It's been some months since my mother passed. Days are getting easier to live but sometimes I still do get worried and sad because of what I learned in church… They said suicide is a sin that cannot be forgiven. What if my mother is in hell right now? I try not to think about things like that but sometimes I can't help it.

Its summertime and Alli is staying with us. She's going through a crisis of her own. Her father did decide to put her out. Not only that, but the family members who were going to adopt her baby had some second thoughts. As of now she doesn't even know if she's still giving the baby up. Her mother sends money and visits, so does Sav. Either way, she knows she has a friend in me.

We were sitting on the couch. I was painting and she was watching soaps. We were talking about her current non-relationship with Drew. He's become a real jerk. He's been saying mean things about Alli over the internet and he's made it very clear that he wants nothing to do with the baby.

"Clare I envy you."


"You are still a virgin."

"No I'm not…I've been raped remember?"

"That doesn't count Clare. You are still a virgin until you choose to have sex. I wish I'd waited. Drew is saying so many nasty things about me. It hurts my feeling so bad but there is nothing I can really say to make him stop. What can I do? I'm a girl and I'm weak, plus I'm pregnant. I can't fight Drew… I can't even manage a comeback. I feel so…helpless. Not only that my father is trying to pay me to get emancipated and disown them."

"Alli I'm sorry… Drew is being a bully. I would say that you should tell Simpson but…school is out. I'm sorry about your dad too. I guess we are just all delt our fair share of family drama. About the Drew thing though…we are going to talk to him about it and if he doesn't stop then I will mace him."

"Thanks Clare, you are the best friend ever!"

Alli stopped crying and I went back to painting. Eli was sending me silly texts while he was at the dentist's office. He comes over every night or day now. Most of the time he brings Adam so it's like a big party. We have become a lot closer… I succeeded at a real make out session. All of our clothes stayed on of course but I didn't freak out when he was on top of me. Sometimes I still have those night terrors about Fitz but they've been few and far between. I'm finally starting to feel like… old Clare again. I think I might even be ready to call Eli my "boyfriend."

I finished my painting and I set it out to dry. I've been selling my artwork lately to a little home décor shop a few blocks from here. I try to help out but Darcy tells me to save my money… whatever that means. I guess she wouldn't really need my help though since she and Peter got married and he moved in. Yup, her name is Darcy Edwards- Stone now. It was a courthouse wedding and they had a party at above the dot after words. Eli was my date to the event…

An hour later there was a knock on the door. Eli and Adam were standing there. Eli had a huge grin on his face. I let the two stooges in and they made themselves comfortable. Eli was still grinning… I could see a lot of his teeth.

"Eli, why the huge smile?"

"Clare I was waiting for you to compliment my super white teeth."

"Oh right… I forgot that you were at the dentist… Eli, your teeth are so pearly white."

"Thank you Clare... You are the first person to ever compliment me on that."

"You guys are sickening."

"Ugh, Adam you can say that again!"

"Adam... Tell your stupid brother to stop saying mean things about Alli!"

"Hey don't kill me! I've been trying. I told him not to. I even hid the computer. Either he's getting smarter or I was careless because he found it! People never want to listen to me when I tell them to stop bullying people. This situation is oddly familiar."

"Hey… Clare and I didn't have a kid on the way."

"But it was still bullying Eli."

"But this is different Adam. Alli and Drew once shared something special... Now he's acting out."

"Don't remind me… That was the worst seven minutes of my life."

"Anyway… Adam just tell him that if he doesn't stop…he's in for a world of pain."

"Whoa! Mace girl is back?"

"Call me the mace super hero."

Adam and Alli talked about Drew while Eli and I went outside. I showed him my latest painting. It was simply a girl, a boy and a lake. He looked it over and then he looked at me.

"It's beautiful."

"Thank you."

"So I was thinking… Since we are dating… we should go on a date tonight."

"Well about that…"

"You aren't discontinuing our dates are you?"

"No, of course not… I was thinking that maybe I'm ready for a label with more commitment."

"You don't mean…"


"I'm your boyfriend?"


"You're my girlfriend?"

"I hope so."

"So… Can I get a kiss or something?"

"Sure, why not?"

He kissed me and time stopped. I always get nervous when our lips meet but I don't want the feeling to stop. When we finally did pull away it was because a pizza guy was standing there with two boxes. Eli payed the man and then we went into the house.


So I officially have a girlfriend now. I'm glad of that because I have sort of been telling people that she's my girlfriend behind her back. I can't help it… that's what I feel in my heart. After hanging with the girls for the day Adam and I left. Clare and I were going to have a date tonight but I needed to handle something first. We pulled up at the Torres residence… Adam's house. Drew was in the backyard in their pool. We went around back…

"Sup guys?"

"Dude you really need to stop messing with Alli."

"It's harmless."

"No it's not Drew. Trust me I know. I done to Clare what you are doing to Alli and the damage might not be physical…but it's there. What did she do to you?"

"She was going to abort the baby."

"So… It's her body. It's not like you are being supportive now. She may as well have."

"I don't know okay… What are you the bully police?"

"No. I just don't want anyone else being bullied and I want you to know the true consequence of your actions."

"Well what am I supposed to do? Apologize?"


"Exactly dumbass! I've been telling you this forever…but Eli gets through to you… unbelievable!"

"I'll delete the things I said... when could I even apologize?"


I felt like a super hero. Stopping bullying one guy at a time and I didn't even have to threaten him with Mace Girl. Adam and I went to my place to get ready for tonight. He and Alli aren't technically on a date but he still wanted to be dapper.

When I got back to Clare's that night she was wearing these black leggings with a pale pink button down shirt and a huge black belt. She looked pretty. Alli and Adam had to get in the back. It was sort of nice. It felt like it was just Clare and me for a minute. She laid her head on my shoulder while I drove. The first place we went to was to this burger joint. The food there was great! After that it was on to the movies. We played rock paper scissors and Adam and I won so we saw the new slasher film. After the movie we went to the park. Adam and Alli sat in Morty and ate leftover candy while Clare and I took a walk.

"So…Enjoy the date?"

"Always… You know, we have come a long way Goldsworthy."

"I know."

"Know something else? I've been thinking."

"You are always thinking."

"No, this time I was thinking… What if I didn't wait until marriage to have sex?"

"Whoa! Clare…"

"I wouldn't want to do it tonight! I'm not even sure if I'd want to do it this year…It was just a thought."

"Well…let me know, okay?"

"You'll be the first one to know… Assuming that we are still together."


"I'm not."

After sitting at the lake for a while we went back to the car. I dropped Adam off and then I dropped off Alli and Clare. Alli went into the house and left Clare and I alone to say goodbye. She looked up at me. The moonlight made her eyes sparkle. I kissed her. At that moment the stars could have fallen out of the sky. I wouldn't have cared because I'm holding and kissing Clare. The most beautiful flower that has ever grown out of a concrete sidewalk.

"Goodnight Clare."

"Goodnight Eli."

Well, this is the end of the story! I hope you guys liked it because I liked writing it! Thanks for your reviews and thanks for reading. A lot of people get all wiggy when Eli and Clare are out of character but you guys didn't…no sir you didn't lol. Thanks! =D