The Consummation


She stumbled, and his hands shot to her waist to keep her upright and pressed to him. His hand followed silk down to her thigh, which he caressed lightly as he backed her up against the wall.

Rose kissed him back with a ferocity that made his impatience increase exponentially. He tugged at the material of her dress, pulling her leg up around his hip so that he could slip his hand beneath the long skirts to touch her bare thigh. Well, almost bare. His hand brushed against his earlier gift, a TARDIS-blue, satin garter, and they both shivered, before breaking the kiss and giggling to themselves, foreheads pressed together.

"I've decided I like tradition," Rose murmured.

"Me too," he replied, his fingertips tracing around the garter. "Especially this one," he finished, before somehow sweeping her up and into his arms unexpectedly.

Rose squealed in surprise, and her arms flew around his neck to hold on. He started to walk in the direction of the TARDIS, his pace quick and with purpose.

"Can you use your key?" he asked, as they arrived outside the doors to home. "I've got my arms full," he winked.

She giggled and undid her necklace to retrieve the key she had dangling from it, hidden beneath her dress. There was something she found comforting about holding the key so close to her chest, to her heart, everyday, and hardly ever did she not wear it.

As soon as she reached out and unlocked the door, the Doctor was rushing through, careful not to knock her legs against the wood as he carried her over the threshold. Once inside, he leant back against the doors and let out a long breath. "Wow," he murmured. "That's another human thing for the day." He didn't look remotely remorseful about that; in fact, he grinned down at her in joy.

"You can put me down now, if you want," she smiled.

"Now, why would I want to do that? I rather thought I'd carry you to the bedroom."

"Fine by me," she replied happily. "Just thought I was heavy, that's all."

"Oh, you are," he teased. "I'm doing my back in, here."

"Oi!" Rose exclaimed through laughter.

He chuckled deeply as he took her through the console room and down the corridor. He stopped, and watched her as her eyes glanced back and forth between their respective doors. Their bedrooms were opposite each other, so it didn't really matter, he supposed, which one they used; but he waited for her to choose.

She realised he was looking at her and turned her head back to him. "I don't mind," she pre-empted easily, before he'd had the chance to ask her which bedroom she'd prefer their first time to happen in.

The Doctor suddenly broke into a wide grin.

"What's so funny?" she asked, bemused. She reached for the door handle when he took them to his bedroom door, and opened it for him.

He stepped inside. "I was just thinking; we should probably use mine. I'd like to sleep with you on a regular basis, and I'm not sure I can deal with all the pink and mess of your room. Plus, this room's never seen such activities before. It must feel neglected. We'll make it ours."

Rose smiled. "My room's 'never seen such activities' before, either, silly."

"Good. Still, like I said. Pink," he mock-shuddered and Rose giggled.

"Yeah, but your room's just as messy," she pointed out, nodding towards the books and papers scattered about the place.

"I don't have clothes strewn across my floor," he countered.

"Well," she replied, voice low. "We'll have to do something about that, then, won't we?"

At that proclamation, the Doctor kissed her appreciatively, whole-heartedly agreeing with her suggestion. He dropped her on the bed, and she bounced a little, giggling again. He loved it when she laughed; it was his favourite sound in the whole universe.

"So!" he exclaimed brightly. His gaze swept over her in contemplation. "Where to start?" he mused, earning him an eye roll from Rose.

"You can take off all your clothes if you like, Doctor," she grinned.

He grinned back, and climbed onto the bed to hover above her. "Why don't you give me a hand with that, Mrs Doctor?"

"I can't believe you just said that," Rose groaned. He smirked and leant down to kiss her sweetly.

"Well, you are my wife," he replied as he pulled back.

She bit her lip, holding in a squeal of both shock and happiness at their current situation. "I can't believe we just got married. Literally a day after you first suggested it. Two days ago, I never even thought I'd get to kiss you on a regular basis, let alone..."

"Did I rush you too quickly?" the Doctor murmured anxiously.

"No! No, it''s spontaneous, just like our life. And I love that!" she assured him, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing his cheek. He leant his body more firmly into hers, pushing her into the mattress with a gentle pressure. Their close proximity made her realise something suddenly. "Um...okay, I've got a bit of a query, though." She cleared her throat, and he looked at her expectantly. "When we have sex in a minute, are we going to know, contraception? Condoms? 'Cos I stopped taking the Pill ages ago, and I know we're now married and everything, but I really, really don't think I'm ready to accidently get pregnant with an alien baby!"

"Part-alien," he corrected softly. His eyes burned into hers intensely and she considered that she really had no idea what he was thinking at that moment in time. He coughed awkwardly, and the look in his eyes tampered. "And no, it's fine. Humans and Gallifreyans are technically compatible, but there'll need to be a little bit of tinkering-of-genes required, so to speak, before we can make a baby."

Rose breathed out in relief. "Right. Good."

