Title: Suffering Binding Chains

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"Ichigo, it's time for bed..." The strawberry blonde woman cooed to her young son, grabbing the bottle of perfume, that he was currently playing with, away from him. The young boy pouted from being thwarted before he could push the top down, and send a mist of perfume through the air. Folding his arms over his chest as he sulked on the bed, he watched his mom get ready for an award ceremony hosted by Police Chief Yamamoto Genryuusai. It was a yearly event, and they had never missed it.

Isshin was a decorated officer who was currently building a solid case against one of the largest Yakuza groups in Karakura Town. The Mafia group he was currently investigating ran 98% of all the underground drug transactions, prostitution rings, and fires that spread through the south district of Karakura in the poorest of areas. In fact, the majority of all crimes committed in Karakura were linked to one of the Espada's; the 10 which were the highest ranked within the group. All crimes that were committed, were done after Aizen, the CEO of Hueco Mundo Inc as well as the leader of the gang, gave the go ahead.

It was a very important case, one that took a lot of man power and investigative work. Isshin alone had been working this case for two and a half years.

Las Noches Investment Firm, which was one of the largest branches of Hueco Mundo Inc, was the cornerstone for all of the shady dealing, i.e. money laundering. It was one of the police force's main targets. With that out of the way, Aizen's empire was sure to crumble, but it under heavy protection from Hueco Mundo Inc.

"I don't want to!" The orange haired child whined in protest, pouting before turning to face his father's dresser. "Besides, I'm seven years old. I'm a big boy now." Ichigo stated with pleading eyes when he rolled back over to face his mother, who was sitting in front of her vanity mirror, putting in her earrings. She turned around in her seat in order to face her son and sighed.

"Ichigo, even big boys need their sleep." She stated as a matter-of-factually, offering the small, orange haired boy a soft smile.

"They don't go to bed before dark…" The orange haired child pointed out as he smothered his face into one of the large pillows that decorated his parent's king sized bed. Lifting his head a little, he made eye contact with his mom, hoping to win this argument. Masaki shook her head in disagreement.

"That's not true. Your dad goes to sleep before dark." She stated, watching said man as she walked over to the bed and sat down next to her stubborn son. Masaki gently pushed orange locks away from brown eyes while smiling.

"That's because dad's lazy…" Ichigo drawled while looking up at his mother, pouting and flashing the puppy dog eyes.

"He's not lazy. Just over worked." Masaki stated with a smile while staring down at her son. It was true, Isshin was spending more and more time at work than usual, and when he was home, he would consistently look over case files. 'He must be coming to a closer with his case.' Masaki thought to herself while still running her hand through her son's hair. Whenever Isshin was close to completing a case, he would work nonstop, and neglected spending time with his family. Masaki would sometimes get lonely, but she knew that what he was doing was for the greater good. If that meant she had to sacrifice a couple of hours with her husband, she was perfectly fine with it.

"He's always working!" Ichigo whined with a sigh before rolling over on his back, his brown eyes gazing up at the ceiling. "I wish dad didn't have to work so much…" The orange haired boy murmured while still lost in his own thoughts.

"Ichig~" Masaki started to explain why Isshin worked so hard, and all the good the orange haired boy's father did, before she was interrupted by a loud bang. The sound echoed throughout the 4 bedroom home. "Did Isshin shoot off his firearm?" Masaki pondered thoughtfully. Isshin would never use his gun inside the home unless someone was breaking in. Masaki looked down at her son with a small smile, before gently picking him up, and softly placing him on the floor.

"Ma~" Ichigo started to say, but his mother bent down, and softly placed her hand over her son's mouth in order to stop him from speaking.

"Ichigo, I want you to hide underneath my bed and stay as quiet as possible. Can you do that for me?" She asked while eying the small boy, waiting for her son to respond to her question. The orange haired child's eyes made contact with her soft brown ones, and he moved his head up and down, making the yes gesture. "Good. Now climb under the bed." Masaki directed, lifting the blankets a little for her son to crawl underneath. Once he was in place, she gently lowered them back down. Masaki slowly stood up and started walking towards the door, only to stop when she felt small hands wrap around her leg. She turned her head and looked down at the child holding her ankle, and gave him a small smile before freeing her leg and walking out of the room.

Masaki walked by her son's room and grabbed the bat conveniently leaning against his door frame, because Ichigo once again forgot to put it away, and continued down the narrow hall. Pausing at the top of the stairs, she strained to hear any noises, inhaling sharply when she heard the voices of people she could not recognize.


"Isshin, I came here personally to watch your demise." The brunette said as he grabbed Isshin's chin, forcing him to look up into deadly, brown eyes. The dark haired police officer tried to yank his head out of the other man's grip, but stopped fighting when the grip tightened, making him hiss in pain.

"You can go fuck yourself, Aizen." Isshin spat out with a glare, the man's name coming out as nothing but a hiss of disgust.

