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"So can we pick up where we left off?" Emily called out seductively as she walked into the master bedroom. After countless games of Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land, a bath that turned into a splash fight, and dinner, all three children were tucked in bed, stories of a gallant prince and beautiful princess dancing in their heads. "Jen," Emily called again, walking into the bathroom. She heard the shower running and quickly shed her clothes, slipping into the steam-filled box behind her pregnant lover. Massaging JJ's wet shoulders, Emily placed a kiss to the curve of her wife's neck and smiled as JJ moaned appreciatively. Emily grabbed the bottle of shampoo from the ledge and poured a generous amount into her palm. JJ titled her head back and relaxed into Emily's soothing touch.

"Ummm, Em," JJ spoke.


"Hate to burst your bubble, but I don't think you're getting any tonight."

"Why not?" Emily pouted as she continued to rub JJ's scalp.

"Because, Em, my water just broke."

"Are you serious?" JJ nodded. "Then why in the world are we still standing in the shower? Let's go," Emily said quickly, ushering them out of the shower, passing a large fluffy towel to her wife.

"No need to rush. Remember Henry took his sweet time greeting the world," JJ reminded her frantic lover.

"Yeah, the first ones always do. After that, it's like a slip-and-slide!"

"I'm going to ignore the fact that you just referred to my birth canal as a kids water toy. But beware; I have the memory of an elephant. I will not forget," JJ threatened as she waddled to find sweats and a t-shirt.

Twenty minutes later, three sleeping children were loaded in the vehicle along with the pregnant blonde. Three grandparents were in route, and Emily had already sent the urgent texts to the team. Reid, Hotch, and Rossi responded within minutes all saying they would be at the hospital soon. Pulling up to the hospital, Annie and Nate ushered Emily and JJ to the door while juggling their grandchildren.

"We've got it under control," Annie reassured the two mothers.

"Yes, it's not like we don't do this on a daily basis. Now if you would like to give birth to your next child somewhere other than the parking lot, I suggest you move your pregnant butt to the check-in desk right over there," Nate instructed his daughter. Emily laughed and intertwined her fingers with JJ's.

Within an hour, JJ was threatening to kill people who walked in the room. Once Reid arrived, he came into say "hi." The greeting was immediately followed by

Intriguing facts about childbirth. After the fourth fact, he was violently expelled from the room, a string of JJ's annoyed words trailing after him.

"Where is Garcia? I swear if she misses the birth of her goddaughter, I'm revoking all godmother powers as well as any other powers she has. They will be mine, and she can never have them back. Where is she?" JJ shouted as she came out of a contraction. "Call her!"

"Okay, I'll call her again. You're doing great, baby. Just breathe," Emily said, squeezing JJ's hand gingerly as she clicked Garcia's speed dial with the other.

"This is your fault, Emily Prentiss, you and that four-kids-will-be-great idea. You are never touching me again. Goddamn vial of sperm," JJ cursed. "And don't tell me to breathe. I know how to do that; that isn't what hurts. It's the child trying to make herself known to the world."

Emily smiled nervously and waited for Garcia to pick up.

"What do you want, Princess?" Morgan answered.

"Why are you answering? I called Pen. Whatever, there is no time for that now. Whatever supposedly secret date you're on with Garcia is now over. JJ is in labor and threatening the world with bodily harm. You need to get here now, specifically Garcia."

"Labor," Morgan shrieked.

"Yes, labor, you moron. You know what pregnant women tend to do after nine months of being a human incubator," JJ sarcastically commented from the bed. Emily grimaced and tried to hold in a laugh, having already been reprimanded for laughing when JJ clearly wasn't making a joke.

"Well, isn't she in a peachy mood?"

"When I can lift my foot higher than 2 inches off the ground, my foot is going to be so far up your ass you won't sit for a week."

"We are on our way, kitten." Garcia interrupted, obviously having taken the phone from Morgan. With a click they were gone, and Emily was left standing next to a very unhappy, sweaty pregnant woman.

"They'll be here soon," Emily informed. "Can I get you anything?"

"An epidural."

"The doctor said you're not dilated enough."

"Then find me a doctor who thinks I'm dilated enough."

"I'm not sure it works like that, but I'll go find someone," Emily agreed quickly seeing an angry remark form on JJ's lips.

Emily stopped in the waiting room to see their family that had accumulated over the past hour. Rossi held a sleeping Henry; the young boy had a clump of the older man's shirt crumpled in his little fist. The twins were nestled into a makeshift bed made out of two turned chairs. Reid's jacket acted as a blanket for the two.

"How's she doing?" Annie asked her daughter-in-law.

"She's angry," Reid commented dejectedly.

"First rule of handling pregnant women," Hotch said, "they are never angry or emotional. You don't mention anything hormone related."

"I take it you learned the lesson the hard way like I did," Nate commented. Watching Hotch nod, Nate continued, "Smart man."

"I told her I would find a doctor to give her an epidural."

"Then I suggest you get on that before her screams can be heard from the waiting room," Nate said. "Trust me, we raised her. That girl has a set of lungs on her."

