Welcome. I get right to it here. I promised all the characters would have enough spot light and development and I like to make good on promises. The original crew you start out with in small, but it grows. I made it slightly bigger but small enough to still need some parts added. This covers the council meeting and the time up until Menae. this also coincides with my NG+ PT with Kallen. Enjoy!

"Hang in there Ashley. Please hang in there." Kallen said as the stretcher carrying Ashley exited the airlock.

"I'll be fine Skipper, come see me after you visit the council!" Ashley replied. She woke up in transit to the Citadel feeling pain in her back from the thrashing of the Cerberus android.

"Shepard, I'll go on to the Council chambers and brief them on the Crucible plans we got from the archives. Go meet with Councilor Udina. I'll be waiting" Liara said, heading over to a rapid transit car and flying off to the citadel tower. A Familiar face began walking toward her, flanked by C-sec guards.

Kallen smiled, "Well you're a sight for sore eyes. How are you Captain Bailey?" She asked, shaking his hand.

"Well it's Commander, for starters."

"Congrats on the promotion then." Kallen nodded.

"Eh, it's a pain in the ass if you ask me, but someone's gotta do it." He laughed. "I'm here to inform you that your presence is requested by the human Councilor, and that he wishes to meet with you immediately with the rest of the councilors at the Citadel Tower. But I also noticed your friend being moved to Huerta so If you want you can tell Udina to shove it and go see her before meeting with the big wigs."

"You're a lifesaver, you know that?" Kallen smiled bigger than earlier, seeing that Bailey was still the sensible and understanding man he was a few months back, even with the new rank. "I'll do that." Kallen saluted Bailey then headed to a nearby drink machine to get some sort of fluids in her system. When she got her drink and began sipping she overheard one of the soldiers from her ship talking to someone.

"But I just saw you get off the Normandy, Commander Shepard's ship? Did she escape Earth?"

"I can't talk about that Miss Allers" the soldier said.

"You don't have to." Kallen spoke up. If only someone could read her mind. Normally cool under pressure. Determined to get off Earth, and now she was starting to sweat because she was about to talk to Diana Allers of the ANN.

"Commander! Diana Allers-"

"Of the ANN, host of the Battlespace. I'm a huge fan of yours. Mainly because you refused to tear me down over the past few years."

"You...you watch my show?" Diana asked, sounded just as star struck as Kallen. "I'm..I'm honored."

"Trust me the honor's mine. So did you want an interview or something?"

"I'll take the 'or something'. I superiors want me on an Alliance ship so that I can do reporting from the center of the war and when I saw the Normandy pull in I wondered if I could find a way to ask you if I could join the crew and report on your efforts."

"Yes! I mean." Kallen cleared her throat, "Sure you can come along. I'm actually here to talk to the Council anyway, to ask them for help. We're staffing the Normandy now, so get a footlocker and enter the ship. I'll clear you." Kallen sent Diana the necessary clearance to board the Normandy from her omnitool. "There you go."

"Thank you Commander, I won't let you down" Diana saluted Kallen and she and her hover Camera went onto the ship.

"That went better than I thought, but I have Diana Allers on my ship!" Kallen rejoiced internally. She calmed down and headed over to the elevator and pressed the button for Huerta Memorial Hospital.

"Well your vitals are fine. Though you've got some fractures on your shoulders and some tearing on your back muscles. I can't recommend any physical activities above walking and light jogging." Dr. Chakwas said to Ashley, showing her what the scans of her body revealed.

"Damn it all." Ashley groaned. "I can't stay here Doc. I need to be out there, doing something at least. I'm a Spectre, the Alliance...the Galaxy needs me out there."

"How about a desk job then?" Chakwas and Ashley turned to see Kallen in the doorway. "How about you and Miranda serve as my XO's on the Normandy?"

"With Miranda?" Ashley asked. "Shepard I'm a Spectre I can't take orders from her?"

"You won't, you both have the same authority on the ship."

"That's insulting. I'm a legitimate Authority, she's a former terrorist."

