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Violence Is Not The Answer

Chapter One

It Begins

"Haruno-san, I am very disappointed in you."

Emerald green eyes coolly regarded the principal while Inner Sakura roared, 'No, shithead, I am very disappointed in you!' Oblivious to the chaos raging in Sakura's mind, courtesy of Inner Sakura, the principal continued, "I can't believe that you would use violence against your fellow students, not to mention that these students are the role models of the school! …"

While the principal continued her lecture, Sakura tuned her out in favour of the much more interesting conversation going on in her mind:

'...The obliviousness of the staff in this school never ceases to amaze me. Role models? Seriously? The student council here is just abusing its authority and terrorising the other students!'

'And when we go and teach the bastards a lesson, they punish us! What the hell! Kick their asses, SHANNARO!'

'Unfortunately, Inner, kicking the principal's ass is not a very wise thing to do.'

'Psh, wise, schmise. It'd make us feel helluva lot better!'

'Yeah, but we're in enough trouble as it is… be quiet Inner, the principal seems to be concluding her rant.'


"…the student council has done so many things to benefit the school, and this is how you repay them? You may be a straight 'A' student, Miss Haruno, but your attitude leaves much to be desired. Now as for your punishment…" Sakura sat a little straighter in her seat; as much as she hated it, she was extremely concerned about said topic and the repercussions it would bring about. "…the teachers and I, after consulting the student council, have decided expel you from this school. From today onwards, you are no longer a student of Oto High."

Sakura remained seated in her chair, silent, her head bowed.

"It's too late for regret, Haruno-san," the principal said, mistaking her silence and slumped posture for sadness. She then jumped violently in her chair when Sakura stood up and slammed her hand onto her desk, causing it to creak in protest.


Panting from her outburst, yet again courtesy of Inner Sakura, Sakura forcefully wrested control from Inner before she could do anything else. Her emotions were all over the place, and this was what had allowed Inner to break through and control Sakura's actions – usually, Inner was safely locked up inside Sakura's mind, where no one else could witness the true feelings and reactions Sakura had to those around them. Sakura bent down to pick up her school bag, slung it over her shoulder, and exited the principal's office, avoiding eye contact. She didn't regret her outburst, but that didn't mean she really appreciated it; she preferred not to show the world what she truly felt, since oftentimes, her reactions weren't what society would call 'appropriate for the young lady she was supposed to be'.

Once outside, she leant against the wall, going over what she had just said to the principal. She tugged lightly on her shoulder length pink hair in distress.

'My parents are going to kill me - I just shouted at the principal! What am I going to do? Well, technically, she can't do anything to punish me, since I'm already not a student in this school… since I was… expelled…' A beat of silence passed as she digested what exactly that meant. 'WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? MY PARENTS ARE GOING TO KILL ME! SERIOUSLY!' Sakura panicked.

Her parents, who both held prestigious positions in their respective companies, were the sort of parents who expected their child to be a model student, never getting a spot of trouble on their record. Sakura's flawless record now had a huge, ugly, (figurative) splotch of ink on it.

In their eyes, the reason why Sakura took such an action wouldn't be relevant. They only saw what society would see – the end result: Sakura being expelled from her school for instigating violence. Sakura, who had been raised under the oppressive gaze of society and the burden of living up to the expectations placed on her as a child of her parents, knew very well what the reactions to her expulsion would be. And one thing was certain – it wouldn't be good.

Her parents tolerated neither failure nor anything that would negatively affect their reputation, so Sakura dreaded what they would do. If her parents grounded her and took away her internet and phone privileges for two months for getting less than eighty-five on a common test, what would they do to her now that she was expelled?

"S-Sakura-san?" A timid voice interrupted her contemplation of her impending doom. Sakura's head snapped to the right, her gaze landing on a timid girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She pushed herself off the wall and walked toward the girl, a small smile on her face.

"Hello, Michiko-san," Sakura greeted back.

"I heard that you were expelled because of me. I'm so sorry!" Michiko's eyes watered and she looked like she was about to burst into tears. She'd been cornered by the student council, and had been cowering in fear when Sakura had showed up to help her. Sakura had tried to peacefully dissuade the student councillors from bullying, only to be attacked. She'd merely acted in self-defense, but it had been the council's word against hers, and coupled with their numerous injuries, they'd managed to convince the staff that Sakura had started a fight with them for no reason at all. Sakura's bruised knuckles definitely hadn't helped much.

