Pucker Up


Four kunoichi looked warily outside at the raging storm, each lost in their own thoughts. It was Sunday night, and they had all gathered at Sakura's house for a sleepover like they used to do before they all became chunin. Unfortunately, so far the night was turning out as they planned. The years have changed all of them, and they've drifted apart.

Ino sighed loudly, racking her brain fro any ideas to get rid of the awkwardness that seemed to settle on them. A thought came to her, and a smile grew on her perfect face. "Hey, get off your lazy asses and lets play a game of truth or dare!"

Hinata, Tenten, and Sakura looked at Ino as if she had gotten high while they weren't looking. "What are you on, pig?" Sakura snorted.

"Whatever it is, I want some." Tenten added. Hinata giggled quietly.

"C'mon guys...i-it could be fun," She urged. Sakura rolled her eyes but stood up all the same.

"Okay, but I'm not holding back." She announced.

Ino smirked, "I don't expect you too, forehead."

They arranged their little group into a circle and Ino started the game.

"So, forehead," She grinned, showing off pearly white teeth, "We all know you're still pissed at Sasuke for leaving you on a bench and then being dragged back by Naruto and You two years later. But is their anyone else whose caught your eye?"

Sakura laughed out loud, "'Caught my eye'? That sounds like something Jiraiya would ask," She commented, "But no, not really."

"Come on, billboard brow, I know there's gotta be someone you think is cute!" Ino pushed.

"I bet it's Lee," Tenten guessed. They all burst out laughing at that.

"Oh yes," Sakura cried, "I'm in love with Lee! The Power of Youth consumes me!"

"Kinky," Ino commented, starting another wave of laughter.

"But seriously," She said, once everyone had calmed down. "You need to get some action, forehead, 'else you'll end up like Tsunade. Drunk and broke."

"T-Tsunade seems very accomplished to me," Hinata said timidly.

Ino waved off her comment, "Yeah, but she's alone and just alludes this whole bitter aura."

Sakura rolled her eyes, "I'm not going to end up like that."

"Oh yeah?" Ino demanded, "Then who was the last guy you kissed?"

Sakura stayed silent, confirming Ino's guess.

"You've never been kissed, have you?" Sakura dipped her head in embarrassment.

"Hey!" Tenten exclaimed, "I've got an idea!" She hurriedly got up and padded into the kitchen, where she found a piece of scrap paper and a pen. She sat back down and placed the paper on Sakura's coffee table, then wrote 'To Kiss List' on the top of it.

"What the hell...?" Sakura stared at the sheet of paper, baffled.

"Sakura Haruno," Tenten grinned like Orochimaru did when Sasuke killed his first puppy, "You are going to have to kiss every boy on this list by the end of the week."

Sakura's jaw dropped. "And what if I say no?"

"Well, we'll just have to make this bet more interesting, now won't we?" Ino batted her eyelashes. "Any ideas?" She asked the group.

To everyone's surprise, it was Hinata who timidly spoke up, "H-how about this?" She asked carefully, "Ino has to spend an entire day with Lee."

Sakura grinned, "I like that idea."

Ino glared at them, "I don't. Where are the repercussions for you and Tenten?"

Tenten held up both her hands in a surrender gesture. "This is between you and Sakura."

"You have to dress like them too," Sakura added. "And do the whole 'Power of Youth' thing."

Ino scowled, then seemed to think of something and smirked. "Fine. It's not like you'll actually do it. I'll make sure of them while me, Tenten, and Hinata write the list."





"If either one of you sayd 'fine' one more time, I'll bitch-slap you back to last Easter."

"Okay, let's make the List."





The Kiss List

(Made by Ino, Hinata, and Tenten)

1. Shikamaru

"You are not serious."

"Indeed we are."

"His hair is shaped like a pineapple!"

"That's your favorite fruit, Forehead!"

2. Kakashi

"No. No. Nonononononono. No way in hell."

"Why nooooot?"

"He's, like, forty years older than me!"

"Nuh uh. Ten years tops. Besides, Sak...he's fucking hot."

3. Naruto

"That would be like kissing my brother!"

"Your very sexy, toned and ready for picking brother."