"She's a hero Ashley. She was my XO until I turned myself in and she did a damn fine job at the Collector base leading my crew back safely. I'm not going to make either of you take orders from each other since you're both equally talented and equally stubborn." Kallen furrowed her brows at Ashley now, "You both answer to me and no one else, got it?"

"Yes ma'am" Ashley replied with a sigh.

"And of course you're welcome to come back to the ship as well Doctor. If you want."

"If I want? My things will be there in five minutes."

"Glad to hear it. The crew is heading to Docking bay D24. I hope to see you both on the ship when we set out. If you'll excuse me, I've got a council to go yell at."

"By all reports, earth was the first council world hit. It's facing the brunt of the attack"

"By your reports, Councilor Udina." the salarian councilor shot back as Kallen got to the top of the stairs.

"Shepard barely escaped Earth after the Reapers annihilated our orbital defenses."

"So we should just pull our fleets from our homes and run charging at Earth with no second thought?"

"Councilors please!" Kallen shouted over them. "Udina is correct. Earth is under heavy Reaper attack. That's why I'm here. to ask for your help in fighting them. As we speak, major cities on Earth are being demolished. Lives are being lost, and the Reapers are gaining strength from turning our dead into mindless husks that do their bidding. Every casualty gives the reapers one more body to throw at us. We have to stop them, and quick before it's too late. Did Liara show you all the crucible?"

"Yes. Dr. T'soni made us aware of this super weapon." The Asari Councilor said, "but what good is it to us if it could not save the Protheans?"

"Madam councilor, the Protheans never finished building it. They were wiped out before its completion. They were missing a piece, known only as the 'Catalyst'." Liara pointed to an opening toward the middle of the device.

"This weapon seems like an impossible task for us. We are nowhere near the level of engineering the Protheans were when they vanished."

"That's not true." Kallen said, "The Alliance has been hard at work at the Mars archives uncovering more Prothean tech and engineering. Admiral Hackett is having the Alliance fleets regroup around the crucible and he's putting all of our engineers and scientists into it's creation. We cannot do it alone. We need everything you have to help us stop the Reapers and take back our homeworld."

The alien councilors all exchanged looks. It was eerily similar to Kallen's first trip into this building. This time it was the Salarian councilor shaking his head at the other two, though the Asari concilor was the one to break the bad news, again. "It is the cold and unfortunate truth that we cannot divert our defenses to this project while our worlds are in danger of falling.

"Ashley was right about you." This statement from Kallen got all the councilors attention. "After Eden Prime she told me that if your backs were against the wall, you would abandon humanity to save yourselves." Kallen stepped up to the edge of the platform. "Right now your worlds WILL fall if you do not help us. We may be the newest race on the block, but we are damn sure one of the toughest. How many Reapers have the Turians destroyed? How many have the Asari talked to? Salarian councilor, you scout them out yet?" Kallen looked to the Councilors for actual answers. "None huh? Because I seem to remember the Alliance blowing one to hell outside this very tower, saving your lives. I'm sure you'll enjoy the footage I'm sending you of the human prototype Reaper that was the product of you letting the collectors abduct our colonists." Kallen typed into her omnitool to send them the footage from her greybox and continued speaking. "You'll need us if you want to stop your worlds from falling, just as much as we need you to help us take Earth back. Do you want to end up like the Batarians? Alone facing the Reapers, turned into those...things?"

The Salarian Councilor broke their collective silence. "We are convening a summit of our political leaders. If we can secure our own borders we will consider aiding you."

"You WILL Aid me councilor. Or I find someone who will and leave you out in the cold." Kallen turned and walked back down the stairs, having nothing more to say to the council.

"They're a bunch of self important jackasses Shepard." Udina shouted. He and Kallen were back in his office.

"They're scared, a little too scared if you ask me." Kallen replied.

"Our people are much more scared than we are." Udina's door opened and the Turian councilor walked through. "That was an impressive speech you gave Shepard. It's no wonder you've done all that you have."

"Well if it isn't Mr. 'Ah yes Reapers'."

"Yes. I admit to not believing in the threat the Reapers posed. Part of their plan I assume, which is why our planets are faring as badly as they are."


