonde beauty sitting gracefully in the center of the king sized bed. It will be a very good birthday.