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Mira's Last Job

"I really gotta start charging more for this job…" The redhead sighed. Flying around in a small fighter was not her ideal method for a bounty. However, considering the large sum Vogga the Hutt was offering, how could she afford to turn it down? Besides, it was a good way to escape, considering all the mess she went through lately. As she hit the auto-pilot button, she sat back and enjoyed the view, or as much as anyone could, in her position.

A few weeks ago, she was on the biggest mission of her life; saving the galaxy from certain destruction. Now, she was back to being a plain old bounty hunter. No Jedi, no Force, no fuss. Still, it was difficult to turn away from, even now. She felt the currents, the flow of life around her, dim as it was. Most of all, she felt the teeming of life from the forest planet below. Strange, that she never noticed that particular system before. Mira sighed, opening up her comm. channel.

"Hey, Vogga…" She cried, receiving thick static through her device. "You sure the target's here?"

"(I am very sure)." The Hutt replied, rubbing his slug-like chin.

"Because, I'm here and I sure don't see any-" Mira paused, receiving turbulence from her backside. With the entire cockpit ringing, and signs that her engines were at 50 percent power, she immediately knew what was going on. After all, you couldn't grow up on Nar Shardaa without being backstabbed once or twice.

"You set me up, you fat worm!" She screamed through the device.

"(Even with that incessant Goto out of the picture, the price of a Jedi is very… valuable.)"

She grumbled, turning off the comm. device, switching back to manual and maneuvering out of fire. The small fighter curved and banked around hard curves, but to no avail. The enemy fighters closed in on her and fired heavily. Not one for suicide missions, she looked for a way out. Sadly, her Hyperspace drive had several cracks and with the way the enemies tailed her, she'd be delaying the inevitable. Thus, conflict was her only way out.

Mira quickly did a somersault, taking out one fighter and damaging the other. However, considering she was outnumbered 6 to 1, the battle had hardly turned in her favor. She quickly flew around, looking for any openings but to no avail. She was trapped and found no way out.

"Trust your instincts…"

She shook herself awake, and continued to fly away. No time for hallucinations, she told herself. She quickly charged the enemy line, taking out the damanged fighter from before and one more for good measure. However, her fighter was hit significantly, as entire cockpit glowed red. The redhead drove herself towards the forest system and braced for impact. For a moment, she sighed a bit of relief, before numerous branches began to block her view. As she became closer and closer to her inevitable crash, the sounds of metal scraping leaves added to her fear. Finally, she felt, not saw, her ship run against dirt, before colliding with a nearby trunk and banging her head in the process. She had survived, barely.

"Okay, don't black out! Don't black out! Don't… aw, crap!" She said, before succumbing to sleep.

"You're leaving?" She exclaimed, looking the ne'er-do-well in person.

"Yeah. One week for repairs, then I have to go." The Jedi said. In his defense, it was clear that the Exile had no plans of settling down. However, his newest plan seemed ludicrous at best. Mira felt frozen, watching as without batting an eyelash, he declared he was leaving for the Unknown reasons. It had been fortunate that they had been in a bar, because she needed a heavy dose of Juma right now.

"Umm… Newsflash!" Atton said, looking at him. "You spaced the old Witch! You're still here so, don't do it!"

"No," he replied. "Kreia may have been Sith, but she was right. The true threat is out there, and I have to stop it."

"But, why must you go alone?" The Echani sister said. "Can you not bring allies with you?"

"The same reason Revan went alone. He couldn't bring liabilities that could endanger the mission. And I'm afraid that includes all of you." He said, turning to his allies. Atton, former smuggler, had looked devastated and Brianna looked something between furious and on the verge of tears. However, others in the group her harder to interpret. Mandalore, naturally, didn't show, or couldn't show, any emotion past his helmet. Bao-Dur sat solemnly out of respect. Then there was the Miraluka, bowing her head in silence with her fists shaking in her lap.