"Yes. Earth is not the only Council world being attacked. Palaven is burning. Our Primarch is on one of its moons. I am sending you the coordinates. The Normandy's stealth systems are key in securing Primarch Fedorian so that he may lead us at the summit and put an end to this threat once and for all."

"So now I help you before you help me? Figures."

"If you are to unite us, it's best that you have our leaders believing in your skills Commander. I have no doubt you'll get it done, with our Primarch, we'll be better equipped to fight this menace. That is how it has to be. Good day, Spectre Agent Shepard."

Kallen sighed, "Great. So now I have to be everyone's errand girl because I have a highly advanced stealth ship. I don't get how you've done this your entire life Udina."

"You get used it, and you learn how to make everyone else miserable when you want something too."

"Never thought I'd say this, but I can respect that." Kallen turned and walked out of Udina's office. The Keepers must have been doing some heavy updating because the embassy wasn't how she remembered it a few years ago. Best example was that Bailey's office was now right down the hall from Udina's.

"My viewers have questions!" were the words that hit Kallen's ears when the door to Bailey's office opened.

"Well I'm sorry, but they'll have to wait. There's no anti-human conspiracy going on, none of the Councilors are granting interviews at this time." Bailey told Khalisah Al-Jilani, the reporter who had been scandalizing Shepard's activities ever since her first days as a Spectre.

The reporter turned and stormed out the door, noticing that Shepard had just walked in passed her, she turned around. "Commander Shepard? Commander, the people want to know about Earth! They-"

The Door closed on her before she could finish." Damn press." Bailey groaned.

"Yeah. She always this persistent?"

"The way she's been here lately you'd think we were dating." Bailey chuckled, "Personally I'd rather be back on Zakera Ward, but the pays nice enough that being here with the stuffed shirts isn't so bad. Just glad I got to see Earth before all this happened."

"You got back?" Kallen asked.

"Yeah, got a month vacation and saw it all. New York, Paris, Even your de facto shrine in Rio."

"They really go all out for me at the N7 headquarters?"

"Yeah. you might as well have punched every Reaper in the face and came out without breaking your hand." Kallen felt herself blush a little when she heard that. "I won't hold you. I'll have pictures next time your drop by. You've got an important job ahead of you Shepard. You'll get it done."

"Damn right I will. Keep your edge Bailey. You might need it sooner than you think." Kallen exited his office and headed back toward the elevator where Al-Jilani was waiting.

"Commander! The people of the Alliance have questions. Why have you come o the Citadel, shouldn't you be the one leading the resistance on Earth?" Kallen had faced her before, but this time, she was different. She wasn't her usual calm self when she asked these questions. No, these weren't some questions she was using just to get a headline, these were personal. "Why are you here playing with the politicians when families are dying?"

Kallen said nothing, only reaching out to touch Khalisah's shoulder. "Khalisah, I'm here to get help for everyone. We need everyone in the same corner if we're going to fight the Reapers. Keep asking these questions so that the Council won't forget about us. Don't let them do it for a second."

Khalisah wiped her eyes as tears began to fall from them, "I won't. You can count on that...and Thank you Commander. I needed to hear that from you. Thank you for being on our side." Khalisah and her camera drone went off into the embassies, no doubt looking for more people to question.

"Wow, you sure do know your way around a camera." Vega said when he approached her.

"You could say that. I take it you've calmed down after that tantrum when we were leaving Earth?"

"Yeah...Hard not to calm down when you're in this place...I hate it."


"It's like they don't even know what's going on. First time up on the Presidium and I just want to leave. Liara told me the Council wants us to pick up the groceries before they get off their asses to help."

"Yeah, not happy about it, but we're desperate."

"I get it, what you and Anderson were saying. We can't win this by ourselves. It's gonna take everyone to win this. We need help."

"Glad to see you thinking straight."

"Thanks, though I'm gonna head down to the wards where they at least keep it real."

"Sorry but no, back to the Ship, we're about to head out. Send everyone the message, we leave for Palaven in 30."

"Yes Ma'am" James saluted and jogged up to a rapid transit car, sending messages from his omnitool in the process.

