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He always visited. The visits did not occur as much as I would have liked them to, but he always made a point of staying long enough to check on my status and needs in Inuyasha's little village.

He always brought a gift, usually one that I could never even use out of fear that I would destroy it. I never needed them. Nor did I really ever want them. I would have much preferred to be at his side rather than receiving the fancy gifts. I would have traded every kimono, obi, and hair comb to stay in his company.

He always made sure I was progressing. Kaede taught me many things, like how to birth babies, cook, clean, and sew. Things that should have been taught to me from my mother. He always told Kaede to keep up my studies in simple things like reading and writing. I always thought that my excellent work in everything he deemed important would encourage him to bring me along once more.

When Kagome came back, I was more involved with the Inuyasha household than ever before. During Kagome's absence, Inuyasha was downtrodden. We became good friends when my lord enlisted Inuyasha to be my new protector. My almost-constant presence in or around his hut during my free time did not change with Kagome's return. Instead, I was around even more often. Once Kagome became pregnant after her marriage to Inuyasha, I stayed around to help her with chores, and eventually became the free babysitter. Their children grew up calling me 'Aunt' Rin.

I became of marriageable age around fourteen, but did not marry like most of the other girls in the village. What kind of crazy man would ask for my hand from a formidable demon, who played a major role in the defeat of Naraku? If any man or boy had the courage, I never knew of it.

However, I had always suspected Kohaku's affection for me. He came and went, training hard to become a demon slayer without the power of the sacred jewel. When he came back, he usually spent his free time following me around or playing with his multiplying nieces and nephews. Once he had his own family, he told me, he would move permanently to the old demon slayer village to rebuild it. It was no surprise when my lord asked me about a marriage to Kohaku.

My heart broke when he gave the young man permission to wed me. How could I refuse? My lord even gave Kohaku a dowry for me. It consisted of immensely valuable crops, materials, furniture, and even gold. I now had a permanent protector in my lord's stead.

I did not hate Kohaku for this, but I rarely got to see my lord after I had wed. We had moved to the old demon slayer village, along with Miroku, Sango, and their innumerable children. Inuyasha and his family often visited, especially while we rebuilt the vital structures in the settlement. My lord sent servants from his fortress to help.

With marriage came children. My first child was a boy, much to the joy of my family. Kohaku named him Kazuto. To my great surprise, my lord visited our new home shortly after the birth. He came baring gifts, both for me and my child. He did not acknowledge Kohaku much, and I wondered what he felt when I handed him the baby.

His visits were now few and far between. The only predictable visit was after I had given birth. Slyly, I used this method to see my lord quite often. My marriage to Kohaku produced many new little demon slayers.

When Kazuto was married to Inuyasha and Kagome's second daughter, my lord visited, bringing gifts for the new bride and groom. After the ceremony, he came to my home for a short visit. Of course, he presented me with another elaborate gift, which I could hardly refuse.

Seasons came and went, as did many of my friends and family. Miroku and Sango had passed. As had Kagome. Inuyasha survived, being half demon, but only just. His grief at loosing Kagome almost killed him, but his children and grandchildren kept him alive.

My brood grew and repopulated the slayer village quite nicely. My own death grew nearer and nearer, and was fast approaching with a new winter. I caught a nasty bug, leaving me to waste away in bed for days, my old Kohaku looking on.

I feel death. I know the feeling. I have already died twice.

I am scared, though. My lord was there both times, and now he is not.

Sleep... will I wake up... this time...?

"Rin... Rin."

I see the golden eyes, the silvery white hair. He is here. A last visit. I can finally die, because he is here. His final visiting gift will be peace.

"My l-lord?"

His 'hn' resounded in my ears.

"You are here, ready to see me off."

"You will not die," he tells me, with no hesitation.

I smile weakly at his blurred form, "Of course I will, my lord. I am human and I have already been resurrected twice."

"You cannot die, Rin."

For the first time in my life, his voice wavers.

"I will not allow it to happen."

"Why not... my lord?" I ask. My lord's honorable mother once told him that he was foolish for thinking he could be a god, choosing who lives and who dies.

His answer never comes, or I do not hear it. I succumb to death.

I left her with the old priestess and the half-breed. I could not put her life at risk any longer by allowing her presence in my travels.

