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Drew's POV


"What are you—"

"Challenging you," she said. "How about noon in the arena? You can choose the weapons."

"You—" I spluttered. "You ugly little witch! I've been here the longest. You can't just—"

"Challenge you?" Piper said. "Sure I can. Camp rules: I've been claimed by Aphrodite. I've completed a quest, which is one more than you've completed. If I feel I can do a better job, I can challenge you. Unless you just want to step down. Did I get all that right, Mitchell?"

"Just right, Piper." The boy named Mitchell was grinning. The small annoying brat Lacy was bouncing up and down like she was trying to achieve lift off.

"A duel, then," Piper said cheerfully. "If you don't want to wait until noon, now is fine. You've turned this cabin into a dictatorship, Drew. Silena Beauregard knew better than that. Silena made mistakes, but in the end she stood by her friends. That's why she was a hero. I'm going to set things right, and I've got a feeling Mom will be on my side. Want to find out?"

"I… Step down," I grumbled reluctantly. "But if you think I'm ever going to forget this, McLean—"

"Oh, I hope you won't," Piper said. "Now, run along to the dining pavilion, and explain to Chiron why we're late. There's a been a change in leadership."

I turned and headed out the door when she started talking again. "Oh, and Drew, honey?"

I turned back reluctantly. "In case you think I'm not a true daughter of Aphrodite," Piper said, "don't even look at Jason Grace. He may not know it yet, but he's mine. If you even try to make a move, I will load you into a catapult and shoot you across Long Island Sound."

I ran out the door as fast as I could. Behind me, I could hear the whole cabin erupt in cheers.

*end flashback*

I did as Piper asked me to, but that didn't mean that I liked it. I told Chiron that I backed down as counselor and "gave" it to Piper.

Right now, I was sitting by the lakeside just gazing off into the distance. All the anger that Piper built up inside me disappeared and turned into anguish.

All those words Piper said, they all hurt like sharp blades piercing through my body. I knew they were all true, but it still hurt.

'…Mom will be on my side.'

'…he's mine.'

Aphrodite probably did love her more than me. Jason, the only boy that I would think that I'd have feelings for, belongs to the girl who hates me, which means that he'd probably grow to hate me too. I knew he was nice boy from my first encounter with him, but even he could grow to hate me.

Everywhere I went, it was always like this.

Before my life at Camp Half-Blood, I was always "taken care of" by my dad's brothers and sisters. My dad died in a car crash about two years after I was born, and I was left in their care. I was never treated the same as the rest of my cousins. My aunts and uncles would just look at me in shame, as if I wasn't supposed to be born.

Sometimes, I would hear them talking amongst themselves saying stuff like:

"How could he have such pride and joy for someone like her?"

"We're only talking care of her because that was his last wish."

"She's a witch! Have you seen the way she talks? How could he have loved her?"

Those remarks were probably the only thing that kept me from running away. Sure, what they said hurt, but it was the closest thing to love I could feel. All my life, I've never experienced that one emotion. Love. Staying and eavesdropping on my relatives about my dad was probably the closest thing to love that I could experience. I was still too young to remember anything about my dad, so it was depressing that I wouldn't remember the only person who loved me.

Then, I became friends with this one boy when I was 13, and he turned out to be a satyr. He was the one who brought me here to Camp Half-Blood. I thought he'd stay with me, but he left soon after dropping me here. Clueless, helpless, and most of all, unloved.

I found Chiron and Dionysus soon after that. Dionysus treated me like I've been treated my whole life, so that didn't faze me that much, but at least Chiron tried to be nice to me.

I was given the usually routine that was done with every other new camper. One of the counselors would show me around camp, they would tell me about the rules and the activities, and then I was brought to Cabin 12, the cabin where all of the Hermes' and all the unclaimed children would stay until they were claimed. During the campfire later that night, I was claimed. Chiron told me that I was a daughter of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. That was when I snapped, beauty I could tolerate, but love?

Thirteen years, and all the love I've ever received were from complaints about how I was an "evil" child and wondered how my dad could ever love someone like me.

From then on, I swore to become counselor of my cabin one day and make them feel the "love" that I felt. I would dictate the cabin and show them how I felt all those years. When I found out I had the ability to charmspeak, it was probably one of the highlights of my time as one of the "popular kids" of the cabin. They would all look up to me as if I was their leader.

Look where that got me. Nowhere. Basically, the whole cabin I stay at hates me. The one boy that I've ever felt attraction to is probably in love with my arch rival. What else could go wrong? This was probably the worst day of my life. And considering my life, that's a very bad day.

For the rest of the day, I just sat down by the lake shore and remorsed at how many bad things I've done as counselor and how badly it had affected my life.

The dinner horn rang, but I ignored it, as I was too ashamed to show my face to my cabin. Instead, I got up, and dashed toward the forest. It was no longer off limits since that kid Leo tamed the dragon. I ran and ran until my legs wouldn't go any further. I dragged myself under the haven of one of the trees, and went straight to sleep due of sheer exhaustion.

Jason's POV

Being back at camp has to be one of the most relaxing things that's ever happened to me before my memory was taken away from me by Juno. For the first time about a month, I actually felt like a normal person. I actually felt like I was in a "normal" camp. Like the ones in the movies. The only thing out of the ordinary that I saw out of ordinary was Drew running out of Venus cabin as if she was just humiliated. Even with all that normalcy that was going on, I still had a lot on my mind. Most of it was about what all those immortals, giants, and creatures said. Just the thought of it gave me a dreadful feeling, especially Juno's.

I was sitting on one of the benches after playing a few hoops with the Apollo kids. Those guys could really play, but they took the game way too seriously. My Camp-Halfblood tank top was sticking to my chest because of all the running I did playing basketball.

:"Hey Jason," Piper said. Something about her seemed different. She seemed more confident in herself. Her face showed joy, love, and pride. Pride? That would never be a word that I would use to describe Piper, but her face was showing just that.

I nodded to acknowledge her presence.

She took a seat next to me and watched the campers continue on with their lives. I noticed some of her half-siblings were watching us while pretending to got unnoticed. Boy, were they bad at that.

Piper broke the silence by asking, "got any sleep?"

"Not much. Dreams." I told her.

She just nodded and decided not to push any further. Piper seemed to know me better. Just telling her that much information was difficult. Seeing dreams about my past was confusing. The dreams would give hints at people I may have known in the past, which could affect my current relations with the people here.

"Some of them aren't that could. They could be bad for all of us." I added in.

She seemed kind of disappointed, but she shook it off and smiled at me reassuringly. "Don't worry. We'll figure it out. Together."

She pulled me in for a big hug, I couldn't help but to hug back. When I hugged her, it was one of the best sensations I've ever felt, but somewhere deep inside, something was telling me it wasn't right.

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