Kallen though, chose to take the elevator. It provided her with enough time to get her head together. This was going to be a long, hard road to victory. She knew she'd done whatever she could to prepare. Making herself stronger, making sure everyone she knew was going to be prepared as best they could. Even that wasn't enough however. Right now Millions of lives were being extinguished or being turned into slaves for the Reapers.

"Wow, never thought I'd see you looking this down."

Kallen looked up, realizing she'd been so lost in thought that she didn't notice the elevator ahd stopped at the Normandy's docking bay. "Jacob?"

"In the flesh." He said, snapping to a crisp salute, "Staff Lieutenant Jacob Taylor reporting for duty. Got assigned to the Normandy this morning, it's good to be back."

"Are you bringing your incredibly skilled Girlfriend with you?"

"No, at least not yet" Kasumi said, deactivating her cloak next to Shepard. "I got a tip about this project you guys are working on and figured they would need help procuring supplies. What better use of my talents could there be than that?"

"Good idea. If anyone can find rare and useful things, it's you Kasumi. Good luck."

"Luck's got nothing to do with it Shep, in any case, you'll need all the luck you can get. Especially with how those councilors were acting. Take care of Jacob for me, I don't want him in pieces when I see him again."

"I'll try my best." Kallen and Kasumi shook hands. Kasumi gave Jacob a quick kiss before disappearing once again.

"Shall we?" Jacob asked, motioning to the Normandy.

"We shall!" Kallen replied. They walked to the airlock and stood in the decontamination field. When they entered some of the crew was already onboard and preparing their stations. They would salute when Kallen walked.

"Well it looks like I'll have to find the Armory." Jacob said, coming to where the door to the armory used to be, finding it sealed and removed and some crates sitting in the old doorway.

"You do that...I'm exhausted."

"Get some rest Shepard, you'll need it."

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Kallen waived her omnitool and silence the alarm she set before her nap. A solid 6 hours of rest and she still didn't feel 100%. Despite that she rolled out of bed and redressed in her Alliance uniform. She looked up to see stars moving above her head. The ship was on its way to Menae, Palaven's largest moon to rescue the Turian Primarch. Kallen was heading out to make her rounds when Liara stepped out of the Elevator.

"Liara?" Kallen said, her voice slightly raspy from sleep.

"I came to see if you were alright, after everything. I've been forwarding the Turian councilor information on the Crucible, but he won't budge until we rescue the Primarch."

"Of course not."

"How are you feeling Shepard. This is everything we've fought against since the old Normandy, but..."

"I'm fine Liara. I can't afford not to be."

"Okay. I just wanted to be sure."

The elevator door opened a second time, this time a dark skinned human woman stepped out of the doors and into attention. "Commander Shepard, I'm-Oh am I interrupting something?"

"Not at all, I was just heading back down to my station." Liara said, replacing the woman in the elevator before the door closed.

The woman started over, "I'm Comm. Specialist Samantha Traynor, with Alliance R&D. I was part of the crew retrofitting the Normandy when you handed her over to us." although she just met her, Kallen was already in love with Samantha's smooth accent. "I've always been in a lab, never served on a ship before..."

"Easy Specialist Traynor." Kallen reassured her, "Take your time." Kallen jerked her head back into her cabin and Samantha followed her in.

"Thank you Commander. The ship is in line with Alliance regulations and outfitted with top of the line Quantum entanglement communicators. This was intended to be used by Admiral Anderson as his mobile Commander center..."

This bit of information was new to Kallen. Why was Anderson going to use her ship to command? How was she supposed to fight the Reapers with anything but the Normandy built specifically for her? All of this thought finally came to a "That's not going to be possible now. He's leading the resistance on Earth."

"Yes, I heard he chose to stay and fight. In any event, I honored to be serving under you, Commander. For as long as you need me anyway, they only sent me to handle the retrofits."

"Kallen" EDI's voice called into the cabin from the intercom, "Some of the Normandy's systems require further testing and Specialist Traynor has been extremely helpful during their installations. If I may request it, I'd like her to stay aboard."

"Looks like you made a friend Specialist. Done EDI. She stays."

"I wasn't aware you let VIs make requests Commander...or call you out of rank?"

"EDI is an AI. An unshackled one at that. Fully self aware."