He smiled, and kissed her briefly on the lips. "Nice to know you value safe sex, Rose Tyler."

"I'm a very sensible girl," she agreed.

"Regarding this, perhaps. Running off with a complete stranger in a time-and-space box? Being unable to resist investigating mysterious circumstances, even when I'm not nearby to help? Not so much," he pointed out sagely.

"Yeah, well. I trusted you. And I can't help it if I'm a bit curious..."

"A bit?" he laughed.

"And you love rescuing me," she smiled.

"I'd prefer not to have to, though," he replied, tucking her hair behind her face tenderly. "I don't want to lose you." That intense look in his eyes returned. "Not ever."

"You won't. I'm not going anywhere," she reassured him, stroking the back of his neck with her fingertips.

"Good," he said firmly, trying to ignore the inevitable; that her sentence would be a lie, eventually. One day. Far, far from now, when she was over a hundred and walked with a zimmer frame, he envisaged. She'd put off death for him. She'd live as long as humanly possible for him. She had to. He didn't know what he'd do if she didn't.

He kissed her again.


The Doctor awoke before dawn (or what constituted as dawn on the TARDIS, in terms of Rose's body clock) and smiled into her hair as he held her. They'd fallen asleep with him spooned behind her, and they'd remained in that position through the night. The Doctor's hand rested at her bare hip, and one of his legs was entwined with both of hers beneath the covers. Her hair tickled his nose but he loved the sensation. Loved the way her curves felt so right against him. Loved her, more than he ever thought it possible to love a person.

He tilted his head forward and claimed a smooth shoulder with his lips, kissing her softly, before running his nose along the skin between shoulder and neck, inhaling her gorgeous scent and giving the experimental lick here and there - one 'there' in particular being a spot under her jaw that made her make a small moan in her sleep. His lips curved into a smile and he moved to her earlobe, sucking it gently, before whispering in her ear something from his own language; a language he barely spoke anymore. It was so right, he thought, that he should speak it to her; especially in this context.

"Mmm, that's beautiful," she mumbled sleepily, eye still closed and tilting her head back more to fit in the curve of his neck. He nuzzled her hair in a silent thank you. "You should speak Gallifreyan more, it's so lovely to listen to," she continued, yawning widely.

The Doctor chuckled deeply at her perceptiveness. "Yeah, I should," he murmured, his voice slightly croaky with emotion.

"What's it mean?" she asked, twisting her head around opening her eyes so that she could meet his gaze.

His lips quirked into a wry smile. "There's...not a... literal translation, really. It's too..."

"Epic?" Rose grinned.

"Yeah. Yeah, you're right, actually. There's no English phrase for it because it was too rarely spoken even on Gallifrey. It is epic. It's an epic...emotion."

"Give me a rough idea?" she suggested softly, turning in his arms and snuggling comfortably against his chest, one of her hands lazily tracing his spine. He shifted against her pleasant touch, and swallowed thickly before he could focus on giving her an answer.

"Hmm? Oh, weeelll, I..." he trailed off, and pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

Rose yawned, still sleepy, and smiled into his chest, where she could feel his hearts beating far faster than they ought to be when resting like this. She took in a deep breath, before making her reply.

"I love you, too, Doctor," she whispered, her lips moving against his bare chest.

He shivered, and hoped to everything that he'd heard her correctly. "Hmmm?"

"I love you. So much. More than...anything," she confessed breathily, speaking a little louder. "There. That's all I can say in English. It must be so...inadequate, compared to what you said. Teach me to say it how you said it?"

The Doctor nudged her temple with his nose, urging her to look up at him. "Of course it's not inadequate," he denied softly. He kissed her arching eyebrow. "It's perfect. But if you want, I'll teach you the Gallifreyan later."


"Yes," he affirmed. "You should sleep now – you're still sleepy, I can tell."

She nodded tiredly, tightening her hold on him. "Stay?"

"Always," he assured her, squeezing her back. When it looked like she was on the brink of falling back asleep, the Doctor dropped his voice lower to whisper into her hair, "I love you, Rose Tyler. Always and forever."

Rose smiled.


"Soooooo...I'm thinking Hawaii..." Rose mumbled sleepily, turning over in his arms.

"What's that?" he mumbled back, his lips moving against her forehead as he stirred into wakefulness.

"Honeymoon," she clarified, kissing him sweetly.

The Doctor opened his eyes slowly, blinking down at her in confusion. "Hmmm?"

"Our honeymoon," she repeated, arching her eyebrow. "You said we'd get a nice honeymoon."

"Yeah, but Hawaii? How very...conventional. I think I also said something about a time-and-spaceship, which means - "

"Nah, I just thought maybe there was a planet called Hawaii. You know, like Barcelona?"

"Oh! Well, no, there isn't. Tell you what, though! There is a planet called Mauritius! Gorgeous there – you'd love it!"

"Mauritius it is!" she beamed happily.