"I worry about you."

4. Sasuke

"Of all the people you could've put on this list..."

"If you make us take off Sasuke, we'll replace his name with Lee's."

"Fuck. You."

5. Sai

6. Kiba

"Really, Ino, really?"

"What's wrong with Kiba and Sai?"

"One is gay, and one thinks it's okay to dress like a girl."

"Kiba is not gay!"

7. Gaara


"He wouldn't kill you, just maybe, you know, mame you..."

"Hey! We're done!" Tenten beamed, "And check that out, one for each day of the week!"

"Yay." Sakura deadpanned. She stifled a yawn and layed down on her sleeping bag. "I"m going to sleep. Night guys."

"Sleep tight," Ino smiled, "You do have a big day tomorrow."

"Bitch..." Sakura mumbled. Then she let sleep pull her in.






Sakura trudged to work, exhausted from being kept up late last night by her friends antics. Not that she regrets it. Seeing Ino dressed up and acting like Lee is worth kissing half the shinobi in Konoha. At least that's what she told herself.

Lost in her own thoughts, Sakura didn't notice when two arguing figures came up to walk on either side of her.

"Bastard!" Naruto yelled, scaring several nearby pigeons into flight, "I'm telling you, I could beat you in a fight easily!"

Sasuke scoffed, "As if. Maybe in your dreams you could."

Naruto was about to retort, but just then he seemed to notice that he had yet to greet the third member of their squad. "Sakura-chan! What;s up with those huge bags under your eyes?"

Sakura's eye twitched. This was the boy she had to kiss? She inwardly cursed Ino and her sick sense of humor. "I'm just tired, Naruto. I was up late last night."

"Maybe you shouldn't be going to work so early, then." Sasuke suggested. Sakura glowered at him.

Naruto, noticing the sudden hostility, jumped in with "Why were you up late last night?"

"Ugh..." Suddenly Sakura seemed wide awake, frantically searching her mind for an excuse, "I was, um, cleaning."

"Cleaning?" Sasuke asked doubtfully.

"My cat." Sakura spat at him.

"Cleaning. You were cleaning your cat."

"Yes, bastard. I was cleaning my cat." She nodded, wondering just how possible it was to die of embarrassment. She didn't even have a cat.

"I didn't know you had a cat..."

Fuck you, Naruto. Way to have trust in the teammate that DIDN'T ditch you.

Someone's a little cynic this morning.

"Well, I do."

"What it's name?" Fuck you, Uchiha. You and your infuriating smirk can go BURN IN HELL.

Sakura severely hoped that her dark haired teammate had contracted the ability to read minds while he was away with Orochimaru.

"I named him, ugh...Ino." Dammit, Sakura cursed. What was wrong with her brain today?

"You name your cat after your best friend?"


"Welllll..." Naruto put a hand on his chin, obviously thinking about it. Don't hurt yourself, Sakura thought. "That's...a great idea, Sakura-chan! Hey teme, maybe I should name a goldfish or something after you!" Naruto grinned from ear to ear.

Sakura sighed in relief. She caught Sasuke staring at her out of the corner of her eye, and watched and he raised one perfect eyebrow at her. Cocky bastard. While Naruto's back was still turned, she stuck her tongue out at him and flicked him off.

"Well, looks like I'm at the hospital, so I'll see you guys at twelve and we can eat lunch and train for the rest of the day." Sakura decided as they stopped in front of her workplace.

"Okay! See you then, Sakura-chan! BELIEVE IT!"

She watched in amusement as they walked in the other direction of the hospital, then shook her head. My friends are so weird...

"SAKURA!" A voice boomed as soom as the doorwas firmly closed behind her. Tsunade walked purposefully down the hall and towards her apprentice. "We have an issue."

Four minutes later, Sakura had been informed that Kakashi had returned from his mission, and was badly injured. Tsunade had to take care of another patient, so she left him in her care.

Sakura sighed, sometimes being the Godaime's appretice just sucked ass. Then she remembered the bet with Ino, and suddenly, Sakura felt alot less comfortable around her old sensei.

"Okay, so what exactly did you do?" She asked Kakashi in the same no-bullshit tone she used with Naruto sometimes.

