Chapter One: My Version of Goong episode 0.1

The physician was checking the king's pulse, then the king asked, "how is it?" then the physician sadly said, "It's serious faint, your majesty" then the queen asked again slowly to make sure she heard right "serious faint?" then the physician bowed to her and said, "yes, your majesty" then grandmother said, "oh my god" and pressed her chest then she continued, " it's time".

The next day at Chae Kyong's shoot

Chae Kyong was wearing a sexy see-through shirt that buttoned only the middle one with a skin-colored bra and wearing a half buttoned jeans and was posing sexily and the photographer was clicking and said, "ok!, One more" and repeating it.

Then after a minute it was done and Chae Kyong changed to her school uniform and when she went out everyone said to her, "good work" and stop there!

Chae Kyong's POV

I'm Shen Chae Kyong, a girl who is now the new popular sexy model. Everywhere the kings, queens and royals are loved by the people.

But what about our country? He, he, he. It's unfortunate but our royal line was cut off so let's use our imagination.

At School

KangHyun, Xisong and Shunying are all waiting for Chae Kyong then KangHyun said, "where is she?" Then 2 black cars came then KangHyun said, "now, it's getting noisy it must be the prince". Then Xisong and Shunying turned to KangHyun and said, "KangHyun you aren't going to make us be all over that prince again right?" then Shunying said, "Plus, our characters here are so ugly and idiotic if you say we are gong to be all over the prince I rather die" then the prince got out of the car and all the girls tried to got out of the car and all the girls tried to get near him but was covered by the guards then KangHyun gave Xisong a blood red rose and a red ribbon and said, "here give this to the prince try to get his smell into it" then Xisong said, " then, its not really give right? Because he will never take it" then KangHyun said, "that's right" and Xisong went to the prince and did her task.

Then KangHyun gave Shunying a heart shaped present box and said, "Here, try to get the prince's touch with it" then Shunying took the box and did her job. Just then a black car came in the school then KangHyun looked at her watch and said, "she's late" and wait there then Chae Kyong got out of the car wearing the school uniform (no jersey under) and her hair all down with a school shoulder bag then all the girls who were trying to get near the princes went to Chae Kyong and nearly all the boys at school except for the prince's three friends went to Chae Kyong asking for an autograph and photos.

That made the prince turn to Chae Kyong who was posing sexily for the photos and giving autographs, he was quite surprised by it but went to his own way.

Then his guards cover the students so that they won't get close to the prince which those students are Xisong and Shunying, while activating the rose that gets his scent and the present that gets his touch they act as if they are trying to give it to the prince.

After they done their mission they went back to KangHyun, then KangHyun took the stuff and said, "good work" then Chae Kyong came and said, "what are you guys doing?" then KangHyun said, "Chae Kyong, you're late" then Chae Kyong said, "ok, I'm sorry" then the four of them all went on their way.

The Prince's POV

The three friends came to the prince and they did the complicated handshake then Chae Kyong said, "Ah, the new popular sexy model Shen Chae Kyong, what, fell in love?" "yeah right, like I am" said Xin laughing then they went to their own way.

In the school hallway

Chae Kyong went to her ballet class while the others went to the art class.

In the Art Class

KangHyun said to Shunying and Xisong "finish your work?" the Xisong said, "work?" then KangHyun said, "Portrait of Hus" then Shunying and Xisong said, "of coarse, we are not the characters you made so no worries".

In the Ballet Class

As Chae Kyong went into the class all the girls came and surrounded her, except Hyo Rin, who was looking out the window. Then Chae Kyong greeted the girls and went to change then everyone was practicing then Chae Kyong joined them. Then Hyo Rin helped everyone and went to the window so Chae Kyong smiled and went to Hyo Rin and said, "Hyo Rin, where are you?" then Hyo Rin smiled at Chae Kyong and said, "I'm in the clouds where they are more blue" then Chae Kyong said, "Hyo Rin, what's wrong?" then as Hyo Rin was going to speak the teacher came.

The Prince's POV

Hyo Rin came out the window so Chang Kyong said, "Wow, what a nice view, the prince must look that way" then Chae Kyong came out so Ren Yu Woung said, "oh, isn't that the super model Shen Chae Kyong?" but the prince was not listening and only looking at Hyo Rin.

Back in the Ballet Class

The teacher came in when the girls were eating snacking except Hyo Rin and Chae Kyong so the girls hid their snacks and said, "good afternoon teacher" so the teacher smiled at them and nodded then she made the file that she was holding like a table in her hand then the girls put their snacks on it.

Then the teacher said, "don't you want to keep fit?" then she started poking the girl's stomach with her stick and said, "to be a ballerina" and the girls continued, "to keep fit" then the teacher again poking the girls stomach she said, "to hold back" and the girls continued, "the desire to eat" then the teacher said, "all at the weighting machine" so the girls groaned and tried to complain but then the teacher turned and said, "add an hour if plus 0.1 kg then went out, leaving the girls to groan.

But of coarse, Chae Kyong and Hyo Rin were smiling because they have no trouble on it.