Mira, on the other hand, was livid. She couldn't stand the idea of this man leaving her, giving her something and then throwing it all away just for some idiotic gesture of heroism.

"You can't be serious!" She cried. "We followed you into the rancor pit of the galaxy and then you just say, 'Thanks'? Like Hell I'm going to stick around for this!"

"Mira, wait…" He said.

"Or what? You'll leave? Seems to me this Jedi business isn't something that's worth saving, anyway."

So she left, taking off her robe and keeping the bounty hunter jacket underneath. From this point on, she looked out for number one.

Mira awoke, mentally scolding herself to not try that again. She picked herself up, and checked the controls on the cockpit. However, several clicks and no responses led her to believe that there was no power. She scoffed, assuring herself that she was good at repairs. She lifted up the windshield and checked. To her dismay she found half of her fighter right in front of her, with the front end behind her. Clearly, no matter how skilled she was with repairs, she would need a new means of transportation.

During her observation, she nearly forgot about her surroundings. She found the end of large trunks, and could've sworn she heard a sapien-like creature pass by. There was little light below with a visible but not thick mist covering her feet. She scratched her head and shrugged.

"Well, at least it's not full of rocks…" she said, remembering the last time she crashed. She told herself to look for supplies. Fortunately, she didn't go far without her basic weapons: a laser rifle, some basic grenades and mines, some medpacs as well. However, she soon came across a large rolled up sack, stuffed with miscellaneous items. She sighed, and unrolled it. It was an ugly thing, really: a tan robe far too big for her figure and worthless anywhere else. On the other hand, the weapon it held was of greater interest. The smooth metallic casing had not been broken and held comfortably in her hand. Mira unsheathed it, hearing the low hum and letting its bright glow shelter her.

Yellow. The Color of the Jedi Sentinel.

She groaned and was about to put it away. However, rustling in the distance caused her to change her mind. She closed her eyes and heard savage noises. Suddenly, the faceless beast struck, as she swung her blade. Faster than a second, she opened her eyes, revealing some strange creature with odd spindly legs. Mira would've examined it more closely, but random blaster shots from the distance told her to keep her distance. She ran the other way, carrying the rolled up sack with her. Unsure what she would face, she sprinted behind the nearest tree and waited for her breath to catch up.

From what she could tell, there was a Rodian and a Twi'lek on her tail. Luckily, they were inexperienced and gave her the advantage. She whipped around, and shot one of them with a paralyzing dart. However, the Rodian caught wind of this and began firing. Naturally, she fired back, only to have the fight drag out a great deal of time. When it was obvious she wasn't going to hit anything the orthodox way, she settled and used her saber to deflect the blast and defeat the Rodian. She sighed, going back and checking the bodies. However, a bright flash of light before her eyes made that impossible.

She doubted her lightsaber could defeat the gunship aimed right at her.

Taking a hint, she sprinted out of the Gatling rounds. She dodged and weaved as best as she could, but the laser tore though several of the trees. Running out of breath and room, she looked around until she found a tree. She took a deep breath and made the highest jump she made in her life. She naturally would've paraded this, if not for the ship trying to kill her. She held onto a branch for dear life, pulling herself up and watching the ship fly by. For a moment, she genuinely believed she could survive up on the tree. However, realizing that she was in dire need of food, medical care and transportation, she knew that she needed to get rid of the bounty hunters plaguing her.

She stood high on the branch, crouching down. The redhead took a deep breath. She would simply leap, land on the ship and cut a small, but not damaging hole, taking out the pilots. Letting go of all fear, she made the leap. Unfortunately, she misjudged the distance between her and ship, landing on her feet and then falling back from the recoil. The pilots must've caught wind of this because the next moment, she found herself rolling on the dirt floor with the force. The gunship was turning around. She frantically scanned the area for her lightsaber, but found it nowhere. However, she did catch sight of a slightly bent tree, leaning towards the ship.