Kakashi groaned dramatically, and rolled over on his side. Sakura took the opportunity to give him a full-body check, barely concealing her blush. Luckily, Kakshi seemed to be in to much pain to notice much of anything right now.

"Kakashi? It seems that you were somehow poisoned from the chest up, I'm going to inject an antidote into your arm. Don't be alarmed if it stings a little." Sakura injected the antidote and bit her lip as Kakashi clutched his arm as it took affect. She hated oing this to him, to anyone. Healing wasn't supposed to make the pain worse, but that was just how it was.

She left the room to give her old sensei some space, and, walking down the hallway, bumped right into Ino.

"Pig? What are you doing here?" Sakura asked.

Ino rolled her eyes, "Helping out with the patients and stuff, duh. What about you?"

"I work here."

The blond shook her head, "You're such a tightass. What did I tell you about ending up like Tsunade? Look, you've even got the bags under your eyes! Anyway, I meant what are patient you were taking care of."

"Screw you, Pig. I am not a tightass and will never be one. I happen to have a great ass, actually, and I had to inject an antidote into Kakashi to stop this poison from killing him. And I do not have bags under my eyes."

"A little bit of foundation will fix those bags," Ino commented, blatanly ignoring everything Sakura had just told her. "Come to the bathroom with me and I'll help you out!" She pulled a tan vile out of her pocket and looked left and right as if it were some illegal drug.

Sakura shook her head and turned her back on her oldest friend. "I'm gonna go check on my patient!" She called over her shoulder, "Don't wait up!"

"Don't forget about the bet!" Ino reminded her. Sakura inwardly cringed.

"Sakura?" Kakashi asked weakly from his cot. It had been barely twenty minutes, and Sakura was glad the antidote had worked so quickly.

"Yeah?" She asked, stepping into the room.

"I need you..." He whispered as Sakura drew nearer to his bedside, "To get me-" He broke into a fit of coughing, and she was immediantly at his side with a cup of water clenched in her hand.

"What is it, Kakashi?"

"Get me-" He gasped, "Icha-" Cough. "Icha-" Cough. "Paradise!" Wheeze.

Sakura slapped the back of his head.

"OW! What was that for?"

"You're a pervert."

"How so?"

"You walk around reading porn everywhere you go! Even now-"

"It's not porn. It's erotic literature."

"When you nearly came back from the dead, all you can think about is that disgusting porn!"

"Erotic literature."

"You need to get laid, Kakashi."

"Fine, doc. Care to suggest anyone for the job?"

Sakura blushed. "Not particularly."

"Really? Because I think I know the perfect person..." He trailed off, wrapping his hand around her death grip on the glass of water. He raised it to his lips and drank, Sakura's hand still holding the cup.

"Are you trying to tell me something?"

Kakashi raised his visible eye to her face. He pulled her chin down so it was level with his. "What if I am?"

Now!Sakura's inner whispered. It was the perfect time to kiss him. She could cross his name off the list and be done with it. But, Sakura thought idly, it would make things awkward, even if I told him about the bet...shook her head. This was Kakashi, for God's sake! How could anything be awkward around him?

And just as Sakura was starting to feel a little better about her whole situation, Kakashi pulled his mask down and kissed her fully on the lips.

Holy Shit, Sakura thought, is Kakashi really kissing me?

That's what it seems like.

Holy shit...DO SOMETHING!




Sakura didn't need to worry for too long, though. Kakashi pulled away almost as soon as the kiss started. And then Tsunade was calling her name from outside the room, and Sakura was fumbling a goodbye and stumbling out the door and into the hallway. Her face almost collided with Tsunade's chest, and would've if it wasn't for the fact that, well, she was a motherfreakin ninja.

Hell yeah. One down, six to go.






Sakura hated Tuesdays. she couldn't explain why, it was just, in her opinion, the worst day of the week. Tuesdays were never good.

As proof of this, she had woken up late this morning, with barely enough time left to get dress and brush her hair and teeth before meeting with the hokage in her office.

"Sakura." Tsunade said, unusually formal. For a second, Sakura feared that her Godaime had somehow found out about her bet with Ino, but her next words eliminated that chance. "I have a mission for you."