"Oh! I knew it! I knew Joker was lying." Kallen had to suppress a smile at seeing Samantha get angry at Joker, the first of many times she predicted.

"It was not our intentions were not to deceive, only to make sure that I was not uninstalled and destroyed as standard Alliance protocols instruct." EDI replied.

"No, it's alright...and I apologize for all those times I talked about your voice being...attractive." Traynor rubbed the back of her neck then got back to her train of thought. "Anyway, shall I give you a list of the new upgrades?" She pulled out a datapad and Kallen stood next to her. "The CIC is pretty much the same from the Cerberus build of the ship. Aft of that is the war room. The door way to the tech labs houses a full body scan, for clearance purposes, only officers of the ship may enter unless otherwise requested. In the War Room you can analyze combat data and organize War assets, as well as go over missions specific intel." Samantha pressed the image and it changed to a weapons bench. "The Shuttle bay contains an armory, where you can modify and equip weapons. When the shuttle bay is set to open the armory goes into lockdown so that weapons and armor aren't lost." She pressed it again and Something similar to Liara's base appeared. "Liara set up some equipment in the room behind the Medical bay. There you have it. Same ship is before, it just flies Alliance colors now. Speaking of which, I believe Admiral Hackett would like to speak to you at the vid comm."

Kallen and Samantha walked into the Elevator and rode it down to the 2nd Deck. Samantha walked over to Kelly's old station and began typing into the terminal, while Kallen walked to the scanner.

"Commander Shepard!" The first of two women in the room said, both saluting her. "I'm private Campbell and that's Private Westmoreland. We monitor anyone coming in and out of the War and Meeting rooms. It's an honor to serve on the Normandy Ma'am."

"Likewise Private." Kallen said as she was scanned. A beep allowed her through the next door and she saw the tech labs and been removed and replaced with the old debriefing room, walled off by three glass panes. At the end of the room next to the emergency ladder was another door. The war room was spectacular. In the center of the room was a circular holographic projector surrounded by various stations. On the upper level were other stations ready to be used for any purpose. Opposite her was the vid comm. She walked to it to see that Admiral Hackett's line was ready. She accessed it and Hackett's image appeared as if he was standing this.

"Commander, Councilor Udina has just updated me on your progress. I see you're heading to Palaven to rescue the Turian Primarch."

"Yes Sir. I'm gathering the leadership of the council species so I can bypass their councilors. This summit is going to be our best chance for a quick counter offensive on Earth."

"I like it. Meanwhile I've set up an location for the crucible project. Dr. T'soni has been sending me all the available information she has. It helps to have the Shadow broker on your side when facing the greatest threat the Galaxy has ever seen."

"That is does. I'll get you all the help I can. Fleets, scientists, you name it I'll get it." Kalln saluted her godfather.

"I'll hold you to that. Hackett out."

With a deep sigh Kallen turned and walked back through the war room and security check point. Campbell and Westmoreland were in conversation.

"I can't believe the council won't help." Campbell groaned.

"Come on Sarah, if Thessia was being torched and Earth hadn't been touched, you bet your ass we'd be protecting the relay to make sure we didn't get hit too."

Even they were debating on the councils positions. It was hard to stay mad at their outright refusal to march the fleets to Earth. Thinking of earth, she realized she was still in the same uniform she wore during the attack and decided she needed to change. Kallen went back up to her cabin to finally check out her armor locker.

Her selection was amazing. She scrolled through it with her omnitool even finding something special from Joker and EDI; an N7 hoodie. "Yes! I always wanted one of these!" She continued to scroll and found an Alliance dress uniform and chose that. "Now I make my rounds."

Kallen rode the elevator down to the crew deck and immediately she was stunned by what she saw when the door opened. Before her was a wall, erected with the Alliance insignia in the center with two columns of names. She recognized them as the members of the Normandy SR-1 that didn't make it off the ship. There was another name on there, Kaidan's.

Virmire came rushing back into her mind. The sight of Kaidan sitting against the bomb seconds before it blew. Kallen turned away from the wall wiping the tears that welled up in her eyes as she did. She headed over to Miranda's office, checking to see how things were going, and found that, well, they weren't going well.

