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Prompt: Multimedia Share - Hopeful, beginning
Continuation of 'New Year's Resolutions'

After a few moments of awkward conversation, Rosalie grabbed Alice who in turn pulled me behind as we made or way to the kitchen.

Mrs. Cullen was standing at the oven, transferring serving to the counter. When she turned toward us, giving a welcoming smile, I couldn't help but notice that even after working in the kitchen her hair and makeup were still immaculate.

"Rose, who are your friends?" she asked, taking a few quick strides before she standing in front of us.

"This is Alice Brandon, we went to school together," she said as she reached for a glass of champagne. "And this is her friend Bella Swan, Edward invited her…they're lab partners."

"Oh, Chief Swan's daughter?" she asked as she leaned in and shook my hand.

"Yes, Mrs. Cullen.."

"Call me Esme," she said with a laugh. "I need to get these trays out, I hope you have a nice time tonight."

Once she was out of the room Rosalie swung her arm toward the counter at the dozen or so bottles taking up space on the kitchen island.


"Ooh can we?" Alice asked with a squeal.

"Sure," Rosalie shrugged. "You're not driving right?"

Alice shook her head vigorously and reached for a flute.

"Bella?" she asked, holding a second glass.

"No I shouldn't.."

"Here," Alice said, taking the glass and placing it into my empty hand. "Maybe it'll help when you talk to Edward."

"Talk to Edward?" Rosalie piped in curiously. My face pinked in humiliation and Alice began to chuckle at my expense.

"Bella's had the biggest crush on Edward since she moved here," she confessed in between giggles.


"Sorry," she said, smiling sheepishly in between hiccups. "It's just Rose thought, Bella."

"It's her brother-in-law," I hissed in annoyance.

"So, you're going to tell him this tonight," Rosalie asked, her face giving nothing away.

"I think so-I planed on it-yes. New Years Resolution, and all that…"

"I think it's a good idea," Rose stated. She pouted her lips and a look of contemplation took over her face as she added, "I think Alice and I can run interference to get you to together at midnight."

"Yes!" Alice shrieked in excitement before quickly covering her face with her hand in embarrassment. Her champagne flute had been downed and replaced in the few minutes we had been conversing and I hoped her small body would be able to handle the alcohol.

"Let's go to Carlisle's office. Bella, you can plan what you're going to say while Alice and I figure out a plan."

Rosalie nodded to herself before turning on her heels and walking out of the kitchen. Alice promptly followed behind. I took a deep breath and tried not to hyperventilate. The big, bright lights of the clock numbers on the oven were staring me in the face and I began to panic.

Reaching over to the counter I picked up a new glass of champagne and chugged it down before setting it down on the counter with a clank.

In less than an hour I'd be telling Edward how I felt about him, and I hoped he wouldn't break my heart.