Annie nodded with a laugh. "That she does, and if one thing is going to make you scream, it's giving birth." Emily nodded knowingly vividly remembering how pleased she was with the epidural when she gave birth to the twins.

"Alright, I'm off. I'll be back when there's news." Everyone nodded after Emily's retreating form before returning to his or her previous conversation.

Once she returned to the room with a reluctant doctor in tow, Emily found Garcia fawning over her pregnant wife.

"Thank god you're here," Emily muttered while pushing the doctor towards JJ. Garcia turned to smile, but she had a frantic look in her eye. As soon as JJ released her hand, Garcia wandered over to Emily and whispered, "She's lost her mind." Emily readily agreed, but refused to verbalize her sentiments in case the blonde could hear. "Was she this crazy with Henry?" Emily shrugged noncommittally. She remembered Henry's birth like it was yesterday; it was one of her top five moments in her life. She knew the birth of her youngest daughter would easily rank in the top five as well.

It was an easy birth, nothing out of the ordinary. A gunk-covered newborn screamed as air reached her lungs for the first time. It brought tears to both mothers' eyes hearing their daughter cry, a sound they knew they would get used to fairly soon. JJ smiled tiredly and looked lovingly at Emily, exhaustion written in the delicate lines on the blonde's face. Emily cupped her wife's face and leaned in to gently kiss her. "I'm so proud of you. We have a baby girl."

"Does she have a name?" A nurse asked the common question as the baby was cleaned, weighed, and printed.

Emily looked down at JJ to confirm the name they had decided. JJ nodded slightly and snuggled further into the pillows propped behind her.

"Yes ma'am," Emily politely replied. "Her name is Hayley Elizabeth."

"That's beautiful name, and very fitting if I do say so myself. She looks like a Hayley."

"Thank you."

"Would you soothe her, so I can get a foot print for the certificate?" The nurse asked Emily, who readily agreed. Emily looked down at the wrinkled child who squawked loudly. Emily kissed Hayley's forehead and rubbed her stomach, a motion that often soothed their other children. Hayley's tiny, newborn fist gripped Emily's finger tightly, and the young girl immediately calmed. Emily smiled proudly at the newest member of their family.

"Hey baby girl, we're so glad you're finally here," Emily whispered. "Your mommy and I love you very much, and you have a big crazy family waiting to welcome you to the world."

"She's all yours," the nurse said, offering the newborn to Emily. Emily grinned and lifted her daughter carefully as she walked to where JJ lay in the bed. The brunette cradled her blonde daughter lovingly. Tilting Hayley towards JJ, Emily passed the baby to her wife. JJ cried softly, but accepted the baby, snuggling her to her chest. Emily couldn't wipe the smile off her face. Leaving the newborn with JJ, Emily retreated to the waiting room.

"Morning, Momma," Abby called out excitedly as she looked up from her coloring book.

"Hey kiddos. Come here; I want to talk to you for a second," Emily asked her children. She sat down in one of the open waiting room chairs. Abby and Nate stood in front of her, stealing kisses as they waited for Henry to walk over. Emily pulled her youngest son onto her lap and kissed him as she had done her other two children. They looked at her expectantly. "Okay, there's someone really important I want you all to meet. You have a new little sister. She's really small and we need to be very careful around her, okay?" The three kids eagerly nodded; it had been a constant conversation around the last few months. Stories had been read about the incoming of a new sibling, and Henry was as excited as Nate and Abby about the arrival of his baby sister.

"What's her name, Momma?"

"Her name is Hayley Elizabeth." Emily looked up and made eye contact with Hotch across the waiting room. He had tears shimmering in his eyes as he thought of his late wife and the newborn that was her namesake. Then, she looked at her mother, a woman who up until a year ago was more of a stranger than a mother. Ambassador Prentiss wore a look of shock, and she didn't keep the tears at bay. Silent tears of love and happiness trailed down the elderly woman's cheeks.

"Can we go meet her now?"

Emily nodded and looked around at the adults in the room. "Give us a minute, and then we'll introduce her to her family." Reid smiled proudly while everyone else nodded.

Henry took off at a trot behind Nate, who tried to sprint off to the room. "Hey no running in the hospital," Emily spoke, her maternal side never far from the surface. Both boys slowed to a brisk walk. Abby walked hand-in-hand with her mother. The four entered the room. JJ smiled at her kids and wife. She looked down at the slumbering baby in her arms. Emily lifted each child onto the bed. Three little faces looked onto their new baby sister. JJ made eye contact with Emily, and both women smiled knowingly. They were a family- a complete family filled with fun-loving children, crazy teammates, eccentric godparents, and beloved grandparents. It was dysfunctional and wildly unpredictable, but it was their life. Each person cherished it with their whole being. Emily leaned over and kissed JJ on the forehead. "I love you," she whispered softly into JJ's ear. The blonde smiled and leaned into the warmth and comfortable of her wife as the parents watched the children acquaint themselves with the latest addition to the Prentiss clan.