Stefan was in Elena's bedroom when his phone rang. "Hello?" he answered warily, knowing that when it came to Damon it's never good. "Stefan! You need to come home, now!" the older Salvatore barked. Stefan shifted uncomfortably. He knew that if Damon got any louderhe would wake Elena up. And Stefan didn't want her worrying any more than she needed to. Especially now, after Jenna had come home from the hospital after Katherine compelled her to gut herself. "What's wrong?" Stefan asked, worried now. He'd never heard Damon sound so perturbed. He was always as Caroline once described him "Mr. Cool, Calm and Collected." she'd also described him as "An insufferable jack-ass that needed a stake the size of a Douglas Fir rammed up his ass." in the same sentence. Stefan had to bite his lip to keep from laughing and agreeing with her, because Damon was eavesdropping. "Just get your skinny white ass over here! Now!" Damon ordered before cutting their conversation short. Stefan sighed and pondered the possibilities of what could be bothering his brother.

A) The vampire hunters could know about Damon, which even if they did know one of two things could be the reason Damon called.

1A) Damon killed them, and he needs Stefan's help to dispose of the bodies.

2A) They tortured the truth out of Damon and had him call Stefan so it's probably a trap.

B) Caroline finally snapped and is trying to kill Damon. (All the more reason I should help her! Stefan thought. He'd keep this little thought to himself though.) And if she did try to kill Damon, Damon could be calling for Stefan's help to dispose of her body.

C) Damon probably went on a drinking binge. Again. Although he didn't sound drunk.

Stefan walked up the steps leading to the front door of the Salvatore Boardinghouse. "About damn time!" Damon snarled. He'd opened the door before Stefan had a chance to. Damon grabbed Stefan by the scruff of his neck and dragged him into the living room. Two girls were sitting on the couch. They were conversing excitedly. Stefan jerked free of his brother's grip and hissed "Look, I don't want to be dragged into this." Damon snorted "They're not for eating. They attacked me." Stefan's eyes went wide as he choked out "You had your ass kicked by girls?" then he burst out laughing. Damon shoved him into a wall, effectively ending his baby brother's hysterics. Stefan shook his head still snickering, "Okay. What happened?" Damon straightened the collar of his black button-down shirt before snapping "I'll tell you what happened!"

45 minutes earlier:

Damon Salvatore prowled the streets, it was Thursday and there was nothing to do. He was snapped out of his boredom by a sharp squeal "OMG! It's Damon Salvatore!" Damon spun looking for the person who said his name when two dark-haired girls slammed him to the ground. They gripped him tightly. Damon almost growled. A pair of mewling, squealing girls were publicly molesting him! "Oh, my God! Bree! He is allmuscle!" one of them gasped. The other nodded and moaned "His eyes are so blue!" Damon shook them off and snarled "What the hell are you doing?" They both squealed, delightedly. "He's smoldering us!" The first one cried, placing a hand over her heart. The other one, Bree, gushed "It's so much better in real life than it is on television." What the hell? He was smolderingthem? The one with Bree squealed "Oh, my God! Damon! Do the eye thing!" "What eye thing?" Damon asked, demonstrating the eye thing. Then abruptly he turned then began walking the other way. Damon had walked a few steps before he realized that the crazy girls were stalking him. He was about to turn around and compel them to leave when he felt a small hand cup and squeeze his ass. Yelping, Damon rounded on them, blue eyes flashing "Walk away. Leave. Go home." He said, evenly. The girls giggled "I think he's trying to compel us, Kay." one whispered to the other. The hell? Damon thought. Then on a whim, he grabbed both girls by their arms and dragged them back to the Boardinghouse.


"I have no ideahow, but they know about vampires, Stefan." Stefan's brow furrowed. "Hmm, did you ask them how they know?" Damon snorted "I tried. But every time I go in there, I get raped." Stefan snickered softly. "I'll go." Stefan said, walking into the living room. Damon opened his mouth to warn him, but closed it. Whatever. It's his own stupid fault. Damon walked off, grinning and whistling a jaunty tune. He laughed when he heard "OMG! It's Stefan Salvatore!"