"Please continue."

"Travel to Suna with Naruto and Sasuke, you need to meet with Gaara about some scroll I sent over there a week ago. Naruto and Sasuke can fill you in along the way, they're waiting at the gates. Sai will be accompanying you as well"

"Yes, Tsunade-sama. I'll go now."





"Sakuraaaa!" Naruto sang happily when he saw that she was the fourth member to their group.

"Good morning, Ugly." Sai smiled at her, she glared back. His smile didn't waver.

"We should probably get going." Sasuke said, and they headed off towards Suna.





"I was wondering when you would get here," Gaara noted as they showed up a full hour later then expected. The Kazekage surveyed the confusing picture before him; Naruto was covered in sand, as was Sakura, who also sported a menacing glare. Luckily, it was aimed at Sasuke, who was looking pointedly in the other direction and was soaking wet. His hair had even lost it's gravity-defying chicken-butt shape. Sai, on the other hand, was smiling kindly and was sparkling clean.

"Did you run into any trouble on the way here?" It's a good thing Gaara had a hold on his emotions, or else he would've burst into laughter at first sight of the Leaf nin.

"No." Sakura grumbled, her gaze flickering to him quickly before she returned to glaring a hole in Sasuke's back.

"Then what the hell happened to you?" Gaara's brother, Kankuro, demanded. He never was the delicate type, The Kazekage thought disdainfully.

"Sai? You had the best view, so why don't you explain what happened?" Sakura hissed, her eyes not leaving Sasuke.

"Okay, Ugly," Sai turned to Gaara, fake smile in place, and explained that he had called Naruto dickless, which he of course denied, and Sasuke then went on to say that obviously Naruto had no dick, and so Naruto got angry and made a Rasengan, at which point Sai jumped out of the way. Sasuke countered with Chidori, and Sakura tried to stop them from fighting by using crashing wave.

But Naruto had, instead of charging at Sasuke, hit the Earth with the jutsu and Sasuke was thrown backwards, right into Sakura's jutsu, while Naruto and Sakura were nearly buried until all the sand that was thrown into the air by Naruto's Rasengan.

Sakura hated Tuesdays. Especially when Gaara allowed the boys to leave and go play in Suna while he talked to Sakura about the scrolls. The scrolls that Naruto and Sasuke had 'forgot' to explain to her.


"Sakura," Gaara spoke, surprising the girl across from him out of her inner rant. With a jolt, she realized they were completely alone in the office.

Kiss him now! Her inner nudged. Sakura took a deep breath.


"Yes?" The Kazekage stopped shuffling papers and looked at her. He's not as intimidating up close...Sakura thought.

"I, um, made this bet with Ino, back in Konoha, and...it sorta involves me-I mean you, er, me and you..."

Gaara nodded his head, his Que to continue.

"I, um, I have to..." Sakura blushed the same shade as her hair. Kissing Gaara was one thing, explaining why she had to kiss him was another.

"I'll just...here." She leaned forward and pulled his face towards hers. Surprisingly, Gaara didn't protest or push her away. He just looked at her curiously as she closed her eyes and pecked him lightly on the lips.

"There. I'm done." She smiled nervously, sure that it looked more like a scared grimace, "So...how 'bout them scrolls?"

Gaara stood stone still, staring at her for a while. Then, after about a minute-She counted-he smirked, and leaned over then desk so that they were almost nose to nose.

"What scrolls?" He breathed. Sakura's breath hitched. Was he...flirting with her?

Well, he is pretty hot.

I never really noticed, but you're right :O

Of course I am, I'm like your own personal Dumbledore inside your head.

"The one's I came here to talk about, Mr. Kazekage," She grinned playfully, "Don't tell me you forgot?"

"It's easy to get off track when the stunning apprentice of Tsunade-sama just kissed you."

"Huh," Sakura leaned back in her chair and sighed, "I wonder how many boys have the same issue as you...?" Sakura laughed and Gaara cracked a smile, as he had no idea just how true that statement would be.

Back in the village, Naruto wondered when Sakura would be done discussing scrolls with Gaara.





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