Title: Fading of The Constellations

Author: Natasha Leigh

Rated T for language, mild violence and adult situations

Disclaimer: I do not own anything within the Roswellian Universe but since it was canceled, I can write whatever I want.

Summary: Senior year has finally arrived for Max Evans, Liz Parker and their friends while Max's sister, Isabel, is trying to navigate college. All of their lives seem to have finally gone back to normal, until a girl wandering in the desert changes everything.

Author's Note: This chapter is still full of drama, and it may be a bit boring, but I'm still trying to settle some stuff out concerning characters and their appearances. So, bear with me. In other news, you'll notice a lot about Ashley's beloved and a little boy. They're one in the same, but you'll all learn about him later. I'm also going to play a little with Max's memories, as well as the memories of Isabel, Michael and Ashley, because they all have something in their past that they're not proud of. Enjoy.

Chapter 2: Faded Memories

July 28…

Everything seemed bright as the two strangers pushed her into the house. She tried to cover her eyes, but she was wrapped up in harsh, scratchy fabric. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly, but it didn't suffice so she let out a whimper and the man put weird goggle type things on her face that made the light dim. She'd been calling out for her brother for some time when the small girl started moving the large metallic machine, but she was pretty sure that they didn't know who she was talking about. Still, they kept looking at each other and speaking in a weird language she'd never heard before.

They sat her down on a couch and the fabric felt itchy against her skin. She bent down to scratch her calf and felt the electric shocks course through her body. She had never experienced this before, but she'd heard a lot about it from her fiancé. Her powers were returning to her, but it hurt and everything was bright and cold and she just wanted to go home. She was going to be Queen. She shouldn't have been subjected to harsh fabrics or fabrics that made her itch.

She watched as the girl kept talking to the man. The word "stop" kept coming out of her mouth, but she was disinterested in what they had to say. She couldn't understand it anyway. She wondered what had happened. She was celebrating her 17th name day and she fainted. Then, she woke up on the cold ground next to the Granilith. She had heard of what happened to the Royal Four when she got older, so she could only assume that she suffered the same fate as them and was shuttled to Earth. The thought made her sad. She still had so much to do. She had to help remove Kivar from the throne. She still had to get married. She needed to go home.

When she stood up, her legs nearly buckled and the tall, strong man grabbed her. He began to speak to her. Angry words came out of his mouth and she didn't know he was asking her questions like who she was and where she came from. All she knew was that he looked angry and she struggled away from him. She managed to get away, but she fell and bumped her head on a couch cushion. She wrapped the harsh blanket closer to her naked body and the man advanced on her again. She was afraid she was going to die, so she said the only human word she'd been taught: No.

She said it again and again until she was near screaming it. Suddenly, the small girl wrapped her arms around her and she had a vision of the Royal Four when they were alive and back home. It wasn't a trick, like the girl had tried to do earlier, and she realized that she was being held by someone just like her. That helped to calm her down. Still, she moved closer to the couch when the tall man advanced on her.

Thirty minutes later, Max and Isabel arrived, and Max was able to get through to her the best way he knew how. That was how they found out she was from Antar and that was how they found out her name, Zaia.

"…Ashley? Ashley, wake up! Ashley, wake up, honey."

Ashley opened her eyes and found Isabel standing over her, concern all over her face. She sat up on the couch and wiped her face clean, though she had no idea why her cheeks were so wet. "What's wrong, Isabel? Why did you wake me up?"

"You don't remember?" Isabel inquired, "You were crying in your sleep."

Ashley immediately became guarded. "It really wasn't anything. I was just dreaming about –"

"You were just dreaming about a guy from your past, from home?

Ashley's mouth parted. She wanted to tell Isabel everything but instead, she just nodded. "How do you…?"

Isabel smiled ruefully. "I know all too well. When I was in California, all I could dream about was…"

"All you could dream about was Kivar?"

"Yeah," Isabel replied. "I could remember what it was like to be with him. I was so happy but when I woke up, all I could think about was how it all ended."

"With him killing you, Max, Michael and Tess, and then taking over the throne, right? Everyone hates him there. He's a good man, but an awful king. He doesn't have what it takes but overall, I think he knows he made a mistake killing you."

"He betrayed me. He killed my brothers and took over Max's throne. I would never be able to forgive myself if I had lived."

"If you'd lived, all of you would've still been able to take care of me and…"

Isabel frowned. "Who, Ashley? The guy from your past?"

Ashley's gaze hardened. "What does it matter, Isabel? It's all in the past now. Time goes by so much faster there than it does here. I was six when you all died. Irin was seven. We became closer after Kivar took the throne. It became Irin's goal, to return the throne back to the way it was before Kivar invaded. He took all of your deaths hard, and he held on to me even tighter than he might have, had the circumstances been different."

"Did he love you? Irin, I mean?"

Ashley nodded with sadness in her eyes. Some of her memories were beginning to fade the longer she was on Earth, and she didn't want to forget her beloved. However, it was beginning to look like she didn't have a choice. "We grew up together, Isabel. We loved each other so much, but things happened and now I'm here."

