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Ichigo POV

Ten years later…

It hurts… It always hurts in the beginning… Every time he takes me and every time I'm taken by force. I hate the taste of the bitter sweet wine that lingers on his tongue and the smell of cologne mixed with musk. I hate the feeling of his tongue as he slowly kissed and licked along my jawline. "Ah" I let a moan slip when he licked along the shell of my ear while his hands ran along my chest in mock affection. My body always betrayed me when I was under him, and I turned my head away and closed my eyes, hoping he finished soon.

"Open your eyes Ichigo…" He whispered in my ear and used his right hand to tilt my head forward. "Don't look away from me while I'm taking." He said and I glared as Aizen just smirked down at me with amusement gleaming in his eyes. "Don't give me that look lover."

"Don't call me that… when we both know I hate you with every ounce of my fiber." I hissed out while pushing against his hard chest.

"Hmm… There you go Ichigo, saying such spiteful things love… Almost makes me feel hated." Aizen said in that mocking tone before attacking my neck again.

"Ooh you can feel love..?" I stated dryly.

"Hmmm…" he hummed next to my neck and I shivered. "You'd be surprised how much I feel Ichigo." He said lifting his head from my neck.

"That's a shocker, so the devil has a heart." I said with a glare.

"But I do… for example I could have disposed myself of your useles mother and punished you for all those feeble attempts at assassination, but out of the goodness of my heart, and the feelings I hold for you, I over looked it." Aizen said as he rubbed my chin while looking at my lips.

"Don't do me any favors… Aizen I hate you, and I am going to kill you for what you did to my family, you sadistic bastard…" I spat out, and he grabbed my chin roughly, making me hiss at the slight pain.

"Careful Ichigo, I won't hesitate to drag that whore of a mother of yours from the Pit and kill her in front of you, or cut off another limb…" Aizen warned with an icy glare and my eyes widened in fear. I knew that he was not kidding all too well as flashes of torture and screams echoed in my memory. Images of my mother being punished for my bad behavior. The worse my offense was, the harsher the punishment was for my mother before he tossed her into the Pit… The Pit was nothing more than a brothel where all the prostitutes were drugged up and raped. Where slaves were traded of all ages and of both genders. After I had failed at killing Aizen, he had had that blue haired bastard and fox faced creep rip her out of my arms and drag her out of that small all white room he locked us in. The one I'm still locked in. In fact, I've only left this room once in the past 10 years, and after my mother was taken away from me the only one that entered my room was Aizen and the servants and maids that had to clean and make sure I ate. Other then that, I had no other human interaction with anyone.

3 years ago…

"I hate you!" The orange haired preteen yelled as he raised the blade he had hid in his sleeve and stormed towards the brunette that was standing next to his bedroom door. "Die you bastard!" Ichigo yelled as he ran towards Aizen with the blade in his hand. A smirk graced Aizen face as he looked down at Ichigo before gracefully grabbing the small teen's wrist and neck, slamming his body against the wall and lifting him up by the neck so that they were eye level.

"That wasn't nice Ichigo… didn't you father ever tell you that it's a crime to attack someone with a sharp object?" The brunette questioned and the struggling teen's eyes widened for a second before turning into an icy glare. Aizen squeezed tighter on his wrist which caused Ichigo to drop the blade he was holding. The silver blade fell to the hard marble floor with a loud clatter that seemed to shatter the world around him.

"Let me go you bastard!" Ichigo yelled as he struggled in the other's grip. Aizen tightened his hold on Ichigo's neck, causing the orange haired teen to stop and gasp for much needed air.

"I wonder… will you ever learn to behave?" Aizen asked as he loosened his grip some, and Ichigo glared even harder. "I guess not." Aizen sighed before his face twisted into a sinister smirk that sent shivers down Ichigo's spine. The brunette looked over his shoulder at the woman looking at her son in fear of what was to come after he had attempted to assassinate the man that had murdered her husband and now held the life of her only son in the palm of his hands. Without thinking Masaki ran to attack Aizen, but was stopped when a harsh fist connected with her stomach, and she fell to the floor.

Aizen never wavered once, and looked back over at Ichigo still holding that smirk as he gave the following orders to his second in command. "Gin toss her in the Pit." Aizen stated and chuckled darkly when Ichigo gave him a quizzical look.

"What the hell is the Pit… and that pale faced freak better not touch her!" Ignoring him, Gin picked up the strawberry blond and dragged her out of the room. Her screams filled the air as Aizen dragged Ichigo out after her.


"Ichigo…" Before Aizen could finish his statement, his cell phone rang, and he slowly lifted his body off of Ichigo. The orange haired teen scrambled out from under the other, tugging his knees close to his chest. "Fine…" Aizen sighed out as he looked at the other's back while laying still on the silk sheets. Ichigo's eyes followed the ink of the tattoo of the green and red dragon that graced his back.

"I have to leave you love… I'll be back later tonight." Aizen said before putting on his shirt and shoes.

"Don't do me any favors… by all means don't come back. In fact, why don't you just go fuck yourself, or even better yet just die." Ichigo said each word laced with poisonous venom as he sat up off the bed. Aizen glared down at him.

"Such words of endearment, just what I expected from you love… I'll be back later tonight." Aizen said before grabbing his chin harshly and attacking Ichigo's lips again in a brutal kiss. This time when Aizen stuck his tongue in Ichigo's mouth, the orange haired teen tried to bite down. Before he was able to however, Aizen moved and lifted from the bed.

"Asshole…" Ichigo mumbled before falling back to the soft bed with a huff and put his arm over his eyes.