Pucker Up




The Kazekage watched as the guards at the Konoha gate greeted him. He nodded at them, and picked up his pace. He wanted to get this meeting with the Hokage over with early, so he could search out a certain pink haired leaf nin by himself.

"Gaara! Slow down!" Temari jogged back up to his side, "What's the hurry?"

"I'd just like to get this meeting over with." Gaara explained tonelessly. Temari smirked.

"There wouldn't happen to a reason for that, now would there?" She asked slyly. Temari knew all about the kiss between her youngest brother and Sakura, as she had whitnessed it while she was passing the kazekage's office.

"Even if there was, I wouldn't be inclined to tell you." Gaara stubbornly refused to look at her.

Temari's smirk just grew, "Fine, but here's a hint-" Her voice dropped to a whisper, "-Girl's like flowers."

And so, the Kazekage resolved to visit Yamanaka Flowers later that day. OR another day, as they were staying in leaf for the rest of the week.






Sakura Haruno was in a good mood. It was friday, her favorite day of the week, as the weekend followed it, her and Ino would be attending a festival thrown in the KAzekage's honor, this Sunday, and tonight her and Ino would be shopping for outfits to wear to it.

And, on top of that, she didn't have work today. So she had made plans to train with her team instead.

Her good mood was nearly shattered, though, when she got to the training grounds and saw that only Sasuke was there. Naruto and Kakashi must be late as usual, and something must be delaying Sai.

Sakura hesistated, finally desiding to sit a safe distance away from the tree he was leaning against.

"I'm not gonna bite you," Sasuke called out, surprising her.

Sakura snorted, "You never know."

He looked over at her then, really studying her. "What happened to you?"

"I decided I didn't want to spend the rest of my life feeling weak just because you thought I was." Sakura turned her back on his gaze, and Sasuke, quiet as he always is, stood up and came to sit down next to her.

"I saw you kiss Naruto," He said, leaning back on his palms.

Sakura blushed, "It was for a bet." She huffed.

"Really?" If she didn't know better, Sakura would've though she heard hop in Sasuke's voice.

"What does it matter to you?"

"It doesn't...am I apart of this bet?"

Sakura looked at his curiously, taking in the way his features had hardened since the day he left the village. "Again; what does it matter to you?"

Sasuke sighed, and sat upright. He looked right into her eyes, "Because maybe I want to be."

And before Sakura even had time to gasp, her lips were caught be Sasuke's. He leaned in, deepening the kiss and knotted a hand in her long pink hair.

"HEY TEME! YOU'LL NEER BELIEVE WHO I SAW TRYING TO PEEK ON GIRLS AT THE HOT SPRINGS!" At the sound of the obnoxious blonde's voice, they both broke apart immediately.

"I was studying!" Sai shouted, racing to the training grounds after Naruto.

Sakura shook her head, "I told him not to read Jiraiya-sensei's books."






"So Sasuke kissed you?" Ino demanded. They hadn't found anything the night before, so the two had agreed to go shopping again today. "That means you've only got two left!"

Sakura nodded, grinned at her best friend. "Get ready to use the Power of Youth, Ino! Maybe I should ask Lee to make a jumpsuit for you..." She wondered to herself.

Ino scowled, yanked a particularly cute light blue dress off it's rack. "Dream on, forehead. The rumor mills say that Shikamaru would rather kiss Temari than you."

Sakura shrugged, unconcerned. "So? I'll just kiss him and get it over with."

She turned around to check another rack, but instead came face-to-face with the last person she wanted to see. "Um...hey, Sasuke! What's up?" She grinned nervously.

"Well, I'm just gonna go try these on..." Ino winked at her flustered best friend, and retreated into the dressing room.

That little bitch...Sakura gaped at the spot where her 'best friend' had been standing not a minute ago.

"Sakura," Sasuke said, trying to gain back his teammates attention.

"Y-yes?" She stuttered, worried that he might try and kiss her again and make her knees go weak like he had yesterday and she couldn't have that because she was FINALLY over him-

Stop. Breath.

