AN: This is my 90th posted story! *Throws a small party consisting of tea and shortbread*. Enjoy x

Set: During St Crispin's Day. No real spoilers.

The Bruno Klein Comprehension

There is a part of Simon Lloyd – not a part he's particularly proud of – that all too well understands where Mrs Klein's husband is coming from, understands what it is to be married to someone he no longer loves, but to stay in the relationship for lack of a tangible reason to not be in it.

Or maybe it's just the lack of a socially acceptable one.

Or just one that won't make the reason he wants to be free of his marriage feel completely pressured and... And responsible.

Because the truth is it's more than her – his very lovely co-worker – that makes him wish he weren't married. It's the fact that he barely knows his wife anymore. She lives a completely separate life to him, and although he could change that, could passionately fight until he exhausts himself completely to save a comfortable but passionless marriage, he's recently come to realise that although his marriage has lost its passion, passion is not something he himself has actually lost. Merely something he's misplaced until recently.

And now that he knows he still has it, now that he once again is passionate about his work and his life and someone intrinsically linked with his work and his life, to live without it now is not something wants to do. He's not even sure he's capable of it.

And he doesn't intend to find out.