Kay's eyes fluttered open. For a moment, confusion flooded the crystalline depths of them. Then she realized where she was. Home. I'm home! She thought, shocked. A knock at the door startled her. "Hey," Bree said, leaning in the doorway. "You're awake." Kay nodded, sitting up. "I had the strangest, but most wonderful dream." She said with a dreamy smile. "Oh? What was it about?" "Damon Salvatore. We met him. Really met him. As in the character. Not the actor. And we were in –""Mystic Falls." Bree finished for her, astonished. "Yeah." Kay nodded. "I had that same dream…" Bree stammered. "You did?" The smaller girl squeaked. "Yeah," Bree replied, "What if –""It wasn't a dream?" Kay choked out. "Oh… my god." Bree whispered, taking in a shuddery breath. "Kay…? What's –" She pointed to an envelope, sticking out of the pocket of Kay's jacket, which was slung over her desk chair. Kay kicked the covers off, swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood, crossing the room. "It's… a letter?" She murmured, pulling it from the pocket with her forefinger and thumb. Bree & Kay was scrawled on the thick parchment envelope in an elegant script. The girls exchanged a look before Kay opened it, unearthing a folded slip of paper. The small girl unfolded the parchment.

Bree & Kay,

I wouldn't even know where to begin…

When I first met the two of you,

I was frustrated to no end with the both of you.

But you've both shown me that I needn't be a monster.

That I can earn respect by being myself.

After all,

I gained your respect without meeting you,

Have I not?

And for that,

Many thanks.

I wish you both only the best in life,


Bree looked to Kay, whose lips were parted in a silent scream of joy. "He's real. We met him. And he's real. Omigod. Omigod. Omigod." Kay repeated under her breath. "He is." Bree nodded. "I'll never forget that day, Bree." Kay said, a wistful smile crossing her lips as she held the letter to her heart. "Me neither." Bree whispered.

Damon sat alone in the Boardinghouse library, Call of the Wild open in his hands. He sighed softly, partially relishing in the quiet. Partially missing the sound of two squealing teenage girls. The silence was deafening. "We did a good thing." Stefan seemed to say what Damon was thinking. "Think they'll remember, Stefan?" Damon murmured. Stefan smiled faintly. "I think they might." "Maybe they'll brush it off. Thinking it's a dream." A frown spanned Damon's lips. "A dream they both shared? Doubtful." "I wonder what they're doing now…" Damon chuckled. "Reading the letter you snuck into Kay's jacket probably." Stefan said, "Thought we didn't know about it?" Damon stood in one fluid motion, closing the book he held and set it on the table. "I knew. I just didn't care." "What did you say to them, Damon?" "That's none of your concern, Stefan." Damon said, stepping around Stefan, walking upstairs. "Damon, I understand." "Understand what, Brother?" "For a moment, however brief it was, they made you feel as if you mattered." Damon paused on the landing. "You read the letter?" "I didn't need to." Damon shook his head, wandering upstairs. He moseyed into his bedroom and sank into the corner of his bed. I hope you two are happy. Wherever you are, Damon smiled faintly, My friends. Now, I, officially, have three friends.

Kay nudged Bree. "Did you hear that?" She whispered to her friend. "Yeah. It was almost like a whisper.." The two girls smiled wistfully. "Goodbye, Damon Salvatore." They murmured in unison.

Damon's smile grew as he nodded, You two, you won't be forgotten. I hope you know that.

"We know, Damon." Kay whispered. "We'll miss you."

As I will miss you… Damon thought, Goodbye.. Bree & Kay.

Kay looked to Bree, who nodded. Their trip to Mystic Falls was one they'll never forget.