I, however, could not just leave her. My attachment to her was stronger than hell itself. I was pulled to her location in my every waking moment. Only my pride and responsibilities kept me away. My resolve always wavered when I passed a kimono that would complement her eyes, or a fan that would fit perfectly in her pale little hands.

But what could I possibly give her worthy of her hold on me? I always tried to level it all down with the gifts, and eventually I instructed the old hag to instruct her in intelligent arts. Her excellent work in everything she tackled on my orders was astounding. And every time I heard of her progress only made me want to bring her back into my traveling group, or even home to my fortress. She would be treated like the princess she deserved to be.

I almost brought her back once, but was deterred by Inuyasha's wench's return to the village. Rin was attached to the new family and quickly adopted 'aunt' as her status around my nephews and nieces, who I rarely indulged my presence for.

Her monthly cycles came shorty after the priestess' return. It was then that I realized that I could never take her out of that village. She was, by human standards, a woman. Many foolish humans and demons alike of royal stature sought her hand to win favor with me, and all were denied. None were worthy, no matter their intentions or status.

When Kohaku asked for her hand, it was a different story. She was fond of the young 'man' after her years in the village as well as from his brief travels with us in the Naraku days. He was strong and could protect her when I was not around. I could crush him if he did not. I had to have a more constant presence in my fortress and frequent the village less. I asked Rin if she could wed the demon slayer. Her answer was a hesitant affirmative, and I gave Kohaku the permission he sought for her hand.

I of course gave the newly weds her dowry, which was no hindrance to my fortune. I had to give them the best resources to survive, especially because of their move to the destroyed demon slayer village.

I harbored an intense anger towards Kohaku, which I could not place at the time. I distanced myself from Rin, giving her the room she needed to be a successful human wife. I heard of their efforts to rebuild the slayer village by hand from scouts in the area, and instantly sent servants to aid them. Rin would not labor over her husband's misguided dreams.

When Inuyasha wrote of Rin's pregnancy, I panicked. This was another way to kill her. Her life was much more important than anything else. I had the sense to stop myself from barging into the new village to slay Kohaku for his impertinence. Instead I brooded and gathered gifts for Rin, and her new child. It was time to visit and remind her of my existence.

Kazuto was the new child. He would be like his mother, I predicted from his scent. Rin was happy while I saw her, no doubt her joy of baring Kohaku a son couldn't be contained. She swindled me into holding he sleeping babe, and I was sure that my part in her life was done.

Through many years, Rin produced many children. I used her births as an excuse to see her, to smell her, and to hear her. I made sure to bring the finest gifts available for both her and each new child. She would remember me when she saw them or used them on the best of days, but nothing could compare to the number of times she invaded my thoughts.

She stopped producing children with Kohaku, and therefore stopped my visits. I needed a new reason to be near, when Inuyasha informed me of his daughter's upcoming marriage to Rin's firstborn son. I yet again gathered gifts and appeared at the ceremony, masking my presence as formality. I was reminded how much time had passed when I saw Rin's face, lightly wrinkled, and Kohaku's gray streaked hair. She was mortal...

I rarely saw her after that, no matter how much I thought of her. I occasionally went to a ceremony or two, and showed up to Kagome's funeral, which I only caught a glimpse of her at.

Inuyasha urgently told me of Rin's illness years later. I rushed into the now bustling demon slayer village and to her side. Much to my dismay, I could smell her body deteriorating and death quickly approaching.

She appeared to be asleep, so I called her name, softly, until her chocolate eyes opened and tried valiantly to focus on my form.

"My l-lord?"

She still uses that silly title, after all these years. I should be the one addressing her formally.

"You are here, ready to see me off," her voice shakes, but is filled with resolution. She can't die. Hell nor heaven can take her.

"You will not die." Ever. She deserves a long life, even immortality more than any being in this world.

She smiles, and I am reminded of when she found me in the forest so long ago. He eyes even seem to sparkle, like when she used to offer me flowers in her childhood."Of course I will, my lord. I am human and I have already been resurrected twice."

How can one accept mortality, especially on their death bed? My Rin has always been more than a weak human, but even I, the great Lord Sesshomaru, can fear death.

"You cannot die, Rin." I know it is not true. But if I believed in wishes... there must be something in the whole world that can save her."I will not allow it to happen."

"Why not... my lord?" Her voice can only be heard with my demon hearing.

I hesitate, but finally decide to tell her, "Because I love you."

But she had already died.