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14. Epilogue

The Rift Rider emerged from the other side of the Precursor Ring into familiar territory for the elfin and ottsel passengers. The vehicle slammed into the floor, skidding for a short distance before slowing against the barrier Keira had erected in anticipation for their return. It squashed and deformed to the shape of the Rift Rider's front bumper, holding it in place as the occupants disembarked.

Daxter gave a stretch that could only be considered huge if one were two feet tall and fuzzy. "Ahhh, home sweet home!" He inhaled deeply of the air, gagging seconds later. "Could live without the smell though. Didn't miss that."

Samos hopped down on his side, bent his back a little and levitated himself to see Jak and Keira on the other side. "Keira, could you take me home please? I'm not quite as young as I used to be and I certainly wasn't built for that sort of adventure," he said, gently massaging his back with his free hand.

"Dad? What are you doing here so late?" called Keira's voice.

It wasn't coming from the woman stood next to Jak.

All eyes, including Keira's, turned to the source of the voice. Standing in the doorway was a silhouette of a woman familiar to them all. Another distinct, instantly recognisable voice came from behind her.

"The Zoomer's ready and waiting outside. Who are you talking to?" it asked.

"Oh my..." Samos said, voice shaking a little.

Jak, Keira, Daxter and Samos all stared at the people as they entered the light of the garage, hardly daring to believe what they saw.

The other Jak and Keira were similarly bemused.


Nate, Elena and Sully watched the Precursor Ring shut down a few seconds after the Rift Rider disappeared into the swirling void. The previous covering of orange metal slid closed and the Power Cells that covered its surface, glowing only seconds before, now sat inactive in their alcoves.

"Well, I'm glad that's over," Sully said, pulling out a cigar and lighting it.

"Yeah," Elena agreed. "You and me both." She slid her back down a wall, resting on the ground. Sully opted to sit on one of the scattered fallen pillars and smoke.

As his two companions rested, Nate continued to stare at the now silent Rift Ring. Ignoring them for now, he approached it, as he had done before the Haveners had arrived, running his hands over the lowermost orbs, feeling the cold, smooth metal beneath his fingers. He gripped one, finding purchase around the edge of the usually levitating mounds and pulled. It came free surprisingly easily, causing the treasure hunter to slip backwards and drop the Power Cell down the stairs behind him. It bounced once, twice, three times, each with a loud metallic clang, before making soft contact with the dirt floor.

"Nate, what are you up to?" Elena called, exhaustedly.

The aforementioned man groaned and stood up, massaging his rear end where he'd landed on it, and proceeded down the stairs after the ball.

"Like a kid with a toy," Sully noted with a chuckle.

As Drake bent down to examine the object, he caught sight of his reflection and briefly checked his hair. Lookinggood. He stretched out a hand and picked it up carefully, immediately noticing a difference; it was warm to the touch, and getting warmer. It began to glow, softly at first but quickly building up. He pulled his hand away quickly before the three mounds sprang out, levitating the orb a foot and a half from the ground.

"Well I'll be..." he whispered.

"Yes, fascinating isn't it?" came an unfamiliar voice from behind them.

Nate wheeled around to the source of the voice. It was a deep, gruff voice, with a small hint of a mechanical whirr to it. Its owner was as imposing to look at as the voice was to hear. It looked like a man, only he was covered with red painted metal plates. Over his broad shoulders hung a crimson cloak and at his side, a blade as long as his arm.

"And you are?" Drake asked.

The man laughed darkly. "I am Praxis," he said, coolly. He gestured lightly and another, similarly garbed man stepped out from his shadow. This man's face was dark, gaunt, and half covered with orange locks of hair. The other half was a skull of shining metal, a red skull emblazoned upon its surface. "And this is my... friend." The word sounded forced and meaningless. However, the 'friend' put a metal hand to his metal chest-plate and bowed his head slightly.

"My name is Erol. A pleasure to meet you all."

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