"Er, right. About that… don't worry about it. I would have done the same thing for anyone else." Sakura replied somewhat awkwardly, wondering what to do to comfort her.

"Heh. Big words coming from someone who just got expelled," A voice from behind Sakura sounded. Sakura looked over her shoulder, only to be rewarded with the sight of the entire student council: Dosu, Zaku, Kin, Jirobo, Sakon, Ukon, Kidomaru and Tayuya.

"What are you all doing here?" Sakura spat, her eyes narrowed in a glare directed at them.

Ukon, Sakon's twin, said, "We were just on our way to see whether or not the principal had already expelled you, only to witness this…heartwarming scene." He sneered in disgust.

Sakura stood in front of Michiko protectively, her arms crossed, and said, "Yes, and as I'm sure you've gathered, I've been expelled. Happy?"

Kin flipped her long black hair over her shoulder, smirking, "Very. Now the whole school can see what happens to people who go against us."

"Big words from the people who got beaten up single-handedly by a girl with pink hair," Sakura threw Dosu's words back at them, Inner Sakura shouting 'Show them what we've got! SHANNARO! We went easy on them last time, beat them up now, Outer-chan!'in the background of her mind. Sakura shook her head at Inner Sakura's ranting, and continued, "Speaking of which, how's your reputation? I'm surprised you made such a debacle out of this; after all, I can't imagine how humiliating it must be, to be defeated so completely by little old me, and have it publicised to the world on top of that."

The look on their faces made her smirk, even as Inner Sakura laughed mockingly. It was obvious that they hadn't thought of that.

"…Anyway, it's not like you're the weak little girl you make yourself out to be! You yourself have your own reputation, everyone knows not to underestimate you," Dosu shot back, trying to salvage the situation.

"I've already given that up – I don't fight anymore, remember?" Sakura replied. "I only fought back today because you attacked me first."

Sakon snorted. "That's not what everyone else thinks. You attacked us unprovoked remember? We were so scared, and surprised, you just came at us like a rabid, vicious animal," He said mockingly, his phony fear leaving a bitter taste in Sakura's mouth. No doubt they had said something along those lines to the principal.

'Outer, let me out! I'll teach them to mess with us! All this diplomatic talking, it's not doing shit! The bastards think they can just walk all over us, and frame us without getting harmed in return,' Inner's fury was starting to give Sakura a headache. It mingled with her own feelings of anger, frustration and dread of her parent's reactions. She closed her eyes, relenting to Inner and once more relinquishing control of their body to her.

When Sakura's eyes next opened, it was obvious that something had changed.

"I'll admit that I was careless. I'd lost my temper, you see, so I didn't make sure I did a good job in ensuring you couldn't get back at me. Next time, however, I'll make sure to do it properly so none of you would be able to blink without wincing in pain, let alone be able to talk." Sakura voice was deathly quiet, even as she smashed her fist into her palm, letting a sadistic grin spread across her face. Memories of when she had been a regular in street brawls rose to the surface of her mind, but she shook them off. Those times were long past; she had promised herself that she would leave that behind her. Nevertheless, as Inner took one step towards them, Sakura was pleased when all of them took one step back. "You guys brought this on yourselves. The past few times, I'd tried to talk you guys out of bullying the students, you guys just didn't want to listen."

"O-oi, bitch!" Tayuya snarled, "We're just outside the principal's office you know, you sure you wanna take us on? That clueless bitch would just believe whatever we told her, then you'd be in a shitload of trouble, wouldn't you?"

Drawing courage from Tayuya's words, Dosu took a step forward, "Yeah! The teachers as well! They're wrapped around our fingers, and they think we're fucking angels! You'd never get away with this! Who would they believe, you, the cute little ex-model student who just got expelled, or me, the student council president?"

Sakura let her hands fall to her sides, from where they had been loosely curled into fists in front of her. She calmed, and Inner Sakura retreated, snickering at Sakura's current plan of action.

"Well, you're probably right, I wouldn't be able to get away with beating you up," she said as she turned around and guided a confused Michiko down the corridor, away from the student council. "After all," she continued, throwing the words over her shoulder, "the principal's in her office, which, as you said, you are standing just outside of, and she's probably heard everything that we've said."

She then exited the corridor with Michiko, grinning wildly as the student council stood there with expressions that said, 'oh shit'.

'That's what you get for messing with Haruno Sakura, SHANNARO!'

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