Sasuke put a hand against the rack of dresses Sakura had her back to, "I was wondering if you had an escort to the Kazekage's festival?" Sasuke asked, playing with a strand of her pink hair.

Dammit, Sakura, THINK OF SOMETHING! She screamed at herself in her head. "Um-er, yes!" She stuttered out, Sasuke looked at her in surprise.

"Who?" He asked before he could stop himself.

Sakura thought for a second, before unconciously spitting out "Gaara!"

Both of them looked shocked. "I guess I'll see you at training on Monday..." Sasuke finally uttered before leaving the store, hands in his pockets and head hanging low.

Sakura sighed in relief, then remembered that she had to somehow get the Kazekage to go on a date with her. "Oh, shit!"

"You really dug yourself a nice deep hole this time, Sakuram no dirty pun intended." Ino smiled, coming out of the dressing room with the blue dress she had picked out earlier. "Sicne you're going with Gaara, You really should pick out a nice dress." She suggested.

Sakura glared at her.

"I'm thinking red, that'd be cute with his hair and all..." She pulled a dress off it's hanger, and instructed a furious Sakura to go try it on.

Maybe she'll finally realize the effect she has on guys...Ino smiled gently, thinking of how Sakura had grown since their childhood years. She'll look amazing in that dress.





Sakura was wondering back to town, bag with her dress in hand, she needed to have a chat with a certain genius about a certain topic. She knew Shikamaru would listen to anything she had to say and not judge her, he was just that type of guy.

"Why, hello Sakura! This is such a pleasant surprise!" His mother greeter her at the door. "Shikamaru's in his room sleeping, as usual, but he actually just got back from a mission so it's alright."

"Oh? Should come back another time?"

"No! Of course not!" Mrs. Nara led her to Shikamaru's room, and left her and her son to talk.

Sakura poked Shikamaru's side, trying to get him to show signs of life. "Wakey wakey, Shika-kun!"

She pounced on his, efficiently waking the Nara. "What do you want? You just ruined my nap."

Sakura rolled her eyes at his complaints and explained everything to him, from the bet to her current issue. Once she was done, she asked "What should I do?"

Shikamaru shrugged, and sat up in his bed. Sakura noticed he was topless and blushed. "No idea, why would you even agree that? You don't need to prove to Ino that guys like you, she knows that." He scratched his head unconcernedly.

Sakura looked surprised, "She said I'd never been kissed, Shikamaru! I couldn't just let her have that satifaction!"

Shikamaru smikred lazily, "I suppose that's what makes you a good ninja, huh?" He asked. Something seemed to occur to him, "Hey, was I on this list?"

"Uh..." Sakura figeted with her skirt. "Well, I did say they put almost everyone on except Lee..."

"Sakura..." Shikamaru moaned. He flopped back down on his bed and closed his eyes. After a few moments, Sakura wodnered if he was asleep.

"Well?" He asked, eyes still closed. Sakura jumped from surprise.

"Don't do that!"

"Aren't you gonna kiss me? This is the only chance I'm giving you, Sak, and that's only because I want to take pictures of Ino in that green jumpsuit for blackmail later."

Sakura gulped, "Okay, Sleeping Beauty, but not a word of this to anyone outside this room."

Shikamaru smirked lazily, "You got it."

Hesistantly, Sakura lowered her face down to Shikamaru's. He was still lying on the bed, and in order to kiss him she would have to get down pretty low. Baby steps, She told herself, slowly inching her face closer to Shikamaru's.

He sighed, and grabebd the back of her head with his hand and closed the gap between them.

Sakura figured it would just be a peck on the lips, but Shikamaru had his arm around her waist and pulled her down onto the bed with him. He rolled on top of her as she ran her hands through his hair and wrestled his tongue.

They were really getting into it when someone opened the door and sing-songed "I brought snac-AH! HONEY, WHY DIDN'T YO UTELL ME YOU WEREN'T GAY!"

