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1. Impact

Jak Mar, legendary warrior, expert marksman, fuelled by both Light and Dark eco was, not for the first time in his life, forced into the seat of a Rift Rider. Prior to his younger self's departure, Keira had made a copy of the designs for the Rift Rider and, over the years of peace in Haven City, built another incarnation of the machine.

Haven City had faced a minor crisis after the fall of Baron Praxis. With Count Veger killed by the Metal Heads that broke through the city wall, taking his place was Ashelin, who fought all opposition with a fire and tenacity that nobody had expected to see. Cleansing the city of Metal Heads, she gave the remaining Krimzon Guard the option to either join the Freedom League or die. She'd also single-handedly stopped the council from banishing Jak to the Wasteland.

In a public address only 18 months after her ascension to power, she announced that she would be stepping down, effective immediately. Replacing her would be the one that the tyrannical Baron had overthrown so many years ago. Damas returned to the city triumphantly, with parades and citizens lining the streets to glimpse him. He gracefully took up the twin thrones of Haven and Spargus, And named Jak as his heir, allowing him to take his father's place when the time came.

At the moment though, he wanted nothing more than to be seated anywhere but in the replica Rift Rider. Precursors, He thought to himself. Even if I were strapped into a combat racing car, I'd be a lot happier! The old Green Sage complained to his left while a trouser-wearing ottsel made similar noises of discontentment to his right. With a rumble, Keira started the vehicle up and activated the rift ring before jumping in next to Jak, almost squashing Daxter in the process.

"I still can't believe we're doing this again," Daxter said grumpily.

"Come on Dax, it'll be an adventure," his lifelong friend replied.

"Oh, like I haven't had enough of those already!"

"Can we go, please? Preferably before I lose my will to stay in this infernal contraption," Samos shouted over the combined noise of both the Rider and the portal.

Jak nodded and slammed a gloved hand down onto the big red button without another word, sending the Rift Rider flying through the gate.


"I'm telling ya, Nate," breathed Victor "Sully" Sullivan. "There's nothing here!"

"And I'm telling YOU, Sully, I've got a good feeling about this place," Drake called back to the old man. "C'mon, have a little faith."

Nathan Drake stared up at the massive round door in front of him. It appeared to have roughly a hundred small round lumps around it arranged in concentric circles, though one or two of the lower ones had been prised loose and lay on the floor. Drake picked one up and slotted it into the waiting gap, where it lodged itself perfectly, taking its place once more as if it had never left. Evidently happy with this, he replaced the other two spheres with equal satisfaction. He stood in front of the door, admiring his handiwork.

"So, what now?" Asked the voice of his female companion, Elena Fisher.

"I… have absolutely no idea," he replied.

"Figures," she muttered dryly.

Without a warning, the door shuddered, swinging open at a surprising speed for something of its size and age.

"Did you do that, Nate?" Elena shouted of the noise the door was making.

"I don't know. Would I be more attractive if I did?"

"You don't think this might be a good opportunity to run?" The old man shouted, taking the cigar from his mouth and hastily stubbing it out on a nearby statue.

"Right, good plan Sully!"

All three of them turned on their heels and started to run. They'd not gotten even halfway across the open area when the rumbling and shaking abruptly stopped. Drake turned back, cautiously.


"Hold on a sec," he almost whispered.

"Oh, I hate it when he does that," the woman muttered to Sullivan.

"You and me both, kid."

They'd been in such a hurry to leave that they hadn't seen what was behind the door. As the dust finally cleared, the gate's secret was revealed.

A blank, orange, metallic wall.

"I hate to say I told you so, Nate,"

"No you don't, Sully. You love it. I still have that feeling though…"

As if taking Drake's words as a cue, the wall began to change at the centre; a dark blob expanding outwards rapidly. The warping obtained colour and form, the orange metal turning into a blue portal, swirling around ferociously. White and purple lightning crackled around the edges so brightly that they had to shield their eyes.

"What the hell…?" The fortune hunter squinted into the apparent wormhole as a dark shape manifested in the centre of the vortex, growing larger by the second.


The Rift Rider sped through the void between times, worlds, universes, all passing in the blink of an eye. Jak convulsed violently, changing between his Dark, Light and normal forms just as rapidly, causing coloured lightning to strike the Rider. The effects were not as terrible as their first Rift journey though, but all occupants still held on as if they were going to be thrown out in the same way.

"Hold on, everyone," Keira shouted. "We're going through!"


"Get down!" Nathan shouted, diving to the left and pushing Elena down with him, leaving Sully to mirror his actions alone.

The shape burst through the membrane of the vortex into the world, hitting the stone floor and skidding over where the group were standing moments before, showering sparks beside it as it came to a halt. Lifting his head up, he managed to glimpse three figures sitting inside the shape, which he now surmised was a vehicle of some kind.

"The hell just happened?" Came the disgruntled voice of Sully.

"Once again, not sure," Nate grunted, pulling Elena up.

The vehicle had left tracks in the floor between the once-more blank wall and where it had come to a halt. They all looked at one another and drew weapons with a nod, approaching the vehicle with caution as parts dislodged themselves from it. As they came closer, they heard quiet voices.


The Rider shot out of the rift in what Daxter would later call "True style," crashing into the ground with a spine-shuddering thud and skidding along the stone floor for a few meters before coming to a complete halt. Jak's changing had halted, but he was unconscious from the stress it had put on his system. He now glowed with the faint white outline that showed his Light side was repairing what damage it could. Daxter was the first to speak, as usual.

"I swear I am never getting in one of these things again!" he shouted, tossing out a metal bar that had come off in his hands.

"Quit your whining, Daxter. Let's get Jak out of this thing and see if we can revive him," the Eco Sage said, jumping out of his seat and using his staff to channel his eco powers into levitating Jak from the Rift Rider.

"Uh, dad?" Keira called out. "We've got company."

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