Taking a deep breath, she grabbed hold of the trunk. Telepathically pulling it seemed easier in paper, but she had no choice. Just as she saw the spotlights blind her, the sound of heavy creaking filled the air and she was met with a ship exploding under the sheer weight of a toppled tree. Unsure whether her pursuers were alive or dead, she recovered her Jedi weapon and investigated it. Seeing two corpses was the first time it relived her. She took a deep breath, grabbed her rolled up sack of unmentionables and headed out. That would be, until she felt footsteps behind her. Drawing her saber, she whipped around, only to find a familiar, horrifying sight. A beast with fur covering its skin. Its gigantic posture was only outmatched by its smell. What little teeth it possessed, it growled with rabid rage.

"Hanharr! But, you're-"

The redhead was cut off with a blow to the forehead, knocking her out once more.

"So, you're really set on leaving…" Atton said, leaning against the door. Mira had no idea why he insisted watching her pack up, but quite frankly she was too pissed off to care. After loading up various essentials, she continued to ignore the pilot.

"At least say goodbye to him!" He urged on. "Where he's going, he's going to need all the luck he can get."

"Look, Atton…" Mira said, finally picking herself up. "I appreciate the false modesty, wake up and smell the Tarisian Ale. He's abandoning us! Leaving! We trusted him and he repays us with this? You should be madder than I am!"

"You know he's doing the right thing." The pilot walked towards her.

"And, you're going to feed yourself that line for how long?"

"You know when he sets his mind to something, there's no stopping him. Believe me, I've tried. Still, he's done a lot for us."

The redhead sighed, unwilling to abide to Atton's logic. When the Exile showed her the Force, her world was open up to something new, something wonderful. She believed she found friends who wouldn't sell her out for the highest offer to Vogga. She believed she found people who'd tolerate her. She… thought she'd found a new home. But when he announced his departure, her faith was shattered.

Suddenly, the Echani sister passed by with loud footsteps. Looking rather disgruntled, Mira turned to the pilot.

"What crawled up her cargo hold?"

"He's probably in the Starboard cabin with you-know-who." He chuckled. Mira sighed. Out of all the things in the galaxy, she didn't want to get in-between him and his faithful servant. Still, if she was going to say goodbye, now was probably the best time. She passed the galaxy map, and neared the room. However, she was surprised to find the two of them, locked in a tight embrace. Using her better judgment, she hid out of sight and rather listened.

"My master, please… do not go." The Miraluka said, shaking with fear. "I would… I would gladly pay the price to-"

"No." He said, using his presence to stop her. "You're doing just fine the way you are. But, I need to do this alone. And, I'm not your master. You mean much more to me than that."

The seer stood silent for a while, unsure what to say. Her full lips quivered and said nothing. However, when she finally found the will to spoke, an odd thing occurred.

"My life for-" She was met with a single finger, pressed on her lips.

"Visas, my life for yours." The servant finally broke down embracing the Exile's chest. He held her silently.

Even Mira knew, that this was a bad time to intrude. Next time, she told herself.

She finally awoke, finding herself aloft somewhere. When she regained her sense of balance, she immediately realized that she was floating without the aid of a ship or the Force. When searching for an immediate answer, she was dismayed when she found her arms and legs bound to a stick with vines wrapped around her. Adding to her disappointment, she found the giant Hanharrs carrying her as if some fresh meat ready to be served.

"Oh, this is just humiliating…" She muttered as she was continued to be transported. She caught sight of the upper branches of the trees, filled with homes, shelters and even buildings if one could imagine it, all built with wood. She found herself, going inside the chambers where, thankfully, it was brighter than the outside. The animals cut the vines off of her as she fell to the ground. She felt her sore wrists and slowly picked herself up. At this point, she wasn't sure what to do but gasp.

The last thing she wanted to do was meet Hanharr again. Before Mira could catch her breath, she was surrounded by at least 30 of his relatives.