"Shepard, there you are." Miranda said, turning away from a very disgruntled Ashley. "did you really make Ashley the XO of the ship?"

"I made you both XO's. You're both my second in command. Is that going to be a problem?"

"It is because I'm going over personnel records and she's taking them for herself. She's doing he same tasks I'm doing and it's aggravating." Miranda stamped her foot on the ground to add emphasis to her annoyance.

Kallen pinched the bridge of her nose. "okay look. Make a list of all the duties an XO does, send it to me and then I'll assign each of you half of them. That way neither of you are doing something that's already done. You both have the same amount of authority here. I trust you both with this Ship if something happens to me. Don't make me regret it." Kallen walked out of the office and over to the medbay where she saw Dr. Chakwas.

"Ah there you are Commander."

"How's it feel to be back Doc?" Kallen smiled.

"Like coming home. I'm going over everyone's medical records and I'd like to do a quick scan for yours."

"Sure, just, no scalpels."

"Alas to my great disappointment it's nothing invasive, just checking your implants and your in house camera crew." Chakwas chuckled a bit as she scanned Kallen. "How is that if I may ask?"

"Well, so far nothing terrible. I had a run in with Cerberus so they might have gotten something if the static on Mars blocked EDI. So far EDI's been organizing all the footage from our last mission and sending the necessary stuff to the council."

"Well that's good. Your implants have taken fully. Your body has adapted to the weaves and the medigel conduits. I see you've also been working on your physique. Your muscles are dense, yet flexible enough to stop from tearing. This should help you in the long run. You're the picture of health"

"I try." Kallen said, flexing her arms like a body building. "It's glad to have you back. I couldn't imagine a Normandy without you."

"Likewise. The ship would just feel...wrong if you weren't here to lead it. Take care Shepard"

Shepard walked towards the AI core and the doors opened to the fantastic view of Liara's information network.

"Hello Commander Kallen Shepard. It is nice to see you again." Liara's drone said when she entered.

"I see you brought more than just your computer with you."

"Yes, well I would be a silent Shadow Broker without my data feeds and Glyph helps keep them organized, though he and EDI did have a little spat when he came on board."

"I was only trying to adjust the settings to your preferences."

"Yes Well EDI is more than capable of doing that herself. You're lucky she allowed you to remain active on the ship."

"Well I'm glad to see everything worked out. If there's anything you need from me just send me a message." With her crew deck rounds complete Kallen headed to the engineering deck. She entered from the right side and saw Ken and Gabby's old stations were vacant, but turned to see a face she hadn't seen since her resurrection.

"Commander, glad you could come by."

"Engineer Adam's good to see you" they exchanged salutes. "What brings you back here?"

"I was assigned to the Normandy to oversee the drive core retrofits," he said as they walked toward the pulsing engine, "but when I saw it I had to stop myself from drooling."

"I take it you like our SR-2?"

"She's incredible, if there's one nice thing I can say about Cerberus, it's that they know how to build a ship. And about that-Cerberus I mean-I owe you an apology. Dr. Chakwas told me they were rounding up the old crew for a second ship, but when she said it was a Cerberus job, I declined. I didn't have her back, or yours and I'm sorry about that."

"Don't worry about it Adams. You can make it up to me on this tour."

"Yes Ma'am"

Kallen walked out into the corridor and noticed the lock on the starboard cargo bay was green, meaning it was in use. She walked over to it and entered. It was magnificent. The blank slate of wall that used to be there was covered in pictures, mostly of people from the citadel from what Kallen could tell. Diana stood in front of the wall, looking over the pictures when she noticed Kallen enter. "Like the set up? I was honestly shocked to find the bed when I got here."

"It's nice, sort of like a studio for you?"

"Yeah, plenty of work space and I get a private place to do my work. I also noticed something else. The presence of Matriarch Benezia's daughter, an AI on board the ship, and a Communicator that can reach Earth. That last one is my favorite. If you can get me anything about Earth it'll be worth a week of headlines. I won't need face time, just data."

"A-alright. I'll get you what I can that's not classified. Telle veryone what's really going on with Earth."