"Hmm… watch your mouth Isshin. There's no need to act uncivil." Aizen stated calmly, as if unmoved by the pure hatred emanating from the officer. A small, devious smile flitted across his lips as he let Isshin's chin go and watched him fall to his knees.


Masaki still stood at the top of the stairs, contemplating if she should walk downstairs or not. As she was debating if she should run to her husband's side, a blur of orange ran past her legs. Before she could grab her son and stop him, he was already halfway down the wooden stairway. "Ichigo!" Masaki yelled out, forgetting that there was someone attacking her husband.

Living room:

Brown eyes fixed on the open doorway that led out into the hallway, a smirk twisting onto his lips. "Gin,Grimmjow go grab them and bring them here." Aizen ordered as he looked over at the blue haired man leaning against the door frame, before smiling down at Isshin with a dark gleam in his eyes.

"Tch… fine." The bluenette grunted out and pushed his body off of the wall. In a matter of seconds, he had grabbed the child that was at the end of the stairs before looking up at the top and giving Masaki a once over. "Ya have to options, either I run up there and drag ya down the stairs, or ya come down on your own." He stated while holding the struggling child, and only to hiss in pain when the orange head bit into his arm as an attempt to get away. Grimmjow growled in annoyance and threw the child to the floor. "You little brat!" The bluenette yelled, kicking the small child in the stomach.

"Don't you dare touch my son!" Masaki yelled as she darted down the stairway and tried to tackle the blue haired man, only to be stopped when she was grabbed by a silver haired man that had been hiding in the shadows.

"Grimm-Kitty, Aizen said to grab them and bring them to him." The silver haired man stated his snake like grin widening as he saw the hatred in the other's eyes because of the nickname. "Not ta beat them."

"Whatever Gin… Just drag that bitch in there, and I'll get the brat." Grimmjow grumbled as he picked up the seven year old, that was holding his stomach, and suppressing his whimpers of pain.

"Grimm, try not ta damage the kid anymore." Gin stated as he looked down at the kid with a frown. Aizen wasn't going to be pleased if his new toys were damaged.

"Yeah…" was said along with something else, that was added, underneath the bluenette's breath, but it was too low for Gin to hear. Ignoring it, he dragged the struggling woman into the living room.

Masaki's eyes widened as she looked down at her injured husband when she was pulled into the room. "Isshin…" she whispered and stopped struggling for a moment, before becoming more forceful as she tried to run to her husband's side.

"Nice of you to join us Masaki Kurosaki..." Aizen stated with a sinister smirk, making her stop fighting.

"Why is Aizen, the CEO of Hueco Mundo Inc, siting in my living room, and who is the black man holding the gun to my husband's head?" She asked herself before glaring at Aizen. " How do you know my name?" She hissed out while sending death glares to the man holding the pistol to Isshin's head, not sparing the brunette a glance. Aizen sighed and stood up from the couch he was sitting on and walked over to Isshin and then he bent down to whisper in his ear.

"Your wife and son are very appealing…" Isshin's eyes widened as he remembered that Aizen was a part of the prostitution ring and underground slave trade. "I wonder…" The brunette continued, glancing back at the strawberry blonde woman still trapped in Gin's arms. "How much of a profit do you think they'll make?" He asked, shifting so the injured police officer could see the frightened look in his wife's eyes. "Your wife under multiple men, moaning like a bitch in heat while strung out on all types of drugs…" Aizen continued with a dark gleam in his eyes that said he was not joking, and Isshin's eyes narrowed.

"Bastard! Don't you dare touch her!" Isshin roared in anger, before quieting when Aizen let out a small chuckle.

"Her?... Hmm, don't you want to know what I have planned for you precious son?" The brunette asked as his eyes slid over to the boy struggling in Grimmjow's arms. Aizen bent down and looked the other in the eye as he spoke. "He truly is a beauty, just like his mother… I wonder how he'd look with his legs spread..." Aizen drawled, a demonic smile curling onto his lips at the fear that entered Isshin's eyes. "Goodbye, Isshin Kurosaki…" He whispered darkly before standing up. Before Isshin could open his mouth to plead for the safety of his son, he was silenced for good as a bullet entered his skull.

Masaki cried out, but was silenced when a hand hit the back of her head, forcing her into unconsciousness. As soon as her head rolled, Ichigo started to yell and kick out, but was stopped when the brunette grabbed his chin, running a smooth hand down the side of his face. "Children as cute as you should smile more…" He stated, pulling his hand away before the orange haired child's teeth entered flesh.

"Don't touch me!...Daddy!" Ichigo yelled, watery brown eyes falling onto the still form of his father.

"Put him in back seat…" Aizen ordered as he looked down at the child in amusement.

"And the woman?" Gin asked while lifting her unconscious form over his shoulder.

"Put her in the back seat as well." The brunette responded before looking back at Ichigo. Bending down some, he offered the child a sinister grin.

"If you're a good boy, your mom won't get hurt."