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~ Chapter 6~

"So what's the plan?" Pete asked before the two teams split up.

"I'll talk to the boss, and the rest of the team, split up, see if you can talk to some of the other performers, meet back here in an hour to share any info we get" Myka said, before each member of the two teams went off on their own.

It was Will who found the tiger girl, she had been coming back to the trailer she shared with her sister, after looking after the horses.

"Hello?" The girl said, Will could tell the girl was nervous

"Hi," Will replied, "My name is Will, can I talk to you"

"I'm K-kora," She stammered, "T-talk ab-bout w-what exactly?"

"About your tiger trick, when did you find out you could do that"

"A f-few months ago.." Her stammer seemed to fade a little

" Remember that day, do you remember being given anything, doing anything special"

"N-no, I don't think so, nothing aside from the fact that it was the day before I started working here"

"Anything else"

Kora shook her head, toying with her pendant, a silver crescent moon.

"Would you mind talking to a few of of my colleagues"

"O-okay...but not for long, I need to look after some of the other animals here" Kora replied, before Will started walking, Kora following just a few steps behind, very confused about everything that was going on.

The two teams gathered when the time was up.

"Found her," Will said,

"Hi," Kora said quietly, giving a small wave, "I'm Kora... Kora Alexander."

"Would you mind if we asked you a few questions?" Myka asked, in a calm tone, the poor kid was clearly freaked out by what was going on.