Isabel ran her fingers through Ashley's hair and the both of them sat in their own sadness until Tess, Maria and Liz came into the living room with popcorn and movies. Ashley frowned and Maria smiled widely. "Guess who's having a girls' night?"

Ashley shook her head. "I don't really feel like doing one tonight."

"I'm not taking no for an answer, Ashley. This is your first girls' night and tomorrow's the first day of school. We have to celebrate your first day of school ever!"

Maria's bubbly spirit was sometimes grating on Ashley, but sometimes Maria was the spirit she needed. So, she slumped down on the floor next to Liz and Maria, and smiled as Maria popped in the movie, "Easy A."

Halfway through the movie, Liz's phone vibrated and she picked it up. She had gotten a text from Max, asking her to meet him at the Crashdown. She really didn't want to leave, but she had barely spent any time with Max during the summer. She closed her phone and Tess concentrated on the movie a little harder than she should have. Maria rolled her eyes and before Liz could ask if she could take a rain check on the Girls' Night, Maria said, "Go ahead. Have fun with Max."

Liz smiled and rushed out of the living room, grabbing her coat. Ashley smiled and continued to watch the movie, but she could feel how sad Tess was about Liz's happiness. Then, she could imagine how she would feel if Kri was in love with someone else. She turned to look at Tess and though Tess smiled at her, Ashley could see the tears in Tess's eyes.

Liz opened the door to her room and found Max standing on her roof top. She smiled wickedly and climbed through her window to get to him. He grabbed her hand and helped her and then they fell into a passionate kiss that Liz hadn't gotten from Max in months. She didn't have a flash like she used to, but she could feel the passion in him. She could tell that he wanted her and not Tess.

When they parted from the kiss, Liz smiled and said, "What are you doing here? I was supposed to spend the night with the girls at Tess's house."

"Did you really want to spend time with Tess?" Max inquired with his eyebrow raised.

Liz thought about it and pouted playfully. "Okay, you have a point. Still, tomorrow's Ashley's first day of school and I wanted to relax with her and Maria and Isabel. Tess is the only one with no adults watching her and a big house to accommodate us. I think I could've tolerated her for one night."

"I didn't want you to have to tolerate her, Liz. I know you're having a hard time getting used to her and what's going on with Ashley as well, so I thought that maybe you could spend the night with me. I'll be good. I promise."

I don't want you to be good, Liz thought to herself as so many images ran through her mind of the things she and Max could do while her parents weren't home. She grabbed him and kissed him firmly, hoping to awaken the feelings he had for her before Tess ever showed up in Roswell. Max kissed back just as fiercely, and Liz plucked at Max's jacket. After holding back for months, Liz was ready to take her relationship to the next level with Max. She knew he was meant to be with her and she didn't want to hold anything else back.

They parted from the kiss long enough to make their way into Liz's room. Liz locked the door and went back to kissing Max. They fell to the bed and started peeling each other's clothes off. All Liz could think was yes and she didn't want to stop. She never wanted to stop. She wanted to see what Maria had been talking about when she said that she'd lost her virginity to Michael. She moaned passionately and rubbed her body against Max's to emphasize exactly what was going to happen.

Suddenly, Max had a flash of flipping a coin while sitting on his throne. It was the last thing on his mind, but the memory seemed to be fighting its way to come out. He sat upon the throne with a sardonic smile on his face while the king of another planet stood in front of him. Next to him, Ava was frowning in embarrassment and shame; for herself, for the king and for her husband. When Max caught the coin, he looked at the man and tilted his head. Apparently, the king lost. Max had won and sitting near the foot of his wife's throne, there were two children: a girl with wild red hair and a boy with curly dark brown hair. Both of them were watching everything that was happening. The little girl didn't understand what was going on, but the boy did and he was frowning exactly the same way that Tess was frowning.

When the memory was over, Max was lying against the pillows, shock and shame written all over his face. Liz looked down at him and called his name, but he didn't hear her right away. When he did hear her and the fog began to clear, he closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose while he said, "Who was I, Ava? What kind of man was I?"

All of Liz's hopes for the night faded as soon as she heard the name of Tess's old self. Even though she was worried about Max and she wanted to know what had happened, Liz couldn't help but shrink away from him. She hated how he wanted her to get away from Tess but always found a way to bring her up on his own terms.

Max finally realized where he was but by then, Liz had put most of her clothes on and she was sitting at the corner of the bed. He was going to apologize, but he knew that Liz didn't want to hear it, not after he'd revealed that he'd had a memory of Tess and he'd wanted Tess in that moment to council him. Instead, he began to put his clothes back on and he headed to the door of her room, getting ready to leave.

The door open, Max turned around, hoping that Liz would change her mind and ask him to stay so they could finish what they had started. However, Liz didn't say anything. So, Max walked out and headed to wherever he was going to head for the rest of the night. Liz remained frozen in her place for about ten minutes before collapsing on her bed in tears.