Shikamaru and Sakura instantly jumped away from each other, and the pink haired nin fixed her hair while muttering apologies.

"OH, no no! Don't be sorry, this is wonderful dear!" Mrs. Nara grinned, "Please, continue! I'll just be leaving now!"

"Ugh...how troublesome..." Shikamaru mumbled. Sakura, despite herself, giggled and left her pinapple haired friend to catch up on his sleep.





After leaving Shikamaru's house, Sakura had bumped into Kiba, who was out walking his dog. "Hey, Kiba!"

He grinend wolfishly at her, "Hey, Sak. So Hinata told me and Shino something funny about you the other day..."

Sakura groaned, knowing what he was getting at. "The bet?"

"Yet," His grinned widened, if possible. And before she could say 'Akamaru' Kiba was smashing his lips against hers and nudged her mouth open to play tonsel hockey.

He pushed her against a nearby tree, one hand in her hair and the other on her waist. Sakura put ehr arms around his neck to hold herself up, as it felt as if her knees were aboutt o give out.

Finally, when they were both about to pass out from oxygen deprivation, Kiba broke the kiss. He leaned down to whisper breathlessly in her ear, "Make sure you save me a picture of Ino in that green jumpsuit."

"Can do," She murmured back breathlessly. Sakura watched as Kiba casually walked away, thinking that he was definately gutsy. If it weren't for the bet, she would've kicked his ass for trying something like that.

Not that she didn't enjoy it.

Sakura grinned, she had now kissed everyone on the list. She skipped off to Yamanaka Flowers to tell good the good-or in her opinion, bad-news.





Ino was rearranging flowers when an unexpected customer walked through the door. "Gaara?" She asked, seeing his apathetic stare faced towards a couple daisies. "What are you doing in here?"

"I wish to buy flowers for someone," He said. Ino rolled her eyes.

"I know that, but who? Is it someone from Leaf? Oh! Maybe I know them and can help you..." She trailed off as she noticed Gaara's blush deepen with every word. Then she squealed liekt he pig Sakura always insisted she was. "I do know them! Is it Hinata?"

"No," Gaara looked away, trying to hide his reddening face. Ino thought it was just too cute. "Tenten? Matsuri? ME?"

Gaara shook his head, inspecting a large vase of roses. The blonde sighed and thought of all the girls in Leaf, then it clicked.

"It's Sakura!" She screamed.

"Keep your voice down!" Gaara frantically looked around the store, and relaxed once he realized they were the only ones there.

"This is so perfect!" Ino grinned, "Hold on, roses are Sakura' favorite, so I'll get you a dozen of those-" She took out a notepad, "-Wait here!" And then retreated to the back of the store.

The sound of the bell that signaled a new customer caught Gaara's attention, and in walked the owner of his affections.

"Oh, pig! You'll never guess whose going to have to wear a green jumpsuit to the festival tomorrrow!" She sing-songed.

"Um...Yamanaka-san is in the back." Gaara mumbled, looking for all the world like a cornered mouse.

"Oh," Sakura said, noticing they were the only ones in the store. Now would be the perfect time to ask him about tomorrow...She thought.

"Gaara, I was wondering if you'd, um, like to-"

"?" Gaara spat out. Sakura looked up in surprise.


Gaara took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. "Would you like to accompany me to the festival tomorrow?"

Sakura smiled, concious to the fact that she now had butterflies flying around in her stomach. "Of course I would!"





"Gaara, I've got you fl-" Ino stopped, noticing that her store was now deserted save for a small note on the check out counter.

Dear Pig,

Gaara asked me to the festival, and I kissed Shikamaru and Kiba today. I look forward to seeing you dressed in that green jumpsuit tomorrow at the festival. And don't worry, I already told Lee what size you wore ;)

Sincerely, Sakura

Ino crumpled up the note in her hand. Then she shrugged, "I'll just have to accesorize."

She smiled, thinking about how she could tease Sakura all day tomorrow.






The End,