Jounouchi was bored. He was over at Yugi's house and had finished doing his homework.

Marik and Malik were watching a movie or more likely too busy throwing popcorns at each other to even notice that they were missing a horror part of a girl's head been eaten up by some hideous creature. Jou wasn't too keen on spending time with those two crazy guys.

Anzu was cooking in the kitchen and Jou had offer to help which only to be decline by the brunette claiming that the dinner was a special treat for everyone.

Ryou and Bakura were playing games and making out at the same time. Jou didn't feel like being the light bulb and being force to watch their sexual interaction with each other.

Which left Yugi being the only person he can bug on. Yami was currently at Egypt with Grandpa helping the old man to translate some ancient Egyptian words on a piece of rock which gramp claims to be very important. Jou stood up and walked to Yugi's room, wondering what was the little guy doing.

"Yugi?" Jou asked as he slowly opened the door to his friend room and peeked inside. He found no sight of his little friend, but Yugi's laptop was open.

He went inside the room to look around to confirm that no one was really in the room.

"Hmm...what is this?" Joey wondered to himself as he sat in front of the laptop. He took in the first few lines and realised that it was a story. His heart jumped when he saw his name. He looked at the title.

"The pharaoh and his slave."

He scrolled to the top of the page and saw that it was actually a fanfiction story that featured Yugi and Yami. Jou could feel a blush crept up on his face as he started to read.

"We are alone now little one." Yami kissed Yugi forceful and hard, pressing his lover into the mattress that lay beneath them. Yugi let out a loud moan when Yami had ground their hips together.

"Yami" Yugi groaned as he had his hands in Yami's hair and pulled him down, "Please take me now, I want you inside me..."

Yami trailed his kisses down to Yugi's neck, "Someone a little impatient today..."

Yugi whispered seductively into his lover's ear, "Master, please fuck me hard..." While his hand playfully traced over Yami's certain harden member.

Jou looked around the room wildly as he unbuttoned his pant and pulled his zipper down. He shamefully palmed at his growing erection as he read on.

"God little one..." Yami groaned as he thrust into Yugi, "So tight..."

"Faster...harder..." Yugi whispered with a shudders and he tighten his legs around Yami's waist.

Jou gasped softly as his thumb slowly teased the slit of his cock. He couldn't believe he was doing this-touching himself in Yugi's room while reading about Yami and Yugi having sex...

Yugi felt himself getting slammed hard into the mattress, his mind was going wild as Yami kept hitting on the same spot. He trembled as he felt Yami's hand slide lightly the sensitive skin of his erection. Yugi let out a loud cry.

"Say my real name little one...say-"


Jou nearly fell out of the chair in a rush to stand and zip up his pants.


"What were you doing?" Yugi asked as he rushed forward to close the fanfiction site.

Jou turned to the laptop screen and caught sight of the website being minimized and realised that Yugi had the webcam on. On the screen, he saw a wide-eyed pale Yami gaping at the two of them. Jou groaned inwardly and buried his face in his hands as he realised that Yami had seen his little action through the webcam.

"Yami, can you hear me?" Yugi asked through the headphone he had put on.

"Yugi" Jou heard Yami say weakly through the speaker. "I think we need to have a talk with Jounouchi."

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