"I can do this Commander If you have time later, remind me to tell you how I made an Elcor cry." Diana saluted Kallen and sat at the desk next to the wall. Kallen highlighted a few files for her and sent them to her terminal. She now headed down to the shuttle bay. There was a guy at the terminal closest to the Kodiak. She approached and cleared her throat.

"Ah Commander." the man snapped into a salute, "Flight Lieutenant Steve Cortez, I was just doing maintenance reports on the new Kodiak shuttle.

"Good work Lieutenant, I trust it's in working order?"

"Dios! Straight to business without even saying 'Hello'? You two need to chill out." Vega called from his station.

"Hey, Vega, SHUT UP!"

"So you do care Mr. Vega." Cortez called over to him, getting back to attention when Kallen turned her glare on him. "I was assigned to the Normandy to oversee the retrofits of the cargo hold, making it similar to that of SR-1. I'm familiar with operating and maintaining the UT-47a Kodiak shuttles and the M44 Hammerhead ground assault vehicle. In my years in the Allince I got knack for procurement when I needed repairs which is why I almost monitor and maintain the Normandy's supply chains. If you link to a store we can buy materials and have them sent to the ship, thought it is a little more expensive for delivery."

"I see, so you're a jack of all trades it seems."

"Yes Ma'am. The new Kodiak is one of the best birds I've seen. It has an upgraded Eezo core and prototype stealth technology based on the Normandy's design. I can get you in and out of tough spots with quick drops, but she flies like a brick, so you need a good pilot."

"Well I'm glad you know how to fly her, carry on Lieutenant Cortez."

"Yes Ma'am. Glad to be here." He turned back to his station, returning to the maintenance reports.

Kallen looked out into the main area of the shuttle bay and saw Vega and Jacob exchanging punches. "HEY!" Kallen barked, running up to them. Her voice caused Jacob to look away, making him catch a right hook from Vega across the chin. Kallen turned to Vega, grabbed him by the wrists and hurled him over her head, landing hard on his back. "What the hell is wrong with you two? Does everyone on this ship want to fight? save it for the Reapers!"

"Shepard relax." Jacob groaned, holding his jaw. "Vega and I go way back. We were old sparring partners in basic."

"Yeah Lola, chill, not fighting, though Tay needs to not give people openings like that." Vega chuckled, making his way to his feet.

"Alright, we'll get a ring like we had on the old ship, and then you two can spar, until then back to your stations"

"Yes Ma'am" they both said before heading to separate work benches. Kallen followed Vega however.

"Something you need Lola?"

"Yeah, stop calling me that, now." Kallen said plainly, "It was cute when we were naked, but now this is business. Address me as Ma'am , Commander, or Queen if you're into that, but Lola's off limits for now."

"Jeez, you really do need to lighten up. I take it the presence of those fiery XO's of yours is what has you on edge?"

"None of your damn business. You were a fun ride for a while Lieutenant, but I can't have you acting the way you've been these past few days."

"I get it I get it. Flings are flings. I am gonna miss seeing that ass if yours though...last one I promise Ma'am."

"Thank you. carry on." Shepard walked out of Vega's area and over to Jacob.

"Sorry about earlier Shepard, wasn't aware it could be seen as dangerous."

"It's alright Jacob. What's in that crate?"

"Oh that? Just a gift from the N7 program. Heavy armor suited just for you. They tailored it to your physique and it helps you out in the field. Comes with extra ammo pockets for your guns, VIs to help your weapons shoot better and back up shield generators to boost your barriers strength. They call it Defender armor." Jacob pushed he crate in front of her.

It was beautiful. Black armor that looked like it could take a beating and in her control give one out too.

"Also we just got our weapons in and it's a hell of a spread. The Alliance took your widow and upgraded it, even gave it a scarier name, here's the Black Widow." Jacob handed her the weapon, extending out into its full size. "It's got a three shot clip now and it still packs the punch it used to have. We also have several mods I can put onto it, including a longer barrel and even one that allows the shots to go through walls and bodies."

"Sounds enticing, work your magic Lieutenant Taylor. Send me a full list when you and Vega get this stuff unpacked and I'll let you know what I want."

"Aye aye Ma'am"