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Spoiler alert for those of you, if any, that have managed to make it through the hiatus completely un-spoiled.

I don't own the characters. Mistakes are mine, and I rightfully blame them on my lack of sleep.

"He isn't here, Beckett."

The detective nodded sadly, the fact that they missed him had already dawned on her, but Kate refused to leave.

She refused to give up.

"Kate..." her shadow, her partner, called to the detective from the car, the pain in his voice clear. "Come on."

Still, the detective didn't move. She continued to stare at the abandoned building, silently begging for somebody, anybody, to come out of it. For some more evidence to surface.

She needed to know.

Castle was suddenly in front of her. "Look at me," he silently whispered to her, his arm wrapping around her waist and pulling her to him.

The detective, tear stained and shivering from the cold, forced her eyes to look into his. She tried to smile at his soft gesture.

Ironically enough, I've never been too good with words. I know it's absurd, but I can never find a perfect way to say the things I want to say.

"We're going to get him."

"You don't know that." Beckett's voice cracked. She looked away, wishing Castle didn't have to see her like this. She was weak; broken.

Kate was falling apart.

Castle brought a hand to her face, running his fingers through her delicate hair. "Yes, I do."

"You can't say that, Castle. You can't promise anything."

The writer leaned forward, and Kate's eyes grew wide at the realization of what was about to happen.

"Watch me."

If you'd give me the chance to let this kiss say all the things locked behind my lips, I promise I could take your breath away.

Castle brushed his lips against the detective's. He kissed her softly, but didn't stray, pulling away before Beckett could respond.

Kate parted her lips, surprised with what just happened. She brought a hand to the writer's arm. He opened his mouth to speak, but Beckett placed a hand on his waist, silencing him instantly.

The funny thing about a kiss is that it's never enough. You can call on my bluff, but I'm trembling from the taste of you. And I know you must feel it too.

She pulled the writer back to her, and their lips met for the second time that night. Castle sighed, pulling Kate as close as possible. Knowing now that the detective wouldn't pull away from him, he put everything he could into the kiss. He wanted to show her, to make her understand. But in all honesty, Castle didn't know what the kiss meant for them, what consequences or challenges it would bring. It wouldn't give her closure.

But it was enough for now.

Let's you and me get carried away now. No holding back, we're on our way now. Let's see where this night will take us. There's no reason for us to stick around, I never want to come back down. Tonight's our last night on the ground.

Hope you enjoyed. If interested, the lyrics are from the song Carried Away by Just Surrender. It's a great song, but is actually pretty up beat, unlike this fic. I can't really write up beat stuff. Eh?


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